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The A to Z of how to get a virtual phone number

What is a virtual phone number?

1. Where conventional phone numbers are tied with a fixed handset, Virtual phone numbers are advanced PRI numbers with several phone numbers mapped behind them. Virtual numbers are the display numbers of a server, which are not physically tied to a particular handset.

2. Compared to traditional telephone lines, virtual numbers are simpler to set up and manage. There’s no requirement to buy additional equipment for each number, and you can simply take calls from your mobile number.

3. While we talk about virtual phone numbers here, they can come with a traditional PBX system or the advanced cloud telephony system. Where the traditional PBX routes your calls only to the attached landline systems, virtual phone system routes your calls to your mobile numbers.

4. Certainly, it eliminates the geographical limitation of receiving calls, facilitating you to take calls from any corner of the country. 

5. While you plan to buy a virtual phone number, you wouldn’t want to go ahead with limited and conventional specifications of the same. In the modern business world, virtual numbers come with unbelievably advanced features that take your business functioning one notch up.

What are the benefits of a virtual phone number?

1. You can set up an easy-to-remember virtual number for your business that can strengthen your business brand. It adds to your business credibility and gives you an edge over your competitors.

2. A virtual phone number allows you to have the flexibility to remove and add numbers according to your needs. It doesn’t restrict your business scalability or any update in your customer-facing team.

3. Virtual phone lines provide helpful and insightful marketing data. If you use print or radio advertising, you may promote a different virtual number in each ad. Later, simply login to your panel and see how many calls came from the specific campaign.

How does a virtual phone system work?

1. Your prospect is shown your business contact number (virtual number) on your ad/website/hoarding.

2. They dial the number and are then received with a professional and customized voice message (IVR). “Welcome to ABC company, ABC company main aapka swagat hai”

3. The IVR gives them the menu options and the respective number to select on their keypad. “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for general enquiry, press 3 for the HR department”

4. As per your caller’s selection call is routed to the agent mapped behind that department.

5. This process of call routing can happen for your 10 different callers calling at the same time.

6. With advanced virtual numbers, you can even get the recording and reporting of your calls on a panel.

7. If none of your agents is available to take the call, the caller will be directed to the voicemail section. You can hear the voicemail later and arrange the consequent action accordingly.

Which is the best virtual phone number provider?

When we talk about virtual number providers, certainly there are hundreds of them in the market. Some offer exclusive discounts, some have additional features and whatnot. However, MyOperator takes a step ahead. With its supreme quality and justified pricing, they offer unparallel features with your virtual phone number. 

1. MyOperator works with a transparent billing structure. Your billing will reflect your exact usage and required features only. Besides this, they also have a 30-day refund policy in place.

2. MyOperator virtual number comes with an IVR (and other features) which greets your callers with a professional voice message and an IVR menu to connect them with their concerned agent directly.

3. With MyOperator comprehensive dashboard provided along with your virtual phone number, you have an overall overview of your team’s activity and productivity.

4. The virtual phone number provided to you by MyOperator comes with NOC (No Objection Certificate). This simply means, that your virtual number will be owned by you, even after you wish to discontinue your services. The virtual number will remain with you, at no additional charges.

5. Your call details will be automatically synced to your CRM and Helpdesk to save time and avoid switching back and forth between systems. You will be entitled to a complete picture of your caller’s data, all at one place.

6. You’ll be able to review call recordings; check the history of each account, lead, or contact; and see the full context around every conversation. The real-time reports assist you in supervising your team effectively and constantly.

7. MyOperator dashboard empowers you to see which agent is on a call and who’s available at any moment. Hence, allowing you to keep a constant tab on their performance and your business call-related activities.

8. You can even supervise why inbound calls are being missed, spot longer-than-usual hold times, and track historical trends to boost both individual and team performance. And, leverage key improvements accordingly.

How to get a virtual number?

1. Connect with a virtual number provider, preferably the one which provides a cloud phone system as well along with it.

2. Take their demo, check the pricing and features, look for the customer reviews, how accessible the support is.

3. Finalize your package as per your business needs and call volume. Map the phone numbers behind it and confirm the IVR message you want to play.

4. Complete your KYC documentation and payment, and your virtual number will be activated.

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