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3 Observations to increase Customer Conversion

3 Observations to increase Customer Conversion
MyOperator / Blog / 3 Observations to increase Customer Conversion

Persuasion is defined as ‘communication intended to induce belief or action’. So when a team works together, most ideas would need persuasion. But to be able to persuade someone without knowing them beforehand, is a marketers job. That is what makes it interesting! We suggest that knowing ‘Kaun kitne pani mei hai’ makes your pitch more effective.

[pullquote align=”right”] Knowing ‘Kaun kitne pani mei hai’ makes your pitch more effective.[/pullquote]

Here are some simple things we consider, to convert our ‘Customers’ into ‘Business’:

Where is the customer coming from?

When we get customers who have read about us and want an IVR service, we can straight away start with:
a. leading them to make a Demo
b. Explain our service
c. Get a meeting
and it works pretty well.

However, another set of potential customers come just to explore what may interest them for their business. They are the ones we rely on to test our selling skills. They are not there to buy, but to visit. We start with the Demo, but even for that, it needs a convincing pitch and a tempting presentation of the product on the website. The key ingredient is to insure that we don’t just ‘tell’ what’s on offer, but sell it.

When is the Customer approaching you?

A customer approaching on weekends, is mostly an easy convert! That may be because the person doing business on weekends is looking for results. Your short crisp explanation(read: persuasion) should win him. If it doesn’t a longer elaboration may not achieve it either.

Is the customer interested?

[pullquote align=”right”] So, its not just about ‘if your can convince’ but also, HOW [/pullquote]
When you are on a call with the customer, the first 30 seconds of the conversation should set the intent of the customer. At least that’s how our best marketing guys work. Close-minded lead is better left with a small pitch. It may not be the right time to take the conversation further. It takes some experience and insight to develop this instinct, but once its there, it works. Same customer may reply more favorable after taking the Demo for 2 days.

It is essential to understand the standpoint of the customer. So, its not just about ‘if your can convince’ but also, HOW. Gauging the tone of the conversation and responding to it helps sustain arguments and persuades as nothing else does!

Happy Converting!!

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