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Comprehensive Guide to Toll-Free Number and Helpline Numbers in India from A to Z

Toll-Free Number Types
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Best Toll Free Number Types and Toll-Free Helpline Services are crucial for businesses, offering a direct line of communication with their customers. When considering setting up a business toll-free number, it’s essential to understand the various types of phone numbers available in India and their specific functionalities.

Here’s a comprehensive guide from A to Z to help you understand the different types of phone numbers and make an informed decision for your business.

The Toll Free Number List And Helpline Number Types include

1. Land-line number (Non-Toll-free number India)

  • Ideal for local-focused businesses like cab services or restaurants.
  • Supports inbound and outbound calls but lacks incoming or outgoing SMS capabilities.

2. Mobile Number without SMS (Non-Toll-free company call number)

  • Suitable for businesses with a national customer base, not requiring incoming as well as outgoing SMS services.
  • Consumers calling from outside the state might incur STD charges.
  • Supports outbound calling

3. Mobile Number with SMS Service (Long Code – Non-Toll-Free Call Number)

  • Supports incoming SMS functionalities.
  • Allows inbound calls, making it suitable for businesses that rely on SMS-based campaigns.

4. Mobile Number with Incoming SMS but NO Call facility

  • Designed for businesses emphasising SMS-based interactions rather than voice calls.

5. India Toll-Free Number (1-800 Series-numbers) 

  • Ensures zero call rates for the consumers, with the business bearing the call cost.
  • No outgoing or incoming SMS, but supports inbound calls from across India.
  • free service number is ideal for larger organisations aiming to facilitate customer communication without any call charges.

What Sets Apart A Cloud-based Toll-Free Number Types From Those Offered By Telecom Operators?

  • Cloud-based toll free numbers are equipped with VoIP-powered call management software.
  • The software facilitates the tracking and recording of both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Detailed reports are generated, offering insights into connected and missed calls.
  • Subscription toll free number list India based on call attributes can be created for targeted outreach.
  • The generated lists can be utilised for retargeting strategies on various platforms such as WhatsApp, social media, email, etc. 
MyOperator's Toll free number dashboard
MyOperator Dashboard

Example: The Sodexo – MyOperator Success Story

About Sodexo

Global market leader in life quality improvement services, operating in 67 countries with a workforce serving 100 million consumers.

Problem Statement

Despite 48,000 employees, Sodexo faced challenges with a toll-free HR number, leading to high call volumes and repetitive inquiries affecting productivity.

Get valuable insights from MyOperator
Get valuable insights from MyOperator Dashboard
The Solution and Key Results

MyOperator provided a comprehensive solution with-

It resulted in 3X faster response to employee inquiries and an 80% reduction in manual HR call handling.

6. International Toll Free Number For Business

  • Enables international customers to connect without incurring charges.
  • Only residents of the specific country associated with the call toll-free number can avail of the free calling service.

Factors to consider

a) Tariff Variation
b) Billing Factors
  • National India toll-free numbers consider local call rates within the designated country.
  • International call toll-free numbers factor in diverse international calling rates, influencing overall pricing.
c) Specific Cost Information
  • For detailed cost information, it is recommended to contact MyOperator via email at:

7. Short Code

  • Primarily used for SMS-based campaign management and promotional activities
  • Supports both incoming and outgoing SMS but lacks outbound calls
  • Inbound call facility available

8. Single Number Solutions

  • Operates similarly to a land-line number but remains specific to certain circles or states.
  • Supports inbound and outbound calls with no SMS capabilities.

9. Call Toll Numbers Online (1860-numbers)

  • Operates similarly to call toll free number online but charges local rates for incoming calls.
  • Suitable for businesses that prefer to partially subsidise the call charges for their customers.

How should a Business Toll-Free Helpline Number be?

  1. User-friendly and easy to remember, facilitating customer recall.
  1. Compatible with IVR services for efficient call management software.
  1. Customisable with add-on services such as call forwarding and recording.
  1. Reliable and capable of handling high call volumes to ensure customer satisfaction.

Tips for choosing the best Toll-Free Number

  • Consider the target audience and their call preferences.
  • Analyse the scale of your business and expected call volume.
  • Evaluate the budget for covering call costs, if necessary.
  • Assess the need for SMS capabilities in addition to calls.
  • Determine the scope of your business, whether local, national, or international.
MyOperator toll free number Solutions
Seamless Communication with MyOperator Solutions

What is a suitable toll-free number for a business?

Choosing the right toll-free number depends on the specific requirements of your business. 

Here are some essential tips regarding toll free number for business to help you make an informed decision:

  • Determine your target audience and their communication preferences.
  • Analyse the communication requirements of your business.
  • Consider the scope of your operations – local, national, or international.
  • Evaluate the cost implications and budget constraints.
  • Choose a toll free helpline number that aligns with your branding strategy and is easy to remember for customers.
  • Ensure the selected toll free number of your brand is compatible with your business’s communication infrastructure and customer service objectives.
Get Assistance at Your Fingertips with toll-free Number
Get Assistance at Your Fingertips with toll-free Number

Does MyOperator Offer A Suitable Toll Free Number For Your Business?

Let’s begin with the basics first. What are the advantages of choosing MyOperator as your go-to service for a business helpline number or a business toll free number

With MyOperator 24×7 virtual receptionist, your customers can access real-time support through your toll-free 1800 series number at any time, even during non-business hours.

Setting up your toll-free 1800 phone number has never been easier – a swift 30-second process with no hardware complications. Create your first IVR system effortlessly and customise multiple configurations tailored to your business needs.

Experience cost savings of up to 80% with MyOperator’s budget-friendly cloud-based toll-free company call number solution. The user-based pricing ensures even more significant savings, making it a wise investment for your company’s customer care number.

Buy MyOperator's Toll-free number
Toll-free number: Bringing India closer together

MyOperator Multi-Level IVR

Efficient Call Routing

  • Instantly directs incoming calls to the appropriate department’s representative.
  • Eliminates the need for manual call handling.
MyOperator's multi level IVR
MyOperator Multi-level IVR

Scalability Made Easy

  • Opt for the multi-channel option to effortlessly scale your operations.
  • Handle multiple incoming calls simultaneously for enhanced efficiency.

MyOperator Business Toll-Free Service Number Can Benefit A Wide Range Of Industries, Including:

1. Customer Service and Support

Enhances customer service efficiency by streamlining inquiries and directing them to the appropriate department.

Example: Lenskart

Lenskart and Myoperator

2. E-commerce

Facilitates seamless customer experiences by managing order tracking, returns, and queries

3. Healthcare

Improves patient engagement and service by facilitating appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and healthcare inquiries.

4. Hospitality and Travel

Ensures a smooth communication process for hotels, airlines, and travel agencies by managing reservations, booking confirmations, and customer inquiries.

Example: TravelTriangle 

MyOperator with TravelTriangle

5. Banking and Financial Services

Ensures secure and efficient communication by guiding customers through account inquiries, transaction details, and financial services.

6. Education

1800 series number Provides a structured and efficient communication channel for educational institutions by managing student inquiries, course information, and admission processes.

Example: The Aakash International

Aakash International with MyOperator

7. Retail

Enhances the retail experience by managing product inquiries, order status, and customer support through a customised IVR system.

8. Real Estate

Call toll free number improves communication between agents and clients by assisting with property inquiries, appointment scheduling, and other real estate-related services.

9. IT and Technology

Ensures that customer issues are directed to the appropriate technical experts by streamlining IT support, technical inquiries, and service requests.

10. Automotive

India toll free number provides a structured communication system for automotive companies by managing inquiries related to vehicle servicing, test drives, and customer support.

Example: Autocion Private Limited

Autocion Private Ltd and MyOperator

11. Government and Public Services

Enhances the efficiency of public service communication by optimising citizen services and guiding inquiries to relevant government departments.

12. Toll free number list for Nonprofit Organisations

Improves communication for nonprofit organisations by helping manage donor inquiries, event registrations, and general information dissemination.

Example: Art of Living – NGO 

MyOperator and Art of Living

Using MyOperator’s extensive analytics tools, you can learn important details about the performance of calls. Get real-time data and analytics to make business calls more productive than they have ever been.

Toll free number Real time data
MyOperator DashBoard: Real time data

Experience the benefits of toll-free services and get a 1800 number today with MyOperator, a leading call center software

Conduct a thorough assessment of your specific requirements and choose a suitable toll-free number that aligns with your business objectives and customer expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toll free number types include 800, 888, 877, and more. These numbers allow customers to call your business without incurring charges.
Toll-free helpline services provide additional features like call routing, call recording, and call analytics, making them ideal for customer support. A business toll free number is a basic toll-free service.
A Business toll free number should be easy to remember, relevant to your industry, and capable of routing calls to the right departments. It should enhance customer experience and provide valuable insights.
To choose the best toll free number, consider its memorability, relevance, availability, and routing capabilities. Make sure it aligns with your business goals and brand identity.
Aside from toll free numbers, businesses use local phone numbers, vanity numbers, and virtual phone numbers. Each type serves a different purpose based on your specific business needs.
A suitable toll free number should reflect your business and be easy for customers to recall. To determine the right one, consider your target audience, branding, and the services you offer. It's important to choose a number that resonates with your business identity and enhances customer communication.
MyOperator offers both national and international toll-free numbers tailored for businesses. It should be noted that there are differences in the cost of international and national toll-free numbers.
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