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Every time you call a business number of any established brand you might have come across a human-like voice giving messages like “Press 1 to select the language as English”, “Press 3 to connect to customer care”, “Press # to go back”, and several other options. Then you give your response using the dial pad and get your result. 

For instance, if you need to connect to a customer care you need to press 9and your call is connected to an agent to resolve your query. That is business IVR for you. 

IVR stands for Interactive voice response. It is an automated telephony technology that helps the caller to access the required information without actually having to connect with an agent. It works based on pre-recorded messages and the dial pad inputs of the caller. 

Business IVR ensures 24*7 availability of your business, it offers the option of self-help to callers, saves both customer and employee time, and a lot more. Let’s find out how does business IVR works and how you can set it up for your business within 24 hours. 

And the good news is you don’t need to be a part of an enterprise-level business to get an IVR. Any-sized business can have access to IVR or Toll-free services based on your core branding and customer success goals. 

How to easily set up Business IVR
How to easily set up Business IVR

How to get IVR for your business? 

You can get an IVR system for your business in less than 24 hours from MyOperator by following the steps given below: 

  • Call MyOperator at +91 9212992129, our team will then get in touch with you. 
  • Tell our team the customizations (call recording, outbound calling, call queue feature, etc.) you are looking for along with the business IVR. 
  • The last step is to provide us with important details to complete your KYC and congratulations you can have your business IVR set up within one business day.

 How to set up the MyOperator IVR system? 

STEP1- When you are a new user you log into the system the first screen that you see is that of a blank dashboard. 

STEP 2- Click on the ‘Manage’ button on top of the screen. You will see three settings ‘Users’, ‘Departments’, and ‘Design call flow respectively. These three settings will be used to set up your IVR system. 

STEP 3- Click on the ‘Users’ tab. Users are the agents/employees working in your company. They will be the ones who will receive calls through IVR and will also call the customers using MyOperator outbound services. 

If you want to add a new user click on the tab ‘add new’ and fill in all the required details, ‘save’ details and you will have a new user right there. 

You will also see a column called ‘Cal availability’. If it’s on that means that the user is ready to take calls and calls with being sent to them by the IVR system. You can also turn on and turn off the call availability. 

STEP 4- Click on the ‘Departments’ for creating a new department and adding new users to it. You will see that some departments are there beforehand and if you want to make a new one then click on the ‘Add new’ tab on the top right corner. Fill in all the required details to make a new department. In the end, you will see a few call flow settings that you can use as per your business’s needs. 

  • The sticky agent is a premium MyOperator feature that you can avail by clicking on it.
  • You can set a ringing time as well. 
  • And select the flow of the calls in – serial order, balanced call users to all users, and simultaneous calls to all users respectively. 

Save all the details and your new department is created. 

STEP 5- The final step of creating IVR through the MyOperator web panel is by designing the call flow. When you click on the tab ‘Design call flow’ you’ll see ‘Current call flow and ‘Drafts’ (if any) on your screen. In order to create a new call, flow click on the ‘Create new’ on the top right corner. 

A new screen will come up, where you will have to fill in the required details as per your business’s needs. 

  • Fiest you need to create a welcome greeting, the one that suits your business the best. There are several options for you to choose from. You can also customize the welcome greeting by adding a ‘new prompt, which will run as your welcome greeting through MyOpwerator’s humanoid voice. 
  • If you want a menu for IVR you can click on ‘Yes’ in the setting and then further select the IVR menu. Then select what happens when the different dial pad inputs are given by the customers. 
  • Then you have some additional settings that you may or may not need. You can decide upon them accordingly. 
  1. Click the check box if you need a voicemail for each department. (In case a customer call is not picked up he/she can leave a voice mail.) 
  2. If you want a different call flow for non-working hours you can create the call flow just like you did before by clicking on the ‘yes’ button. 
  3. Similarly, you can create different call flow for non-working says as well. 

STEP 6- Click on the ‘save to preview’ button in the bottom right and your call flow will be generated. You can then see the preview of your call flow. After previewing you can click on the ‘publish’ button and then ‘confirm’. 

You will have now have IVR services active on the business number provided to you by MyOperator in no time. 

Watch the given video to understand the process better.  

Why do you need IVR for your business? 

For enhanced customer experience 

Two things that any client expects from a business are to be able to get in touch easily and also make working with you easier. An IVR system helps in fulfilling both the expectations. 

There is nothing more awful than making a customer stay on hold while they hear “the number you’re trying to call is currently busy, please try again later”. This not only makes the customer angry but also ruins your business reputation and puts your poor customer’s service in light. A better option would be to tell the customer where they stand in the call queue or maybe entertain them. IVR provides both of these services. 

In case, the call queue is long and you do not want your customers to abandon the call then you can play some music, or even better you can answer FAQs just like you do on your website. These little tricks play a huge role in enhancing customer service as the customer will not feel that they are trapped in some ‘customer care machine’. Rather, they will be engaged and this will eventually reduce the call abandonment rate.  You can customize the pre-recorded message that you want to play through your IVR so it is up to you that what you want to make your customers hear

If you want to be straightforward with your customers then you can simply tell them how long will it take for them to talk to an agent. That way the customer will be able to make a decision if they want to stay and wait or they want to call later. Giving such options to the customer where they can choose as per their convenience will make your customers happy, customer service better, and run the business efficiently. 

Kebab Xpress a leading north Indian food chain located in Delhi/NCR was facing issues of call abandonment. Due to huge call volume, they were losing their customers because customers had to wait on hold for a long time. But then they got a cloud IVR system set up for their business and now there is 50% upliftment in their on-call order retention. 

Projects a more professional image of your business

Earlier IVR systems used to be very costly and they required a huge physical space for their setup. This is one reason that customers tend to feel that your business is credible and more professional if you have an IVR system. 

However, now that business IVR can be hosted on the cloud, things have changed. 

Now IVR is affordable and it does not require any physical setup to be hosted. An IVR system is not a luxury anymore, it is now a necessity. You do not need to have a huge infrastructure and capital investment to have an IVR system for your business. If your competitors have an IVR system but you do not, they will have an edge over you as customers will trust them more because they project a more professional image. Thus, your business needs an IVR system to compete fairly in the market and build a solid reputation for your business. 

Cloud business IVR has another added advantage that is you can set up remote work teams as you do not need physical infrastructure. You can build a virtual call center as well as avail a virtual receptionist. 

Increases agent efficiency and make them more productive

Business IVR is a powerful technology that lets customers help themselves whenever they want unless it’s something that might need an agent’s time and attention. If the customer needs the assistance of the agent, then as well IVR can help in connecting them to an agent as per the customer’s dial pad input.  

IVR handles a great amount of workload of the agent by enabling customers to help themselves. This way the agent can focus on resolving more crucial client issues. Thus, eventually increasing their productivity and work efficiency.  

To save customer’s time 

Saving clients time is perhaps the best gift a brand can give. Business IVR framework permits massive timesaving benefits for customers. Through IVR, customers can connect with the agent from the desired department. An IVR system helps you in taking customer calls quickly and no customer call goes unattended. If a customer does not have enough time to stand in the call queue then they can drop out and it would be made sure that there is an automated call back to them. 

Lotus herbal is a known personal case brand. They earlier had a traditional phone system, due to which they were missing customer calls and were also unable to call them back due to high call volumes. Customer calls were manually transferred from one agent to another while customers were on hold. This created chaos, customers faced inconvenience, and the productivity of agents was drastically falling. Then opted for business IVR to ensure swift and speedy on-call resolution and also to eliminate the manual call transfer system. Eventually, they witnessed a 54% increase in their customer calls and a 58% inflation in their on-call sales closures. 

Rich analytics

Another reason why you need IVR for your business is the comprehensive and readily available analytics. You get detailed reports of all the developments on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. You can also look at the data in real-time on a live dashboard. You can look at the call abandonment rate, First call resolution rate, agent-free time, and much more analytics that will then help you make the changes in your business plan/customer’s service as per the requirement. 

By looking at these analytics you can figure that which direction your business is going and change the path/ plans if needed. Thus, business IVR ensures that you are not oblivious of the important data which helps you in growing your business. 

Thinking of implementing IVR for your business? Book a free demo session and set it up in just a few minutes. 

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