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IVR for Small Business as a Contributor to Stronger Business Growth

Ivr for small business
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We tried reaching you but your phone was not reachable.”

“We have been trying to call you, but your agent’s number was going busy.”

“We genuinely needed your product at that time, but your executive didn’t pick up our call.”

This is the gist of a few calls Rahul has been receiving lately. Similar statements were said on his mail as well. 

Rahul is a small businessman, currently dealing with a high number of “unaccounted” missed calls. 

Needless to say, those potential customers now must have gone to his competitors. After this sudden realization of his loss, he decided to opt for a permanent solution to prevent conditions like these in future. 

So, he went to his friend Abhishek for help. 

Abhishek previously had faced similar problems in his business also. He then went for an IVR number and suggested the same to Rahul as well. 

Abhishek also told him about how an IVR for small business, contributes to the company growth, by saving (and managing) the business calls.

Owing to this IVR system, Abhishek was actually able to retain his customers and witnessed a significant increase in his on-call deal closures.

Hearing all this, Rahul was quite impressed but was still reluctant to implement this. IVR for small business like mine? Is it worth it? ㅡ thoughts like these made him uncertain about going ahead.

Well, I’m sure even you must be having similar thoughts about IVR like Rahul has. And, I don’t blame you for this. 

IVR systems have mostly been favourites of big businesses. But, this is no more the current situation. 

IVR for small businesses is slowly gaining prevalence in the business sector. This is simply because of the enormous benefits it has for early-stage businesses. 

Now, let’s talk in detail about this IVR solution, its features and most importantly, the benefits it has for small businesses.

What is an IVR?

We have been continuously talking about IVR, but what exactly is it?

Well, this Interactive Voice Response system greets your callers in a professional and interactive way. This greeting could be customized in different languages and as per your requirements.

The IVR will have your agents’ phone/landline number mapped behind it. Calls will be routed to the required department or agent basis the callers’ input in the IVR menu (Press 1 for sales, 2 for support).

Also, calls during the non-availability of your agents or after office hours can be attended by IVR (with its voicemail facility). 

So, this will give your customers a faster on-call resolution to their requirements.


Simply put, the voice greeting you hear when calling on a toll free customer care number of big brands, that’s IVR for you.

Now, after we’re clear with the meaning of IVR, let’s talk on why it should be your next step towards business growth. 

Why IVR for Small Businesses?

1. To Reduce the Workload on Employees

Imagine yourself asking your employees to stay back at the office after 7 pm to attend your customer calls. 

You’ll probably get only angry glares and grumpy faces from them. 

Even if they agree to stay, this rule would reduce their efficiency and probably head them towards resignation. 

You might think of paying them a little extra to make them stay back. But, let’s face it, will that work for a long time?

This is when the need for automation arises, to reduce manual effort. This is when IVR comes into the picture.

It will stay available for your customers round-the-clock, and won’t leave your any call unattended. Wondering how? Here it is:

  • Calls are routed to the concerned agent directly on their mobile phone, making it easier to attend after-office calls.
  • Voicemail feature powered by the WhatsApp API to take your customers’ message during the non-availability of your agents.
  • When no agent is present, the IVR informs the caller about non-availability and assures them of a timely callback.

2. To Implement a Permanent (virtual) Resolution

The main problem that small businesses face is a shortage of funds or cash crunch. Now if I say that you should hire employees to attend your after-office calls, you’ll probably dread at this suggestion.

These extra employees would not only add to your costs and overall expenditure but may also lead to wastage of your resources. 

Now, you might think of hiring one receptionist instead. Well, first check the table below before you go for this:  

Get-my-business-IVR difference between IVR and human receptionist

3. To save Missed Calls (missed business)

Being a small business, you have fewer employees and agents to attend your calls. And if these agents are also busy on other calls, then your business will face a huge loss, not only of revenue but also large customer base. 

And for a business, especially smaller ones, each customer call is a potential business opportunity. Implementing a cloud call center solution for small businesses has many advantages, including this feature of IVR.

With an IVR in place, if one agent is busy then the call will get transferred to another agent, automatically.

It even allows you to follow up on your missed calls by letting your customers leave a voice message when your agents are busy/unavailable.

4. To Build a Bigger Brand Image

A small businessman is always concerned about his business image and presentation in front of its customers. 

Well, with a regular phone system, you won’t be able to project that brand image but with an IVR you can. 

a) When a customer first arrives on your website or sees your business card, he will look at the contact number of your business.

b) And when he calls on that number, he should hear a professional voice greeting. 

So these two become important factors to decide what your customers think about your business image.

And this is why an IVR significantly helps you build your brand image like you want them to see.

Still confused about IVR for small Business?

Here are another three reasons that will probably solve your confusion about IVR:

  • Your agents cannot always be physically present to attend customer calls. Having an IVR helps your agents to receive calls anytime, anywhere and makes their work easier.
  • Having a fixed landline system for attending customer calls forces agents to stick to their office desk everytime. This can become a hurdle for all those businesses and startups who want to promote flexible working culture.
  • IVR eliminates the cost of hiring new people for attending customer calls and helps you save your resources for a better investment option.

So, don’t delay your decision for your business IVR, don’t delay better call handling with advanced call center software, and don’t delay providing a better calling experience for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR customer experience refers to the interaction customers have with an Interactive Voice Response system, a technology that allows automated communication with callers. It’s crucial as it shapes the first impression customers have of your business and can greatly impact customer satisfaction.

To enhance your IVR customer experience, focus on creating clear and concise voice prompts, organising menu options logically, and providing self-service solutions for common inquiries. Regularly update your IVR system to reflect current offerings and address customer needs.

You can boost your IVR system’s performance by integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to understand and respond to more complex customer requests. Additionally, offering personalised options based on customer history and preferences can make the IVR experience more engaging

An improved IVR system can enhance sales by providing callers with quick access to product information, special offers, and promotions. Implementing a Visual IVR, which offers visual menus and options on smartphones, can make the sales process even more engaging and streamlined.

Make sure your IVR system is user-friendly by using simple and jargon-free language in your prompts, limiting the number of menu options, and providing an option to speak to a live agent at any point. User testing and gathering feedback can help refine the system’s usability.

A Visual IVR enhances the IVR experience by displaying visual menus and icons on a caller’s smartphone. This enables callers to navigate options more easily and even select choices by tapping on the screen, making the process faster and more intuitive.

Avoid common pitfalls by not overwhelming callers with excessive menu layers, keeping menu options relevant and up-to-date, and ensuring that callers can always exit the IVR and connect with a live agent if needed. Complex language and unclear prompts should also be avoided.

An enhanced IVR system contributes to customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, providing quicker access to information, and allowing customers to resolve simple inquiries without agent assistance. This convenience and efficiency can leave customers with a more positive perception of your business.

Certainly! You can improve sales using Visual IVR by incorporating clickable product catalogues, visual product demonstrations, and easy-to-follow purchasing options. Providing a seamless transition from visual menus to the purchasing process can encourage customers to make a purchase.

Regular updates are essential to keep your IVR system relevant and aligned with customer expectations. Aim to review and refresh your IVR prompts, options, and self-service capabilities at least every six months, or more frequently if your offerings change often.

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