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Product update: Advanced ‘user’ editing options

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Our product and engineering team has always worked hard at strengthening and simplifying MyOperator panel. We understand how small features might become problematic for the end-user, and therefore, we try to focus and resolve all kinds of probable issues our customers can face with our product. 

This time during solution engineering, we focused on the section which marks the availability of the users to attend calls. Our panel encompasses multiple features designed to bring flexibility in team working. As businesses have different users involved in call handling, we had created options to edit the availability status of each individual user.

This feature was built to avoid routing of IVR calls to the users who won’t be available to take calls during that specific period of time. Hence, it would ensure minimal chances of missing customer calls and provide a smooth experience to callers. 

Reason behind this update

Prior to the update, super admins/admins had to change the availability status of each user by individually clicking on the edit option of each user.

This feature to enable/disable the mapped user from receiving IVR calls is one of our prominent and most-used features of the panel, especially for businesses with high call volume and changing user availability. 

This used to be a lengthy process with unwanted steps when admins had to use the same. Therefore, we decided and worked on improvising this section.

What is the update?

Super admins/admins can now change the availability status of users directly from a common page which will enlist all the users together. This will save time for admins to go to each user section individually. 

Read the related details of “Call availability” option below:

1. Landing page of User(s) section will display the current call availability status for each user altogether. (Mobile availability for Indian service; and both mobile and web status for international services).

User availability status

2. When any new user is added, by default the call availability will be on. They can change that by ‘Set call availability’.

3. If Pro user’s call availability if set as ‘off’ by the admins/owners in the users’ section, the user will not be able to change their status on their own.

4. When a pro user updates their own ‘Call availability’ from the top right section, it would be marked as “Away” on the user(s) directory. The admins/owners can forcefully change that to On/Off as per their needs (Admins can only mark it as on/off, they can never set the status as ‘away’).

What are the benefits of the update?

1. Save time and effort of admins involved in editing the users’ information by removing the unnecessary steps for changing the availability status.

2. Give admins the overview of users which are available and unavailable during that specific time duration.

3. With limited powers given to users, the update prevents any kind of misuse of the feature by the users.

4. For further information regarding this update, feel free to connect with your account managers.

And, in case, this is a feature ideal for your business call handling, sign up for a trial today!

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