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How To Get 1800 Number In India?

How to get 1800 number in India
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Having a toll-free 1800 number for business is vital to indicate your availability and commitment to your customers, as customer service is crucial to business. 

Get an 1800 toll-free number to provide you with a competitive advantage in the fast-paced Indian market, regardless of your level of experience as a business owner. It is a great approach that helps you establish a stronger connection with your audience by showcasing your approachability and dedication to customer satisfaction.

What is 1800 Number?

1800, also referred to as a toll-free number, is a unique phone number that enables customers to contact businesses or organisations without incurring any call fees. The call recipient, which is usually the company or organisation that owns the 1800 number for business, covers the caller’s expenses, keeping it free for the callers or customers.

These numbers have a special combination of numbers after the first four digits, “1800.” Calls to 1800 toll-free numbers are routed to the recipient’s phone just like regular calls.

  • 1800 toll free numbers are popular among businesses, government agencies, and non-profits for free communication.
  • They offer a convenient way for customers and the public to reach out without paying.
  • Commonly used for customer service, helplines, and order hotlines.
  • Ensure people can get assistance or information without any call charges.

How 1800 Toll Free Numbers Work?

How 1800 Toll Free Numbers Work

1800 toll-free number works in a very simple manner to guarantee that callers can get in touch with organisations or businesses without having to pay for the calls.
Here’s how they function:

1. Caller Dials The 1800 Toll Free Number

Whenever someone calls an 1800 toll-free number from their phone, the call is forwarded to the recipient’s phone system via the telecommunications network.

2. Telecommunications Network Routing

The call then passes through the telecom network, which recognises the toll-free number for business and establishes the phone number linked to the recipient.

3. Call Forwarding

The call is forwarded to the recipient’s phone number by the telecoms network once it has identified that number. The owner of the toll free number for business can use a landline, a cell phone, or any other type of phone system.

4. Recipient Answers The Call

The call is received by the recipient, who then answers and interacts with the caller, just like any other phone call.

5. Cost Covered By Recipient

Toll-free numbers are different as the call recipient pays the call expenses rather than the caller. The inbound calls made to the recipient’s toll-free number are billed to their phone service provider.

So, by giving consumers, clients, or the general public a cost-free and practical way to communicate, 1800 toll free numbers functionality offers better accessibility.

Why Get An 800 Toll-Free Number?

There are several benefits of using 800-1800 toll free numbers, making it a smart choice for businesses and organisations. So why not get an 800 toll free number?

You can get a toll free number for business to:

  • Enhance your business’s professionalism and credibility.
  • Make it easy for customers to reach you without incurring call charges.
  • Remove barriers for customers from different geographic locations.
  • Act as a valuable marketing asset for brand recognition and customer engagement.
  • Offer your services even if you relocate your business, ensuring continuity.
  • Provide insights into customer behaviour through call tracking and analytics.
  • Easily accommodate increased call volume as your business grows.

How To Get 1800 Toll-Free Numbers In India?

Get 1800 Toll-Free Numbers

Getting an 1800 toll-free number in India is a crucial first move for businesses looking to improve their lines of communication and give customers an easy way to get in touch with them without having to spend money for a phone call. 

1. Research Telecom Service Providers

Begin by looking for trustworthy telecom service providers in India that offer toll-free numbers. Look out for providers who have earned a reputation for dependability, high standards of service, and additional features like cloud contact center solutions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and WhatsApp API integration.

2. Reach Out To The Provider

After finding suitable telecom service providers, get in touch with them to find out how to get an 1800 toll-free number. You can get in touch with them via their website, customer support phone number, or, if it is open, by going to their local office.

3. Pick An Appropriate Plan

Choose a plan or package from the telecom service provider that best fits your needs as a business and your budget. Think about things like the total minutes allotted, extra features like call recording, IVR, and cloud call center solutions, and any setup or monthly costs related to the plan.

4. Choose A Toll-Free Number

Depending on availability, you may have the option to choose a specific toll-free number for your business. Certain toll free number providers in India offer tools or online search engines where you can search for available numbers based on keywords or preferences. Alternatively, the toll free number provider may assign a number to you based on your business name or requirements.

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5. Learn About IVR And Additional Features

If you need IVR functionality, discuss your requirements with the toll free number provider. IVR allows you to create customised voice menus that greet callers and route them to the appropriate department or agent based on their input. Moreover, inquire about cloud contact center solutions and call center features offered by the 1800 series number provider.

6. Provide Required Documentation

To complete the registration process, you may need to provide certain documentation to the 1800 toll free service provider. This could include proof of identity, business registration documents, and address verification. Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready and share them with the toll-free number provider on time to speed up the setup process.

7. Set Up IVR And Additional Features 

After your 1800 number for business is activated, work with the toll free number provider in India to set up IVR menus and configure additional features such as call routing, call recording, and integration with cloud contact center solutions. Test the functionality to ensure everything is working as expected.

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8. Integrate WhatsApp API

Discuss the API integration possibilities with the 1800 toll free service provider if you plan to integrate WhatsApp for Business with your toll-free number. Businesses can connect to customers via WhatsApp by using their toll-free number with the WhatsApp API integration, which allows easy and convenient communications

9. Use Your Toll-Free 1800 Number For Business

After all the setup and configuration is complete, you can use your 1800 toll-free number in India. Include the toll-free number on your-

  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Social media accounts
  • Other marketing tools 

Practise it to allow potential customers to contact you without having to pay for a call.

10. Check Performance And Usage Of Toll Free Numbers

Track how much you use your toll-free number and keep an eye on the performance indicators that the 1800 toll-free service providers have offered. This includes metrics such as:

  • Call volume
  • Call duration
  • IVR usage
  • Customer satisfaction ratings

Make the most of this data to enhance customer satisfaction and your communication plan.

Benefits of Using 1800 Toll Free Numbers

Benefits of 1800 Toll Free Numbers

If you have a business, using a 1800 toll-free number can be a smart move. These numbers let your customers call you for free, which can make them more likely to reach out.

Let’s look at some benefits of using 1800 toll-free numbers:

1. Free For Callers

Users do not have to pay for calls made to 1800 toll-free number for business. It can encourage people to get in touch with your business more frequently for orders, support, or concerns.

2. Professional Image

It’s true! Your business looks more reputable and professional if it has an 1800 toll free no. It reflects your commitment in offering excellent customer service and your availability for consumers/potential customers

3. Easy To Remember

1800 numbers for business are usually easier to remember than regular phone numbers. This means customers are more likely to recall your number when they need it, which can lead to more calls and more business for you.

4. Nationwide Reach

Toll-free countrywide reach means that anyone in the country can call a toll-free 1800 number for business without paying any kind of fee. No matter where you are in India, it is like having a free pass to contact businesses, organisations, or customer support departments. Customers may now easily contact for help, ask questions, or make inquiries without worrying about incurring long-distance fees

5. Enhanced Customer Service

You can make it easier for customers to get help whenever they need it by setting up a customer care number that includes 1800 phone numbers. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Trackable Marketing Campaigns

 A 1800 toll free number can also be a great marketing tool. You can monitor the success of individual campaigns by providing distinct 1800 toll free call numbers to them. This enables you to track which ads result in the highest number of leads and modify your marketing plans accordingly.

7. Easy To Obtain

You can easily buy a toll-free number from service providers in India who specialise in offering 1800 toll free services. They can set it up for you quickly and efficiently.

These 1800 toll free service providers handle all the technical details, so businesses can focus on what they do best. Once set up, businesses can start using their toll-free no right away to connect with customers without any hassle. So, whether it’s a small startup or a big corporation, getting a toll-free call number is quite easy, ensuring businesses are always just a call away for their customers.

Features Of 1800 Toll Free Number

Features Of 1800 Toll Free Number

A toll-free number, especially an 1800 number for business, comes with several features that make it a valuable communication tool for businesses. Here are some of the key features you would get if you buy a toll free number:

1. Portability

Being portable is a great advantage of 1800 number for business. You can take your 1800 toll-free no with you if your business relocates, guaranteeing service continuity and saving you the trouble of updating all of your marketing materials with a new number.

2. Call Routing And IVR

1800 call toll free numbers come with advanced call routing options. To make sure calls get to the proper person or team, you may set up rules to route calls to various departments or locations based on factors like the time of day or the caller’s location.

With IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology integrated with 1800 numbers businesses can opt for:

  • Advance call routing.
  • Automated menu set up to guide callers to the right department or information.
  • Enhance efficiency by directing calls appropriately.
  • Improve customer satisfaction as callers reach their desired destination quickly and easily.

3. Call Forwarding

This company call number feature allows you to route calls from your 1800 number to any other number, including your smartphone, a business phone, or even a virtual receptionist service. This way, you can make sure you never miss an important call.

4. Call Analytics

You may track and analyse call statistics with 1800 number for business, with the call analytics tools that many 1800 toll free service providers offer, including:

  • Call volume
  • Peak calling periods
  • Call duration

You can use this information to make well-informed decisions regarding the operations and marketing of your business.

5. WhatsApp Integration

You can connect with more people by integrating WhatsApp for business with your 1800 toll-free number. Customers can message you on WhatsApp at any time with questions or concerns regarding their orders, and you can respond to them immediately.

Furthermore, everything takes place on WhatsApp API, which many people already use and like. So, without making phone contact, individuals may easily reach out and receive the assistance they require.

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6. Voicemail And Call Recording

Features like call recording and voicemail improve customer satisfaction and quality control. In addition to allowing you to record calls and create voicemail greetings, call recording also helps with customer service, compliance, and training.

7. Scalability And Customisation

1800 series number for business are immensely versatile and expandable, which means they can grow with your business’s needs. You can modify your communication system to fit your needs, whether that means implementing more lines as your business expands or adding features like call queues and hold music.

The features and benefits of 1800 toll-free number India, along with toll-free/IVR integration and WhatsApp business API, enable businesses to provide outstanding customer service, streamline processes, and establish enduring connections with their intended audience.

Why Get 1800 Number From MyOperator?

1800 toll free service providers

Toll-free company ka numbers have proven to be effective in business, and with advanced features like cloud-based IVR systems, WhatsApp API integration, call tracking, and recording, it’s a smart move for any business to invest in one.

  • With a toll-free number from MyOperator’s affordable plans, your clients can reach out to your business without any charges, making it easier for them to connect with you.
  • MyOperator’s toll-free number boosts credibility, as customers perceive businesses with such 1800 1800 1800 numbers as more reputable.
  • As a business owner, you can receive calls from your 1800 number on your mobile phone, regardless of your location, due to MyOperator call forwarding services.
  • For SMB owners, MyOperator toll-free number features like click-to-call, remote functionality, IVR menu, etc allows potential clients to inquire about your business without any hassle.

Thus, buying an 1800 toll free service number in India is a simple procedure that can have a major effect on your business’s success. An 1800 number for business may be a useful tool for any company aiming to improve communication with customers and grow its market share in India; given how simple it is to set up and all of the features it provides, like more accessibility and credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

India's 1800 number is a toll-free number that companies and organisations frequently use to let customers call them for free.
By getting in contact with a telecom service provider and signing up for their toll-free number service, you can get an 1800 number in India.
Yes, calling 1 800 numbers from India is usually free. The call recipient is responsible for paying the call charges, not the caller.
The cost of an 1800 number in India differs based on the package and service provider that you select. Although some providers charge a monthly subscription, others offer it as part of a packaged service.
 It totally depends on the size and nature of your company. Having numerous 800 numbers can help big companies with multiple divisions or locations communicate more efficiently.
 Yes, if you sign up for a telecom provider's toll-free number service, you can have an 1800 number routed to your cell phone.
 Businesses, organisations, NGOs, governmental bodies, and anyone else wishing to offer a free point of contact for customers or clients can use a toll-free number.
You must select a service provider that provides toll-free number services in order to set up a toll-free number for your company. Next, you may choose an appropriate plan, get the required toll-free service number, and set it up to route calls to your current mobile phone number or business phone line.
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