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An all-inclusive guide on How to get a Toll free Number

How to get tollfree number
MyOperator / Blog / An all-inclusive guide on How to get a Toll free Number

There are many facets that define why the toll-free number is the core facility of the business communication, but one of them is considered to be the most basic yet relevant benefit of the tollfree number i.e customer experience. 

Today, businesses, small and big enterprises, and growing startups are looking for the methods and solutions that can drive out innovation at every level of business communication. Tollfree numbers, hence proven to be the basic amenity of 21st-century customer communication. 

Even when it comes to on-call customer experience, tollfree numbers are even more important as the majority of business communication takes place over the phone. It is the most sought-after medium for businesses to initiate meaningful conversations with customers. Customers too, find it suitable to initiate the conversations with the respective businesses knowing that their queries will be resolved more swiftly with less or no wait time. 

Hence, tollfree numbers are the initiators for the majority of the communication that is taking place over the company or any organization. It is the first interaction or let’s say the medium of interaction between the customer and the business. 

Even customers find it extremely convenient in approaching the right set of businesses having tollfree numbers for prompt customer support and easy assistance. We’ve even arrived in an era where there is a toll free number for every service available in the market, making it an extremely valued and important facet of customer communication. 

Before evaluating the process of getting the toll-free number, let’s go through the basics of what exactly is toll number stands for and why it is the need of the hour. 

What is a Toll-free Number

As the name suggests, the toll-free number is the mode of communication where customers are not charged for calling. Toll-free numbers are free of any charges therefore this benefit makes them a very popular choice for the user to interact with the businesses. Charges are being levied on businesses themselves. 

As the number starts with 1-800, it makes them easy to distinguish from the rest. This facet ensures easy reachability to the customers as toll-free number has this facility of vanity numbers, where they are easily memorable. This benefit makes toll-free numbers stand out of the rest and makes them an instant medium of business communication. 

How Toll-free Number helps in business communication

Toll-free numbers are considered to be one of the major sources of business communication with effective customer reachability, quick customer support, enhanced customer experience, and hassle-free customer service. Here are some benefits that toll-free numbers can provide for business communication. 

  • Toll-free numbers are the major source of business scalability.
  • Business communication is more simplified with toll-free numbers. 
  • Toll-free numbers take customer experience a notch-up with effective query resolution. 
  • Toll-free numbers simplify the way customers interact with businesses.
  • Tollfree numbers are the brand statement, they are basically considered to be the lifeline of the businesses. 
  • Customer outreach is the most beneficial outcome of toll-free numbers. 

Exclusive benefits of Toll-free Number

Toll-free number allows customers to reach for the businesses easily. They can choose to have smooth and effective communication over a phone call rather than standing in queues for elongated hours. Toll-free numbers are the new normal of business communication. 

Freeway for customers

The first and foremost benefit of a toll-free number is that there is no user cost involved. Charges are paid by the companies, hence this gives customers the facility to interact with the customers free of cost. It gives the customer the opportunity to initiate conversations with businesses. 

Brand’s recognition 

It won’t be an exaggerated statement to make that toll-free numbers are the voice of the brands. Customers remember the brand by their respective toll-free numbers hence they are the most reliable and popular source of business communication.

No location barrier

Business relocation is not a problem with toll-free numbers. Businesses that are frequently relocating don’t have to change their numbers frequently. They can still keep the one toll free number without any geographical barrier.  


Toll-free number is the best tool when it comes to successful business communication feedback. With a toll-free number, it is easier for the businesses to analyze the overall quality of the calls. Even, it enhances the way businesses provide customer service. Repetitive questions can be answered more accurately hence saving the time and efficiency of the team.

Swift customer support

The first and foremost benefit of a toll-free number is that it has the potential to provide exceptional customer experience. Customers can reach out to the businesses without any hurdle thus giving them the opportunity to have smooth communication since the very stage of buying the product. Therefore, toll-free number makes an impactful difference when it comes to providing swift customer support. 

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How to get a Toll-free Number

Getting a toll-free number is no rocket science. There are multiple toll-free number of providers available out there. You can evaluate any of the toll-free number provider according to your business suitability. 

But if you want more than just a toll-free number, I would suggest you go with the MyOperator an IVR service provider. The process is simple. It will help to unleash the hidden potential of your business communication by giving it an effective edge to the core.

So, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get a toll-free number for your business communication.

  1. Start the process of registration by clicking here. 
  2. Here, you need to complete your KYC. You can learn more about the KYC process in detail by clicking here.
  3. Select the mode of your payment.
  4. Now, choose the desired toll-free number for your business. You can customize this number and create your own vanity numbers. 
  5. You can analyze the data of your business communication using MyOperator Dashboard. 

How to port-in your tollfree number

Porting in a toll-free number is important when businesses want to take up a different service provider. If you want to port in your toll-free number you can watch the following video demonstration on the same for better understanding. 

How to port in your Tollfree Number

Presenting a quick guide on how to port in your toll free number.

Alternative Text

We cannot deny the fact of how important toll-free numbers are for business communication. They are the most beneficial resources that happened to customer communication. Availing the toll-free number is not difficult but choosing the best toll-free number provider is the one. Here is a quick write-up on choosing the best toll-free number provider. 

How to get a tollfree number
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