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Toll-Free Number V/S Local Number: What’s Better For Your Business

Toll free number vs local number
MyOperator / Blog / Toll-Free Number V/S Local Number: What’s Better For Your Business

Even though emails, text messages, and voice chats have become prevalent these days, calling remains the first option for more than 60% of customers when it comes to business. The communication facilitated by calls is easy to understand and convey, the chances of misunderstandings are relatively less, and a detailed conversation can take place. However, being a business owner you need to give an impeccable calling experience to your customer. This brings up the question of toll-free vs local number and which one is best for your business. You are about to get an answer to this question: 

How Is A Toll-Free Number Different From A Local Number?

Toll-free vs local number for business is a question that every business owner ponders upon, after all, it’s about the growth of the business. To know which one suits your business best you first need to know the difference between the two. A major difference is that local numbers are available as per your location whereas, toll-free numbers can be opted for regardless of the place. Another distinction between the two that becomes a deciding factor to choose either of the two is that on a toll-free number your customers can call you without incurring any costs from their side. 

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Before deciding which number to choose a toll-free number or local number for your business you need to know the pros and cons of both. 

Local Number 


Reaches Clients In Specific Locations

Having a local number for your business will help you in building your brand’s reputation in a specific location. These numbers give your brand identity in the particular region. As these numbers cater to the needs of customers in a particular region they help in building a local presence of the brand. Having a local number for specific locations gives your brand a unique identity in that area. 

Build Bonds and Healthy Relationships

Having a local number for your business helps you in building bonds and closely knit relationships with your customers. As your local number caters to a specific number of customers from one local area it becomes easier to build healthy relationships and strong bonds. Through a local number, you can listen to grievances and support your customers more effectively, thus, developing faithful customer relationships.

Deal with Customers as per Their Needs

One of the benefits of having a local number for your business is that you can take care of the requirements of your customers as per their location. You can easily filter out what your clients in a particular area need and provide them with top-notch services fulfilling their expectations from you. The local number makes it easier to manage clients. It ensures that the needs of the customers are taken care of as per their geographies. You do not need different filters for calls being received as they would be from a specific region only and you can build happy customer relationships.


Your Clients will be Charged for Calling you

Everything comes with a price but do you want your customers to pay even when they are calling you for support? This is exactly what having a local number will do. If you have a local number for your business, your customers will have to pay every time they make a call. This is a huge drawback as your customers might feel uncared for and might find it vexatious. 

Long-Distance Calls are a no-no!

Suppose, if one of your local customers is shifting from a particular area to another and they continue to use your services. But once in a while, they have to make calls to you for support or any other requirements. And, every time they call you they have to pay hefty mobile bills because your business only has a local number. Sounds horrific right? In this situation, there is a huge possibility that they might switch to other alternatives. As your customers will be charged more for calling your local number from a distance, you might lose your loyal customers. 

They are Difficult to Remember

When it comes to remembering phone numbers we all have a brain-like sieve. To be an easily accessible brand for your customers your support number must be easy to remember. This is a drawback of having a local number as it is a complex number and not everyone can remember it. Having an easy-to-remember number will help your business to grow. 

Toll-free number


Become a Caring Brand

If you have a toll free number then all your customers will always be able to call you for free. This helps in building a caring brand image for your business. It portrays that your brand takes care of all its customers at all times. This helps in gaining your customer’s trust and eventually making them your loyal customer. 

Makes your Business look Larger 

Guess what? You could be working from your kitchen table and it would still seem like you have a huge furnished office and you are leading it from your fancy table. That’s what a toll-free number does for you. It helps in showcasing your business bigger than it is. By portraying your business large as it is, it helps in building the trust of your existing as well as new customers. 

Establish yourself as a Global Brand

By having a toll-free number for your business you can claim your position as a global brand as all your customers around the globe can get in touch with you anytime. This builds your brand’s reputation as a global brand. 

Call long Distances for Free

Even if your customer is calling your business from the other corner of the nation, they would be able to call you for free. Isn’t it amazing? That no charges will be incurred even if they are calling from one pole of a country to another. This way toll-free number makes your brand more reliable for services and support. 

Easy to Remember

Do you want your customers to go around searching for your support number every time they have to call you? Do you think that you want your customers to face inconvenience whenever they have to make a call? If not, then a toll-free number is the solution. Remembering a toll-free number is a child’s play. Now your business number would be at your customers’ fingertips.  

Happy Customers

Who does not like freebies? Well, now that your customers can call you anytime from anywhere without incurring any charges, they will indeed be happy. The toll-free number helps in providing a superior calling experience to your customers eventually making them happy. When it comes to customer satisfaction toll-free number is the right choice in toll-free number vs local number fight. It’s now time to level up and become your customer’s favorite brand. 

Unified and Unique Brand Image

Having a toll-free number has several benefits to it but the best of them all is that it gives a unique yet unified image to your brand. As your toll-free number will become your brand’s identity making it easy for people to contact you, it will help you grow and sell your business franchise. This way it also gives a unified image to your brand. This unified image ensures your customers that they will get top-notch services from your brand regardless of where they are. 


Cannot Target Customers of Specific Regions

The only drawback that you might face of having a toll-free number is that your brand won’t be able to cater to the needs of customers as per their geographical location. However, you can overcome this drawback by giving the best of your customer service and by offering your support whenever needed by your customers. 

Toll-Free Number vs Local Number- which is a Better Choice for Your Business?

As we already have an insight into gains and losses of both toll-free umber and local number figuring out which one to choose is simplified. If you have a local brand that caters to the needs of people of a specific region then there is no harm in opting for a local number. But if you want to give your customers an incredible calling experience, build a brand reputation, and give a unique status to your brand regardless of the location, then a toll-free number is an ideal choice. A toll-free number also helps you in fetching more customers as people prefer calling on a toll-free number vs a local number. 

Price: Toll-free Number vs Local Number

It is very important to stay within your budget to help your business flourish. A budget matters not only in the short run but in long run as well. Therefore, a calculated decision must be made, especially when choosing a toll-free number or a local number for your business. If you are bothered that a toll-free number might be out of your budget, let me correct you. Having a toll-free number is rather affordable for your business as it will yield quality results in long run. Furthermore, MyOperator an IVR service Provider offers several packages of a toll-free number for your business and you can get the one that is fit for your business in every aspect. Do not waste your time anymore, and choose the best for your business!

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