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You asked, we delivered – MyOperator Notifications

MyOperator / Blog / You asked, we delivered – MyOperator Notifications

We’re happy to deliver a long-awaited feature for our users: Notifications.

Since the notification system delivers significant information at once and provides an option to respond, MyOperator has introduced notifications for its users. Starting today, you can receive live alerts of your business calls. Whether you are an active or a new user, the notifications are enabled by default on the MyOperator panel.

Adding notifications as a feature is a step towards enhancing business communication. MyOperator has several sections to view and optimize the business calls and provide a detailed report of those calls. However, the notification feature gives you a prior information about how to go about calls the business calls you received.

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Listed below are some of the notifications that you may find in your MyOperator Account:

Missed Call Alerts

These alerts are visible when departments of an organization miss calls beyond a specified number. This way the Admin and all other users will become well acquainted with the calls being missed. Therefore, chances of the missed calls being followed up within an appropriate time frame, increases.

Remarketing Alerts

MyOperator auto-subscribes callers and creates lists based on the call attributes. When the total number of the subscribers reaches a substantial number, you would be reminded about getting started with Remarketing to target your callers thereby increasing repeat purchases.

Follow Ups

There might be calls that were missed in the past and weren’t followed up. Follow Up notifications act as reminders for you and your team members to get in touch with calls that were missed. Hence, chances of missing out on potential phone leads or business partners decreases.

Minutes Consumption

Phone calls are based on the minutes spent over the phone by the callers or team members. Therefore, MyOperator offers an access of the minutes consumed by those business calls on daily, weekly or monthly basis. “Minutes Consumed” notifications will help an organization understand its business call volume and keep an update about the renewal dates.

Missed Call Percentage

Missed Call Percentage provides information about the percentage of calls missed by the business over a day, week or a month. This will give you a direct information about the calls being missed by your team. Missed Call Percentage alerts is a gateway to analyse the rate at which calls are being missed and by what percentage should it be improved.

MyOperator Notification is a way of delivering concise but important messages in mass to avoid any kind of communication discrepancy.

Check your latest notification here.

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