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You might have always considered a traditional receptionist to handle all calls and data in respect of your business. But the receptionist may lack or create a situation of fret at some point. This is certainly not the case with a Virtual Receptionist.

Unlike a receptionist that you hire, train and pay, a Virtual Receptionist doesn’t need any training and is capable of managing infinite database and playing successful in registering each missed call with mandate notifications about follow ups.

A virtual receptionist is a modern version of the traditional receptionist but with ensured attentiveness and 24*7 accessibility.

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1. What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Traditional receptionists may manage one or maximum two calls at once. But what if you receive more than 2 business calls? Here’s when a Virtual Receptionist comes to play.

To fulfill every caller’s need, your business phone demands 24*7 accessibility of your phone system to ensure no business call is missed (not even by chance!).

A ‘Virtual Receptionist’ is a cloud-based IVR system that can route your business calls effectively among your team members, connecting each call to the right department or agent.

2. What does a Virtual Receptionist take care of?

Do you think you are attending all the business calls with a simple receptionist? Think again!

Stats say that,

43% search related conversions happen over phone calls;

25% prospect calls turn into conversions;

18% calls are hanged up or go abandoned

A virtual receptionist is capable of handling any possible end that relates to managing calls at your office. This includes:

  • Accurate connectivity to the chosen department with call routing
  • Call recording and tracking of every connected and missed call
  • Multiple language advantage for personalization and abandon language barrier
  • Extension number service for inbound calls
  • Daily reports about call handling and team performance
  • 24*7 availability to terminate certainty of missed prospect leads

Thus, a Virtual Receptionist can manage all the call-related issues at one point in time that a normal receptionist might not. Being a call management system, it contains a gamut of both virtual toll free or non-toll free numbers as per client’s specifications and glamour.

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3. Why is it essential for my business?

Since 24*7 accessibility is a prime factor that the Virtual Receptionist beholds, it makes sure that your calls are attended even if you are on vacation or occupied with other tasks.

It is understood that a traditional receptionist is not available to attend your business calls every single hour. But it is surely a possibility with a Virtual Receptionist, which is why no missed calls are as a prime focus happens.

The massively used IVR system that becomes the only contact number of your business to perform organized call management is considered to be the virtual office receptionist to any business.

 Will it tackle all my call management related problems?

Virtual Receptionist is immortal cloud technology to cover A-Z of call management related issues possible. From notifying about the incoming calls to pinging about the missed ones, from work performance of one calling executive to collective records of taken calls in a week, from analytics reports about ROI to prospect business leads and beyond. This system handles all the business calls for you even when you’re not in office.

4. Why do I actually need a Virtual Receptionist?

It is essential in order to manage calls without the use of a net of cables and hardware and a Live Virtual receptionist enables that.

As a business minded person, why would you consider investing in any asset? It is because revenue is the ultimatum. It’s just like a final product that has to go through a certain production procedure. In business it works for:

  • Attending every call to not miss any business prospect
  • Stay updated through database access anytime, anywhere
  • Cost cutting, because it is an investment not expenditure
  • Keep the quality and goodwill of your business intact

A Virtual Receptionist is a one-man-army method to tackle the problems and contribute in revenue generation in return, making it favorable for Indian SMEs.

5. Will the virtual receptionist stress my wallet too much?

This is the most unconditional clause for any business idealist. You are always wandering places and websites for deals that benefit your business with cost effectiveness yet brand dignity. One such search halts at virtual receptionist, making it most cost effective and promising for call management for your business.

A corporate receptionist that you hire, train and pay as the face of the business, commands a lot of cost. On an average, the annual salary of a receptionist is Rs 144,322. Whereas, a Virtual Receptionist comes for only Rs. 1,500 per month which is Rs.18,000 on an annual basis. That’s a good deal isn’t it?

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