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10 Interesting Telecommunication Facts To Stun You

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Imagine a day without your cell phone, seems impassable, right? Well, all thanks to the telecommunications industry that today we can manage both our personal and professional lives through calls and text messages. The vitality of telecommunications is evident. It is a widely known fact that over 60% of the work sector is thriving because of telecommunications. Telecommunications is a very innovative and fast-growing industry. Now and then, there is a new invention that facilitates our life processes or comes in handy for the work sector to prosper. However, this technologically advanced industry is relatively new. Moreover, it has some fun, fascinating, and yet peculiar facts to its credits that might surprise you. Here are some telecommunication facts which will astonish you:

1. Who invented the telephone?

Have you been thanking Graham Bell all this while for this heavenly invention? If yes then, these telecommunication facts might make you a little less grateful to him as he was not the only one who came up with this distinctive invention. A patent application was filed for the telephone on 14th February 1876 by Graham Bell and Elisha Gray. It is still unknown who filed it first. The European patent office has over 100,000 inventions listed with“telephone” in their title. Furthermore, Antonio Meucci, an Italian inventor, had also invented a device like a telephone 20 years before Bell gave us the telephone.

2. If it’s tasty it’s not worth buying!

NO! We aren’t talking about food here. It is the telephonic wires that we are referring to. We are sure that you are unaware of this telecommunication fact, that telephonic wires were ranked, according to how tasty they were to rats and mice. Telephones with the least tasty wire were the most preferred as they ensured the safety of the telephone wires.

3. Most profitable and most used

The growth was inevitable for an invention like the telephone, but what is even more amazing is the fact that to date in United States history, the telephone is the most profitable organization. Moreover, it is also the most used equipment for communication around the globe. 

4. Time is everything!

Miles Davis once said that “time isn’t the main thing. It is the only thing”, and the following telecommunication fact will prove his point. Notably, the most common use of a mobile phone is neither calling nor texting. They are used the most for checking the time. Precisely, cell phones are being used as pocket clocks worldwide. 

5. Ahoy not hello!

AHOY! This is exactly what Graham Bell wanted the telephone greeting to be. It was Thomas Alva Edison so later gave the word “hello” in 1877, and it is not surprising that it immediately became the more acceptable telephonic greetings.

6. Number of phones existing

If you think that the human population is huge, then this telecommunication fact might come as a shock to you. The number of phones is more than the number of people on our planet. Population of cell phones overtook the human population in 2014.

7. All about phone lines

It took almost one year to install the first-ever phone line from New York To San Fransisco. This line passed through 13000 telephone poles and over 14000 miles of copper wire was used. FLAG (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe) is the longest phone cable in the world. The cable is 16800 miles long and it connects the United Kingdom to Japan. This cable is capable of carrying 600000 calls together. 

8. Merry texting 

The way text messages have made our lives easier is uncanny. Out of 7 billion people in the world, over 5 billion people are regular texters, and text messages are also considered the simplest way to communicate. We might text all day, but have you ever pondered that what was the first-ever text message? The first-ever text message was sent by a developer and test engineer, Neil Papworth, and it read “Merry Christmas”, it was he who made delivering wishes a matter of seconds.

9. Most popular cell phones

Apple iPhone might be on the list of most popular cell phones, but Nokia 1100 tops the list. They launched it in 2003 and sold over 250 million phones. Also, your favorite Nokia tune of a text message is a morse code for an SMS.

This must surprise you that the most expensive phone in the world is an iPhone which costs around 48 million dollars. They cover it in 24-carat gold and has pink diamonds studded into it. 

10. Cloud calling and IVR 

The blessings of the telecommunication industry are uncountable. If we take a leap and talk about relatively recent facilities, then cloud calling and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) top the list. It is because of these facilities that several businesses are thriving profitably. IVR has helped the businesses in managing their calls effectively without causing any inconvenience to the probable customers. On the other hand, cloud calling has also made call management trouble-free by replacing the conventional telephone system, eventually reducing the clutter and expense.

Myth of IVR

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