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Scale Customer Engagement by 10X For Your Travel & Tourism Business

Streamline Your Travel Operations With Omni-Channel Contact Center

Streamline Your Travel Operations With Omni-Channel Contact Center

VOIP-activated Contact Center

Ensure zero-miss two way customer interactions 24x7 from just one MyOperator account.

IVR + WhatsApp Support

Easily setup automated IVR or WhatsApp chatbots to address tour enquiries or booking confirmations.

Quality Assurance

Monitor every communication through calls, chats and more from a centralized dashboard with AI-powered predictive analytics.

Boost Travel Bookings With Smart Campaign Management

Boost Travel Bookings With Smart Campaign Management

Campaign Management Suite

Promote your brand to boost customer engagement with automated outbound calls + SMS + WhatsApp solutions.

Add Call/WhatsApp CTA to your campaigns

Get more inbound enquiries with call/ whatsapp CTA. Handle multiple enquiries through IVR and WhatsApp bots.

Connect To CRM

Manage campaign leads and bookings by connecting MyOperator Call and WhatsApp platforms to any CRM of your choice.

Deliver Superior Experience With Intelligent Whatsapp

Deliver Superior Experience With Intelligent Whatsapp

WhatsApp Catalogue

Get more bookings by sharing shoppable tour catalogues on WhatsAPP

Personalized Booking

Make your customer journey conversational by letting them discover and book holidays right on WhatsApp.

Boarding Pass + Concierge

Deliver utility services like boarding passes/ checkin or add-on services like airport taxi booking on WhatsApp.

Multi-agent Support

Engage customers on WhatsApp through automated bots and multi-agent support on our WhatsApp platform.

Customer Speaks


MyOperator saved us from amateur customer handling and losses we used to experience due to a traditional landline system for business communication. Their solutions really helped us as we witnessed benefits above and beyond our expectations. We can now handle customers and calls as they expect from TravelTriangle.


Success Stories

How TravelTriangle achieved a 62% increase in customer calls

How TravelTriangle achieved a 62% increase in customer calls

Like any other tourism brand, TravelTriangle caters to customer queries are not restricted to weekdays, office hours, or demographics. Though, with a fixed landline phone as their only mode of communication, they were unable to tackle an unpredictable, fluctuating call volume.

Because of an old school phone system, they were also witnessing high volume of missed calls and unattended leads after office hours and on non-working days, leading to data and business loss.

After using MyOperator, TravelTriangle achieved:

62% increase in incoming calls with a Toll free number.

59% increase in deal closures due to all time availability and minimized unattended leads.

Easy access to automated and real-time database of callers.

Zero-miss enquiries with IVR that tracks, records, and distribute calls to respective agents

Higher customer satisfaction as they are available now 365*24*7

Simplify Travel Operations and Boost Customer Happiness with MyOperator Cloud Contact Center

Engage Your Travelers With Interactive Voice & WhatsApp

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Complete Cloud Contact Center Features For Tours and Travel Businesses

One Business number

Get a single branded virtual or toll-free number for your Tours & Travel Brand

Multilingual IVR

Greet tour-goers in the language they speak. Provide localized experience with multilingual IVR message and prompts.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Ensure faster customer resolutions by configuring customized WhatsApp Chatbot responses. No more depending on your sales or support agents all the time.

CRM Integration

Deliver omni-channel communication. Automatically send SMS after every call to deepen customer engagement.

Truecaller Integration

MyOperator integrates with Truecaller to provide you with numbers with verified calling and higher pick-up rates.

Smart Automation

Ensure timely follow-ups with no-code automation for seamless travel-related query resolutions, bookings and transactions.

24x7 Support

Ensure dedicated customer support even when your team is away to answer all queries using our IVR solution.

Live Reports

Track the call performance of your team. Get daily reports on the number of calls placed, received, and missed.

Live call Transfer

You can transfer ongoing calls to the respective department/physician without disconnecting them and enhance your callers’ experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud contact center for the travel and tourism industry?
A cloud contact center is a virtual platform that allows travel and tourism companies to manage their customer interactions, such as calls, WhatsApp chats, SMS, and other channels from a centralized account panel. It operates entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises hardware and infrastructure cost and resources.
Cloud contact centers offer several advantages, including scalability to handle fluctuating call volumes during peak travel seasons, flexibility for agents to work remotely, cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive hardware and maintenance, enhanced customer experience through personalized interactions, and access to advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making.
Yes, a cloud contact center can seamlessly integrate with existing systems commonly used in the travel and tourism industry, such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, booking and reservation systems, and knowledge bases. Integration enables agents to access relevant customer information and provide personalized assistance.
With a cloud contact center, customers can reach the right agent quickly, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction. Advanced features like interactive voice response (IVR), call routing based on customer preferences, and intelligent WhatsApp chatbots ensure efficient handling of inquiries and provide personalized recommendations, resulting in a seamless and personalized customer experience.
Not at all if you’re using MyOperator Cloud contact center. We prioritize data security and employ robust measures to protect customer information. MyOperator is in complete compliance with the requirements of Information Security Management System ISO/EIC 27001:2013 to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.
Yes, a cloud contact center can facilitate multilingual customer support by routing calls to agents proficient in different languages or by offering automated language selection options in IVR systems. This capability enables travel and tourism companies to cater to a diverse customer base and provide efficient support in their preferred languages.
Cloud contact centers provide real-time and easy-to-understand analytics on various metrics, including call volumes, average handling times, customer satisfaction ratings, WhatsApp campaign performance, and agent performance. This data empowers management to monitor operations, identify areas for improvement, optimize resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall performance in the travel and tourism industry.
Yes, cloud contact centers offer customization options to align with specific business requirements. They can be tailored to integrate with existing systems, adapt to unique workflows, incorporate branding elements, and implement specialized features specific to the travel and tourism industry, ensuring a personalized and efficient solution.
We’ll help you setup our no-code and DIY cloud contact center specific to your travel and tourism industry. For a free demo, you can either sign up online or call us at +91 92129 92129.

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