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Here’s a toast to a rocking 2013

Happy new year 2014
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It’s the last weekend of the year. I would say, the most apt time to look back and enjoy all that has happened the year around!
[pullquote align=”left”]Here’s how you made VoiceTree’s 2013 possible.[/pullquote]

Last time this year

Last year this time, we were all hoping to rope in more customers. Our product was still in Beta. There was a lot of noise around our small office of 10, to get a working professional version out at the earliest.
Some companies that believed in our product even back then includes Valyoo Technologies, the parent company of Lenskart, bagskart, jewelskart. Another major believer was India Against Corruption(IAC Delhi). With such big companies showing their interest and faith, we catapulted our business to taste growth.

1st quarter of 2013

We activated some parallel activites to build our strengths.
1. Hiring went strong
2. Our product got a face (MyOperator panel)
3. Sales sales sales

We were destined to make a great team. With 10 new people joining us in the 1st quarter and 100% M-o-M growth in customers, we started gaining trust amongst our audience. The best feedback we got was:
“You provide a great after sales support. We plan to use your services for long time to come!”

Ever since April 2013

We introduced the first version of our App.
We got featured as a budding startup on a number of portals.
We made news for the far reaching effect of our voice solutions.
We grew as a team, as a product and in our customer base.

Check out VoiceTree’s 2013 in focus to get a glimpse of our major milestones.

Guess there have been enough reasons for a new year cheer and we hope that next year this time, we will have out done every target we set. We envision a VoiceTree, 3 times it’s present size with a much stronger presence.

With this new year resolution, we enter the next year all enthused!

Wish you all a similar and greater success and a very happy new year!!

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