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5 Simple ways to make your Business Number Visible

5 Simple ways to make your Business Number Visible
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A Toll-Free or Virtual business number undoubtedly is an amazing way to create a brand identity, optimize calling operations and to display a professional image. You have invested in your Virtual number so that you can manage all your calls at one place. We want your investment to reap maximum benefit to you.

Normally, one thing brands often forget (our customers too) due to their pre-assigned tasks is that marketing their Toll-Free number or IVR service Virtual numbers is also as important as taking it. So we decided to put together some places where your number should be present to ensure greater visibility:

1. Website:

It goes without saying that in today’s world people judge the authenticity of a company by its website. A well-managed website, with all contact information displayed nicely, can ensure that the customer goes ahead with doing business with you. While having a website is no more optional, how much thought you put into it, should depend on your dependence on it to get more business.

Exchange your business card with all potential customers. Have your business number printed on it.

2. Business Listings:

Entering your contact details into business listing sites like “Just Dial” and “India Mart” can work wonders if you want to be available to anybody who searches for the service you provide. The leads generated through this process are genuine and it extends your reach to the global audience!

3. Emails and SMS:

While Cold calling needs dedicated resources and increases expenses, emails and SMS are easy and affordable ways to reach to a large volume of potential customers offering one’s deal. Mention your business numbers and send a SMS/Email to all your potential clients.

4. Business Card, Brochures and Newsletters:

One good way to ensure you are remembered is to leave an impression of yourself, after a meeting. So, do exchange the business card with all potential customers and have your business number printed on it Consider leveraging high-quality, customizable printable business card templates that allow you to mirror your brand’s professionalism and innovative outlook.

5. Goodies

Yes, one of the most influential thing you can do to ensure you are visible to the people who visit your customers, is to provide a memento. So, this festive season, get creative, decide a small gift for all your customers, placing your brand and contact number on the same. Imagine Calendars, Mugs, Pens or T-shirts. Whatever you do, do it so that you are remembered.

Share with us how else you advertise your business number, in the comments below, and we will add it to the list for all of us.

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