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3 Things businesses ought to have in 2017

Three things Startups ought to have in 2017
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As 2016 approaches the finishing line, most businessmen like you are taking out time for reflection. It’s time for some serious goal setting by analyzing the mistakes and the takeaways from the past year.

In the new year, wouldn’t you want more of everything for your business? By ‘more’ I mean, more customers, more revenue, more customer satisfaction and more employee productivity.

Here are the three things which will help you achieve the ‘more’ objective:


Virtual EPABX: If you are still using a traditional PBX for your business I’m sure you must be facing problems related to mobility, heavy hardware installation on premise and high costs. Are you aware that a Virtual PBX can help you get rid of all these problems?

A Virtual PBX is based on cloud and requires no hardware installation and is much cheaper than a traditional PBX. Moreover, you can scale your business communication by adding agents at the backend of your business phone number and stay available to your customers from anywhere and at anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Take your business communication one notch up with a virtual EPABX!


Virtual Phone Receptionist: Do you want to increase customer satisfaction and at the same time increase your business’ productivity? Here is the catch: Get a virtual phone receptionist for your business!

A virtual phone receptionist can handle many calls at a time and route all the calls to the right department very efficiently. This saves your customers’ time and in turn enhances their experience. It speaks with your customers in their local language. It also ensures that you never miss out on any business call and stays available to your customers 24*7. Thus, it raises your company’s efficiency.

Enhance your customer experience with a Virtual Phone Receptionist!

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Call Tracking System: Did you know that tracking your business calls can increase your employees’ productivity by many folds? By tracked customer calls, you get a database of the calls missed and received by your agents which enables them to follow up with the missed calls. A call tracking system also gives you  recordings of all the business calls which helps in better understanding of your customers’ needs, their pain points and their interests. Moreover, tracking of calls lets you know which campaigns lead to more number of inbound calls. This technique can be leveraged by your marketeers to measure the ROI of business campaigns.

Ensure that no potential call lead is missed. Get a call tracking system for your business now!

This new year experience the change and take your business one level higher with these solutions. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

3 Things businesses ought to have in 2017



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