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Missed call solution: The in-and-out of this advanced communication tool

Missed call service for business
MyOperator / Blog / Missed call solution: The in-and-out of this advanced communication tool

Remember that time when you used to vote for your favourite contestant on TV reality shows by giving a missed call. Yes, missed call solution has been in existence and in our notice from that point.

With its wide usage in the entertainment industry, the adoption of a missed call solution can be seen in the business industry as well.

In fact, the usage has proved to be so beneficial that businesses of different verticals have been used this solution for multiple purposes.

Now, without delaying it further, let’s understand the in-and-out of missed calls service.

This guide will walk you through the concept of missed call services starting from the basics of solution, to how it benefits the businesses and its customers, and what are the ways in which businesses can (and are) using missed call solution.

Let’s get started:

What is a missed call solution?

Misdial solution being an automatic process, ensures that missed calls from your callers’ end by itself disconnecting the call (they make on your business number) after one or two rings. In short, your customer doesn’t need to bear any calling charges and can get their required information through an SMS, sent to them after their missed call.

Without a doubt, this whole process not only saves time for customers but also reduces the manual intervention of your agents. It significantly increases your team productivity by bringing automation to your process of handling customer queries.

For example, when a customer call arrives on your number or toll free number the system automatically rejects the call after one or two rings and pushes the information to your Live panel. You can get detailed reports of your callers including their phone number, time of call, region, recording of their conversation and more.

Why missed call alert service is Important?

For Businesses: Database collection and maintenance becomes an easy task for businesses with a missed call solution. It eliminates the need for agents to manually handle calls and give information to the callers, which can be easily provided through an SMS.

To illustrate: when a customer dials a missed call number, the call gets disconnected automatically after two rings. Henceforth, missed call management will automatically collect customer information like its number, pin code, service provider, etc. and paste it into a spreadsheet. Further, you can download that spreadsheet from Live dashboard.

For Customers: With missed call service, customers will be more than happy by getting their query resolved without even paying calling charges. They can easily get their required information, be it related to the company or a discount coupon code on the SMS.

Benefits of missed call solution

1. You can get the complete report of your missed call activities on a Live dashboard. The report gives you the complete picture of your miss call number performance. In short, you can track region of your callers, monitor your calls on daily/weekly/monthly basis, run marketing campaigns, etc.

2. If you’re running a campaign in different states, misdial solution allows you to reach and connect with them in their local language used in the SMSes and branding pitch. In short, you can create an automated reply in local languages and can make your marketing much more effective and personalized.

3. Missed call service for business also measures the impact of your marketing campaigns and helps you make worthy investments. You may simply add a misdial number to each of your ads on various channels and calculate your ROI basis the missed calls you receive from each campaign.

4. Advertising your missed call number in the market gives you a professional brand image which results in earning the trust of your potential customers. This is indeed important, for businesses to get an edge over their competitors.

Some more benefits of missed call solutions 

# Use cases of missed call campaigns

Missed call solution in India for user verification

In this advanced market where technology is making it easier to reach to your targeted audience, the number of fraud and fake users/people is also increasing constantly. With an efficient missed call service, you can verify the authenticity of your users by confirming their phone number with their missed call on your business number.

Misdial solution for Opt-in/Opt-out

You can publish a missed call number and ask your customers to opt-in or opt-out of your promotional campaign by simply giving a missed call on the former number. And, the same concept can be used to add subscribers to your list. This feature not only takes your user experience one notch up but also saves the need for your agents to manually do these operational tasks.

Missed call service for business lead generation

Well, we all know how difficult lead generation can be for businesses. With this, if your prospect has to fill in a lengthy form to submit his inquiry, the chances of you getting inquiries will be significantly less. However, if your prospects have to just give a missed call on a number to submit their inquiry, the response of your marketing will certainly increase manifold.

Misdial solution for call back request

There can be chances when your customers might want to connect with your sales or support team.  In these scenarios, rather than making them call you directly, you can share a missed call number with them on your website. Agents can then connect with the customers themselves.

Missed call solution for Voting

Well, we all remember voting for our favorite contestants on TV reality shows by giving a missed call on their number. This way of voting increases the numbers of votes from the audience and also makes the entire vote-counting process much easier.

Missed call solution for Feedback

To run a business successfully, it is essential to retain your existing customers. In order to do the same, you must have an idea about how your customers feel about your products or services, and getting their feedback is what’s required here. Now, to get the maximum feedback from your customers you can publish a missed call number and share the feedback form with them through SMS. The SMS can, in fact, have the feedback form along with a discount code as a thank you gift.

What kind of businesses can use missed call campaigns?

If you’re a small business owner, chances are good that you’re looking to optimize your employees’ time. Here comes missed call service to help you out in your hard times by optimizing the time of your employees.

Or, if you’re a business which aims to take its marketing one level up and attract maximum potential customers, the missed call service is what should be your next investment. Advertising your missed call number on hoardings, ads, newspapers etc constructs a better brand image and makes it easier for your prospects to connect with your business.

So, you might be of any business size or nature, if you intend to increase your employee productivity or upgrade your brand marketing, missed call solution is apt for you.

How to get missed call solutions for your business?

Well, it’s just a click away:

missed call service for business | missed call solution

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