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Free helpline numbers for easier rescue operations

Free helpline numbers for easier rescue operations
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The functioning of the Indian system has been torn down by floods in the entire nation. But the states that have been most affected by this are Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. It seems as though the entire system has had a major breakdown. India is currently facing the biggest challenge in terms of facing this natural calamity and saving the lives of numerous people stuck in this chaos.

This flood has not only impacted the lives of numerous people but also caused a major shutdown to the social, economic and infrastructural prospects of India. Almost all kinds of transportation/communication modes have been disrupted and the flood victims are finding it difficult to contact the helping agencies or help groups for relief or any assistance. 

Many people have lost their lives till now and many are waiting to be rescued. 

Government, defence forces, NGOs and other help groups have been trying to provide relief to the flood victims. But it’s still a long way to go before the damage can be controlled.  

To ensure a faster rescue system, IVR Service helpline number of disaster management organization needs to be available at all times to ensure easy accessibility for the victims. Certainly, a single number won’t be enough to attend all the calls. There are high chances of missing incoming calls when the agent is unavailable or on another call. 

The biggest problem which a rescue team is facing currently is to reach out to the people from flood-affected areas and rescue them effectively while saving. To cure this problem, we have a solution, under which we will provide a virtual helpline number to all NGOs and help-groups for the easier rescue of victims.

This will definitely ensure fast track rescue system and will be helpful for the people who are currently stuck in the flood-affected areas. These free virtual number will enable them to directly reach out to the disaster management team.

What is a helpline number?

A helpline number is a number that provides help to the people who are in need of it. They are mainly virtual numbers that help in easy connectivity and quick response. There are multiple contact numbers of different executives mapped behind a single toll free number and this helps in ensuring a faster and better response for the victims.

MyOperator will provide free helpline number for Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and all other flood-affected states and contribute in providing help to the flood-affected victims. 

Benefits of Helpline Number

  1. They ensure easy connectivity and accessibility on calls between the victims and help groups. 
  2. Helpline number can handle large volumes of calls with ease.
  3. Calls coming on helpline number can’t be disrupted due to external factors/damage as no physical line is installed.
  4. A single helpline number will have multiple agents’ numbers mapped behind it ensures easy call handling. 
  5. The volunteers will not miss any call as the call will be transferred to other volunteers’ mobile number directly.
  6. The helpline number will be provided free of cost by MyOperator to all the NGOs and help groups involved in helping people in the affected regions.

Overall the helpline number ensures that aid reaches easily and quickly to all the sufferers. 

Helpline number for Maharashtra floods

Floods started creating havoc in the state of Maharashtra from 17th June. Until now 4 lakh people have been rescued from the floods and a report says that 761 villages have been affected. But the most affected villages have been of Kolhapur and Sangli. 

MyOperator has tried to help by providing free helpline number to 7 NGOs in Maharashtra. We took the initiative to reach out to other NGOs as well to take free helpline number and provide help more easily to the flood victims. This initiative will help these NGOs to reach out to the flood-affected areas effectively.  

Helpline number for Karnataka floods

Floods have caused extreme damage to the beautiful state of Karnataka as well. While the entire state was wrecked by the floods, the maximum damage was borne by the city of Shivamogga. Over 600000 people have been rescued while many people are still required to be rescued. Over 40000 houses have been damaged and the number continues to grow.

MyOperator has contributed its bit by providing free helpline number to 10 NGOs so they can easily reach out to the maximum people and help the victims. Other NGOs and help groups involved in rescue operations of Karnataka floods can also take these free helpline numbers and make their accessibility for victims easier.

Helpline number for Madhya Pradesh floods

Even the Heart of Incredible India could not be saved from the floods. Dhar and Barwani districts, which are considered to be the most beautiful places in Madhya Pradesh, are the most affected places. Around 1000 people have been evacuated till now and the evacuation is still in process.

There also, MyOperator has helped 3 NGOs and other helping groups by giving free helpline number to make accessibility and reachability easier for the victims on time. We have ensured that all the flood victims get faster and on time rescue operation. 

To sum it up, everytime during a time of crisis like this, MyOperator tries to reach the maximum number of NGOs and help groups, to make their rescue operations easier and more effective. By providing free helpline numbers to these teams, we try to contribute our bit in saving the lives of many. 

India is united against the floods, so we are!

Reach out to us on 92129 92129 or to take a helpline number for your help group as well.

Request you to spread the word.

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