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Packaged product experience opening business space for technology startups

Technology product startups catering to small businesses are looking for ways to make their product effective in Indian markets. A news industry report released by FICCI claims that only 5% Indian SMEs have web presence. The report also stated that 95% of these SMEs use e-mail and only 49% have websites. For these of businessmen whose internet use is restricted to e-mails, the widely used online publicity would not work. Any other method of business promotion would require higher investments, cash constrained startups are wary of.

one click to create your IVR

One minute setup by VoiceTree Technologies is an attempt to deploy entire business phone system with IVR, call tracking and recording within a minute. Targeting these not so internet friendly users, VoiceTree has been able to increase its success by 80% week-on-week within the first 2 weeks of release of this service. The idea of Cloud Telephony VocieTree offers is already in the market. But none of these competitors have penetrated the local businesses. While the CEO of apparently the largest player expressed hopelessness in the Indian markets, the initial success of VoiceTree’s attempt is noticeable.

[pullquote align=”right”]Not-so-tech-savvy people appreciate the value they get out of the complete package without investing much time.[/pullquote]

While the continuity of results remains to be seen, the idea of delivering a packaged product instantly goes well with the Indian mindset. Not-so-tech-savvy people appreciate the value they get out of the complete package (integrated IVR and Call monitoring, in this case) without investing much time. These customers may make customization demands over time. But in the very beginning, straight away offering a packaged offer convinces them of the usability of the product. The product experience begins before the customer pays for it. This initial simplicity works best for newbies. With Indian technology start-ups coming to terms with the handicap of low internet penetration, packaged product offerings and yearly payments are working their way through it.

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