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5 Most Creative Ad Campaigns that Grabbed Eyeballs

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‘Actions speak louder than words’ — the advertisement industry definitely proved it wrong. Most of the creative ad campaigns that went viral made their content speak for them, with little or no action at all. And their words (content) echoed loud enough to reach millions of people.

These best ad campaigns made people start conversations about the brand, their creativity and uniqueness. They grabbed people’s attention, and forced them to laugh at their witty, humorous and sarcastic lines. But, what made them stand out in the crowd?

Out of the box ideas. The content. Simple, yet innovative. They did what nobody else was doing.

Creative Campaign Ads: Zomato reinvented the lost art of billboard advertising

Bright red billboards with white bold font text caught my eyes while I was stuck in the traffic. It read “Mera pizza ghar aaya, O Ram ji”. To my surprise, I found myself humming this line for no reason at all. Probably it was my love for pizza or the rhythm of this song that allowed this “line to cleverly penetrate my mind” subconscious mind.

While every other brand was busy casting actors, Zomato decided to cast their content. They played with the words by twisting famous bollywood songs to make the content sound delicious. Political stances, humorous one liners, and their self created pun mixed with the right quantity of salt and spices made the audience feel hungry.

This outdoor advertising campaign delivered a simple message on all their banners ‘Order food online on Zomato’ in such a creative way that people couldn’t resist downloading Zomato’s mobile app. Zomato ensured that their message reaches the right people, and compels them to take the desired action.

The secret sauce: Print can still overpower digital if you come up with a unique design accompanied with unconventional idea.

zomato creative ad campaign

Advertising Creative Ads: Flipkart Kids redefine the image of the perfect fashion shopper

My eyes automatically stopped, and my fingers refrained from skipping the ad when I saw a bunch of kids imitating elders with a pinch of subtle humour. Little boys with artificial moustaches placed perfectly on their face, and girls with full makeup dressed up like a 27 year old giving best shopping advice.

The uniqueness and innocence of these Flipkart kids made people watch the complete advertisement. The kids successfully portrayed the different kinds of fashion shoppers based on occasions, needs, age, occupation, etc.

All the ads under this campaign ‘Best way to look your best’ ended with a message, “If it’s trendy, it’s on Flipkart”. These ads succeeded in gaining huge attention on social media platforms. Innovative ways of casting the kids, and funny yet innocent script made these creative campaign ads stand out from the crowd.

The secret sauce: No matter how unusual the idea sounds, actual outcomes speak more than just perception. Never refrain from trying something that has never been executed before.


Creative Campaign Ads: Durex Setting The Benchmark With Decency, Wit and Humor

I was astonished at the creativity and humour Durex poured in their ads. It took me a while to understand few of their ads when I first saw them, and one can certainly say that these ads are not made for children.

These are the tongue-in-cheek which can be regarded as one of the best advertising campaigns which put across their point subtly yet sarcastically. Witty and creative enough to tickle its audience at the right places, these advertisements make them recall their message at the right time.

Best thing about these advertising creative ads is that unlike its competitors, they don’t objectify women at all. Their creatives deliver the message right enough to fulfill varied needs of their audience.

The secret sauce: Imitating your competitors doesn’t always help. It depends upon you how creatively you describe your product.

Durex creative ad campaign

Most Creative Campaigns: Heyo Phone – “Dhandhe Ka Funda”

Small business owners face several problems and even tend to miss out on opportunities on several occasions. Heyo Phone understands how important it is for business owners to overcome the challenges associated with operating a profitable enterprise.

By offering insightful analysis and useful guidance on key topics, Heyo Phone seeks to empower entrepreneurs of small businesses through its distinctive brand approach, which can be seen in the “Dhandhe Ka Funda” short series.

With one of the characters called “Heyo Bhai,” Heyo Phone takes an engaging and conversational approach in the “Dhandhe Ka Funda” series. This unique narrative technique generates a sense of community and relatability that resonates with the target audience of small business owners.

1. Optimise your Google My Business Profile

Heyo Phone is aware of how important online visibility is to small enterprises. Business owners are advised on how to optimise their Google My Business profiles to improve their online exposure and bring in more customers.

Watch the engaging discussions in the “Dhandhe Ka Funda” series here

Optimize your Google My Business Profile | Heyo Phone 

2. Google My Business: What is it?

Heyo Phone makes Google My Business easy to understand so that small business owners can see its value in the current digital era. Through the explanation of its features and advantages, the short video offers business owners the tools they need to make the most of this platform

What is Google My Business? | Heyo Phone 

3. Importance of Tax Deducted at Source.

Small business entrepreneurs may find taxes to be intimidating. Heyo Phone responds to this challenge in the “Dhandhe Ka Funda” series by highlighting the value of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). It clarifies the consequences and offers guidance, enabling business owners to easily manage their tax responsibilities.

Importance of Tax Deducted at Source | Dhandhe Ka Funda | Heyo Phone

4. Tax Relief through Business Utility Expenses.

Heyo Phone encourages the use of corporate utility expenses to their fullest potential to minimise taxes. In the short video it guides small business owners manage their operating costs and maximise tax benefits by offering helpful suggestions and insights throughout the series.

Tax relief through business utility expenses | Dhandhe Ka Funda | Heyo Phone 

5. New Platform for MSME Loans.

Financing accessibility is essential for small business expansion. Heyo Phone makes it easier for business owners to obtain much-needed funding by introducing them to new MSME lending channels. Raising awareness and providing relevant data, it assists small businesses on their path to growth.

New Platform for MSME Loans | Dhandhe Ka Funda | Heyo Phone

6. Best ad campaigns that focus on topis like “Is Sole Proprietorship Registration Mandatory or Not?”

Small business entrepreneurs may find legal issues confusing. Heyo Phone provides clear instructions on the importance of Sole Proprietorship registration, eliminating any doubt surrounding it. By addressing these issues, it enables business owners to choose their organisational frameworks with knowledge.

Is Sole Proprietorship registration mandatory or not🤔| Dhandhe Ka Funda | Heyo Phone

Best Ad Campaigns: AMFI Made ‘Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’ a Part of Everyday Indian Talk

Did I just overhear an important conversation about financial investment? Yes, this is what I felt when I heard this ad for the first time on radio. Generic conversational tone and unfiltered background noise grabbed my attention.

‘A slice of daily Indian conversation served fresh to ignite the idea of investing in mutual funds’ – a perfect line to describe these creative ad campaigns. We have seen public indulging in important conversation at family gatherings and weddings, on trains, at pedestrian tea shops, etc; and this creative ad campaigns made an attempt to include mutual funds as a part of these conversations.

The tone of voice was direct, honest and inclusive. The campaign garnered positive response from investors and mutual fund companies saw an overall addition of 32 lakh new investors in 1 year.

The secret sauce: When direction and acting seems real, audience believes your advertisement. Make your advertisement real, rather than making it beautiful.

Advertising Creative Ads: CaratLane- The Modern Tale Of Comfort Wear

For CaratLane, BBH India recently introduced the “Everyday Vows” advertising campaign.

BBH India designed and implemented the campaign concept, which revolves around CaratLane’s objective of encouraging individuals to express themselves freely (#KhulKeKaroExpress) and to reconsider the relevance of Mangalsutras in contemporary married life.

The “Everyday Vows” campaign aims to demonstrate that modern women view mangalsutras as representations of love, signifying all the unique yet commonplace occasions in a couple’s daily existence. A woman’s everyday jewelry collection now includes mangalsutras, so just one basic style is insufficient.

These days, women choose a variety of elaborate diamond patterns that compliment their regular wardrobe.

Best Advertising campaigns: Amazon showed Alexa outperformed celebs

Alexa coughs and lost her voice. As a replacement, celebrities try to cover up for Alexa, but failed to do so….and the video goes on to make people laugh in amazement.

Explaining this 90 second ad won’t be justified. I’d say rather watch the video. What sets them apart? Firstly, the script. Secondly, they casted number of celebrities with different age ranges, demographics and varied situations.

It delivered a silent message, no matter what the situation is, nobody can be as efficient as Alexa.

The secret sauce: Humour, script or celebrities? Irrespective of the component that played well, it just succeeded in communicating the value of its product in an interesting way.

Before you plan your next best ad campaigns, do answer these questions to yourself.

  1. Which advertising channel is most accessible to your target audience?
  2. Is your advertisement effective and innovative enough to make your audience stop to watch it?
  3. Is the advertisement delivering the right message to your potential customers, and driving them to buy your product or service?
  4. At the end, everything revolves around ‘recall value of the campaign’. So, what is the anticipated recall value of your creative ad campaigns?

I’m sure, by now, there must be many innovative ideas swimming in your mind. Pen them down, and brainstorm the ideas with your team. And do not forget to take the above questions into consideration before you jump into your ad creator and finalise your creative ad campaigns. All the best!

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