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Importance of follow up with customers and how you can do it

Importance of follow up
MyOperator / Blog / Importance of follow up with customers and how you can do it

Are you keeping in touch with your customers regularly? It is crucial to keep in mind that Importance of follow up with customers is necessary those dealing with customers should not stop after the sale. By follow up with customers, you demonstrate that you are interested in developing a connection with the customer as well as the transaction.

Customers frequently stick with a company that shows them care. Even better, they do not mind becoming passionate supporters of a company that makes an effort to enhance their experience.

76% of customers believe that businesses should be aware of their wants and expectations, according to a Salesforce survey.

Businesses can show their dedication to offering exceptional service and immediately resolving any issues by regularly following up with clients.

Customers are more likely to stay with the company if they receive a personalised experience that encourages loyalty and trust.

Exploring the Interconnected Aspects of Business, Marketing, and Customers

Marketing your business goes beyond just researching the market and showcasing your product.

One crucial aspect of marketing is following up with your customers or potential leads.

Surprisingly, many marketers tend to overlook this important step. Let’s understand Importance of follow up with customer.

Follow up with your customers is an essential part of your marketing strategy. 

It plays a vital role in building strong connections with your customers and increasing the likelihood of them purchasing your product. 

When you follow up, you can address any concerns or questions they may have, which helps to eliminate any doubts or hesitations they might have about buying from you.

Now, let’s consider the consequences of not following up. The graph reveals the situation of customers who haven’t experienced Importance of follow up.

It demonstrates that without proper follow-up, customers are more likely to lose interest or forget about your product. 

This can lead to missed opportunities, with potential customers opting for your competitors instead.

follow up with customers

Therefore, 65% of the customers imbibe negativity within themselves about the company. 

No customers will stay with you if you leave them alone during difficult situations, so it’s time to follow up with customer!

followup with customers

Importance of follow up with customers

Expectation fulfillment 

When you follow-up with customers, you are able to know their preferences and what they are expecting from you. When you are able to understand what your customers want you are also able to provide them with a quality product. Which provides them with more reason to get your product.   

Customer’s stick around

Following up with customers gives an impression that you care about your customers and are available for them. That is why customers stick to your business for a longer period of time as you are always available. It also helps encourage your customers to write reviews for your business and build trust for your brand.  

Makes customers feel special 

Well, who doesn’t enjoy special treatment? Being a customer I enjoy getting all the attention and being treated like a special individual.

Whenever my feedback is asked it makes me feel valued and I am assuming similar is the case with you. So follow-ups make customers feel special and therefore this increases the reliability process for the customers.


Takes marketing a step ahead

Customers remember you for the rest of their lives, for delivering great customer service. 96% of the customers also agree that customer service is a parameter to determine their choice of brand and also their loyalty towards it.

As “follow-up” is the synonym for customer service, your customers with undoubtedly talk about it with others. Hence there’s a high possibility that your brand might spread among other people without even you knowing about it (and there is nothing like genuine word of mouth). Thus, easy marketing.

Importance of Follow up: Fun Facts

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Following up with consumers shows that you value what they do and are concerned about their experience. Bain & Company found that even a 5% increase in client retention rates can increase earnings by 25% to 95%.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Consistent follow-up interactions support the development of loyalty and trust. A happy customer is more likely to purchase from you again and recommend your business to others. As per Harvard Business School research, a 5% increase in client loyalty can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in revenue.

Better Problem Solving

By following up, you may quickly take care of any difficulties or concerns. According to research by the Harvard Business Review, clients who have their issues fixed swiftly are more inclined to remain loyal to you.

Greater Sales Conversions

After the initial contact, following up with prospective clients greatly raises sales conversion rates. According to the National Sales Executive Association, at least five follow-up calls are necessary for 80% of sales.

Here are a few other major reasons why you need to follow-up with customers:

  • A regular follow up to customers will give a chance to heard and engage effectively.
  • Follow-ups can be a great source to ask customers, “What they want/expect next.”
  • Customers usually want a medium to get in touch with the company. Therefore, the follow-up system including tools like WhatsApp API, enhances this communication.
  • A follow-up call is always required after conducting a marketing campaign to the people who already enquired. You might just get a lead!
  • Existing customers receiving follow-ups are more likely to go for the new product than the ones without.

Existing customers receiving follow-ups are more likely to go for the new product than the ones without.

Tips and techniques for making follow-ups more effective

Let’s explore the value of customer follow-up and offer practical advice and methods to help you make the most of it.

1) Personalise your approach

  • Address customers by their names in follow-up communications.
  • Reference specific details from previous interactions to show you remember them.

2) Be Prompt

  • Respond to customer inquiries and issues in a timely manner.
  • Send follow-ups soon after a purchase or interaction to reinforce positive experiences.

3) Use Multiple Channels

  • Reach out to customers through various channels, such as email, phone, or social media.
  • Adapt your approach based on customer preferences to increase engagement.

4) Provide Valuable Information

  • Share relevant industry news, tips, or updates that align with customers’ interests.
  • Position yourself as a trusted resource, not just a seller.

5) Express Gratitude

  • Thank customers for their business, support, or feedback.
  • Show genuine appreciation to make them feel valued and encourage loyalty.

6) Offer Exclusive Promotions Or Discounts

  • Provide incentives for customers to engage with your brand again.
  • Offer special deals or rewards to create a sense of exclusivity.

7) Seek Feedback

  • Ask customers for their opinions and suggestions.
  • Use feedback to improve your products, services, and customer experience.

8) Be Proactive In Resolving Issues

  • Address any concerns or complaints promptly and efficiently.
  • Show empathy and work towards finding satisfactory solutions.

9) Schedule Regular Check-Ins

  • Establish a follow-up schedule to maintain consistent communication.
  • Check-in on customers to see how they’re doing and offer any assistance they might need.

10) Personalise Offers And Recommendations

  • Analyse customer data to tailor your recommendations and offers.
  • Show customers that you understand their specific needs and preferences.

Follow-Up Channels and Methods:

1. Email

Pro: Cost-effective, allows for detailed communication.

Con: Can be easily overlooked or end up in spam folders.

2. Phone Calls

Pro: Allows for immediate and personal interaction.

Con: Time-consuming, and may not be convenient for all customers.

3. Chat Platforms

Pro: Real-time communication, enables quick issue resolution.

Con: Limited to customers actively engaging on your website or app.

4. SMS

Pro: High open rates, concise messaging.

Con: Limited space for detailed communication.

5. Social Media

Pro: Wide reach, fosters engagement.

Con: Requires active monitoring and may lack privacy for sensitive matters.

How to follow-up with customers, timely and effectively?

Though there are a number of reasons for the importance of follow up with customers, it does matter what kind of processes you are executing in order to retain your customers. 

Indeed, customer follow-up is an art and it takes time, strategy, and a will to serve customers better to master this art.  

Usually, when we talk about follow-up with customers, we tend to relate to follow-up via emails or messages.

But, can someone tell me what is the possibility that the message or email sent, shall be read at that very point in time? 

Thus, call remains the most effective medium for following up with your existing customers.

To substantiate my statement I would like to tell you that statistics also say that 61% of the customers prefer phone calls as the channel for following up. 

The simple idea behind it is, it isn’t that time-consuming and helps in a one-on-one conversation, without any delays in providing or receiving information.

But, these existing phone systems do not tell you the names or numbers all by themselves. Either you need to take a note or search your phone directories. Hmm…annoying?

Make Easy Follow up

To make your follow-up with customers easier at just a click away, MyOperator provides its call center software, wherein all your incoming and missed calls are tracked, with a facility to set reminders for follow-up with customers.

For example, if a customer calls on MyOperator customer service helpline or the toll free number during business hours, they get a real-time response first from an IVR system, provided by an IVR service provider and then from one of the executives after call routing.

During non-business hours and holidays, customer calls were added to the follow-up queue along with the facility of voicemail.

On the next working day, our executives listen to the voicemail received and callback on all missed calls from customers using the built-in outbound calling solution and dialer app.

And here is how you can timely follow up with your customers:

It’s simple! Just set reminders and there you go to manage all your scheduled lists.

Main objective to follow up

Our main objective is to make communication easier and simple. It is an initiative to maintain an effective communication network with your existing customers, prospective leads, and business people within the organization. 

It is a movement towards managing calls on the go! In case you miss out on incoming customer calls then watch how MyOperator’s cloud call center solution and follow-up feature can help you get back to those clients without fail.

So Give ‘timely follow-ups’ a chance to increase your business lead conversion and improve overall customer satisfaction metrics.

To conclude, here are the key takeaways regarding the importance of follow up with customers services and effective strategies to implement:

  • Follow-up is crucial for nurturing relationships, building trust, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Personalization and addressing customers by their names create a sense of connection and make follow-ups more impactful.
  • Prompt responses demonstrate your dedication to customer service and help maintain a positive impression.
  • Utilizing multiple communication channels allows you to reach customers through their preferred methods, increasing engagement.
  • Providing valuable information and resources positions your brand as a trusted advisor, fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Scheduling regular check-ins allows for ongoing communication, ensuring you stay top-of-mind and address any evolving needs.
  • Leveraging automation tools streamlines the follow-up process, saving time while maintaining personalization.
  • Segmenting your customer base enables tailored follow-ups based on specific demographics, behaviors, or preferences.
  • Sharing success stories and testimonials builds credibility and showcases the positive impact of your products or services.
  • Encouraging social media engagement creates a sense of community and provides an avenue for ongoing interaction.
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