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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telemarketing For Your Business

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Indeed the telephone is a heavenly invention. How miraculous is it that you can hear the voice of a person sitting seven seas away? The telephone has proved to be extremely beneficial equipment for personal use but it wasn’t used for business until the 1960’s when some housewives started calling people to find out the buyers for their cookies. It was then that telemarketing was born. Little did those housewives know that their tactic will someday become a very important part of marketing.

As you would have figured by now, telemarketing is the process of indulging in inbound or outbound calls with the customers to promote or sell your products. This marketing tactic isn’t as easy as it sounds. It involves a lot more than just calling if, you do not have adequate skills, you not only will be unable to sell your product but will also, be shunned by prospective customers. Before incorporating telemarketing into your marketing strategy, you must keep the advantages and disadvantages of telemarketing in your mind. 

Before going ahead with the pros and cons of telemarketing, it is important to know about the types of telemarketing to give a brush up to your knowledge of telemarketing. 

Types Of Telemarketing 

Outbound telemarketing

In this, the company or its trained agents reach out to potential customers and existing customers. Outbound telemarketing is used to promote products or services and let the customers know about ‘what’s new’ or give them relevant updates of the same. Outbound telemarketing incorporates actual selling, and because of that, only a highly trained employee is fit for the same. 

Inbound telemarketing

In this, your or your agent reach out to a customer who has shown interest in your p[roduct or has some query regarding the same. The queries or leads are generated primarily because of advertising. 

Lead generation

In this, you approach a client only after knowing their preferences and collecting relevant data about them. 


This branch of telemarketing is undoubtedly the trickiest. For this, the employee needs not only the right skill set and product knowledge but also over-the-top persuasion skills. 

Telemarketing is an easy yet strategic way of selling your product and building a loyal customer base. It is very well known that telemarketing has several advantages, but it has several disadvantages as well. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of telemarketing. 

Advantages Of Telemarketing

Advantages of telemarketing- MyOperator

Personal Touch and Two Way Communication

The first and foremost advantage of telemarketing is that it lets you have a one-to-one interaction with the customer. It is a more personal and interactive way of selling and promoting your product. This telemarketing advantage is especially beneficial for B2C enterprises as it is an effective way of knowing a customer and their needs. Moreover, telemarketing helps in getting the response of the customer on the spot. Communicating through mailers, SMS, and text messages, might or might not get a response but through, telemarking a reply is definite. Telemarketing is beneficial as you get to know the customer’s interest and needs instantly, and you can cater to them accordingly. 

Easy way to explain and sell

Telemarketing is easy because it allows you to explain the product in a much easier and intriguing way than a mailer or a text message. The use of voice modulation and persuasive skills increases the probability of selling your service. This factor is, however, missing in a written pitch therefore, telemarketing has an edge over email marketing and also increases the possibility of landing a customer. 


The biggest advantage of telemarketing is that it is cost-effective. Telemarketing yields quality results with fewer resources. You can also sell more in less time. Furthermore, you can even keep a track of the costs incurred as the results of telemarketing are highly measurable. 

Build global territory 

In telemarketing, geography is not a limitation. You can sell your product anywhere in the world according to its relevance. You can stretch your sales territory as far as you want. This advantage of telemarketing has also presented you with an opportunity to take your product overseas and sell it globally. This helps increase sales as well as brand value. Telemarketing also lets you reach more people in a day than you can reach them in person. 

You do not need a central office 

YES! One of the advantages of telemarketing is that you do not need a central office for your employees. telemarketing can manage from anywhere. It means you can even hire employees with top-notch telemarketing skills without having to worry about relocating them. If you’re wondering that how is telemarketing possible when your employees are at remote locations, then let us tell you that cloud calling is the way through which this is possible. This advantage of telemarketing helps in reducing extravagant expenses and yet yields incredible results.

Furthermore, telemarketing is even easier with My Operator’s outbound calling and missed call services. Build your brand and manage your calling exclusively with My operator’s facilities. Let your customers know about your brand with the help of automated outbound calling and let your customers approach you professionally with the help of our missed call service. 

It is evident that telemarketing has a lot of advantages but, you must not forget that every coin has two sides. Along with, advantages telemarketing has several disadvantages as well. Let us have a look into them to understand telemarketing and what comes along with it. 

Disadvantages Of Telemarketing 

It is widely resented

Imagine relishing your snacks while enjoying the pleasant weather, and you receive a call through which someone is trying to sell a product. How would you feel? You will probably get annoyed and refrain from picking up calls from that number even if they are selling services you might want to avail. Well, this is exactly why telemarketing is little difficult. The biggest disadvantage of telemarketing is stereotype and difficult to build a rapport among customers. It is interfering, and reported as spam most of the time. If you do not have trained employees, then it might become way too tough for you to yield positive results from telemarketing.

Cost incurred

Even though telemarketing is cost-effective, it can turn into a costly affair if not taken care of. A huge amount is required to train employees for telemarketing and also the customer list is very costly.

Availing outside services

Availing outside services may seem like an amicable option, but it is quite the opposite. Because of hiring outside services, you may lose control over your sales, and you may lose the flexibility to work according to your game plan. Moreover, There will be no proper care for your sales process as it is not assisting with the employees.

But with My Operator’s services, this is never the case. We work on the motto of ‘serve more and sell more’ we intend to give you the best of services without taking away your liberty. Our outbound calling facility is perfect for telemarketing as it is customizable, flexible, and helps avoid unnecessary labor. 

Telemarketing is an effective way of generating leads and building a trustworthy customer base. All you need to do is avail the right services for your product, make wise use of the advantages of telemarketing, and sell it, minimizing the effects of disadvantages of telemarketing.

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