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4 points that uphold MyOperator as the best US virtual number provider

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Virtual phone numbers have been talked a lot about in the business world. The benefits offered by this cloud tech is exemplary and the ever-increasing demand of the same is a clear evidence of the same.

Besides several other reasons for using the same, one is the fact that businesses, be it of any size or industry wants to use quality and advanced technology for their organization.

And, the US being the hub of business advancements, the usage of virtual numbers their is ever-increasing.

For those who might not be able to relate with the above words, let’s start discussing virtual numbers from scratch.

Here’s presenting a complete in-and-out of US virtual phone numbers.

What is a US virtual number?

Technically speaking, a US virtual number, also known as direct inward dialling (DID) or access numbers, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually, these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the mapped mobile numbers.

There are two types of virtual mobile numbers :

1. US Toll-free number: Toll-free number is 10 or 11 digit number recognised as 800-XXX-XXXX. Even these numbers have different phone numbers mapped behind it and calls are transferred to them. With these numbers, callers don’t pay their calling charges, instead, the toll free number subscriber pays the callers’ calling cost.

2. US Non Toll-free number: This is like a 10 digit mobile number but an online number with different phone numbers added behind. In case of US non toll free number, callers normally pay their calling charges while connecting with the non-toll free number.

Local telecom operator v/s Cloud-based US virtual number provider

When it comes to buying a US virtual number for your business, there are ample of options available in the telecom industry, you can purchase it from a local telecom operator or a cloud-based US virtual number provider.

Now you might be wondering, what’s the difference between the two. Well, let’s figure this out why cloud-based provider for your US virtual number.

1. US virtual number + IVR

You would have called on different business contact numbers. Have you ever heard an automated greeting like

Welcome to Company X “

“Press 1 for sales”

“Press 2 for support” 

And so on… Well, this is not just an automated greeting but a complete IVR feature added to their business number.

Combining your business’s professional image and automate customer call management by integrating a US virtual number with an IVR system. Incorporate call center software and leverage cloud call center solutions for seamless call routing, remote access, and centralized management.

This combination ensures efficient handling of customer queries, optimizing both the customer experience and operational efficiency. US virtual number with an IVR helps your business give a professional brand image and bring automation to customer call management. Here’s how:

Customers will be greeted every time with a voice greeting and will be asked for their query. Basis their selected query/department, their call will be directed to the respective agent.

The IVR greeting can also be customized in different languages or as per different situations/timings.

For e.g. For after-office hours, you can set a voice message like “We are not available right now, Kindly leave a voicemail after beep

2. US virtual number + Call tracking

Tring Tring! It’s your customers calling. They’re ready to do business with you, and they got your number from– wait, you have no idea where they found your number from. You’ve spent a lot of money on your marketing campaigns but you’re totally unaware of how many calls that campaign in deriving.

Well, that’s definitely not a smart move. What you should do instead is, use different US virtual numbers in your campaigns (each of them can have the same agent’s number mapped behind), track how many calls are coming on each virtual number. With this, you’ll be able to check the ROI of each marketing campaign and mould your future investments accordingly.

In fact, tracking on a US virtual number also implies reports on missed/received calls. This ensures better team monitoring, follow-ups on missed calls and several other ー cool, isn’t it?

3. US virtual number + Call recording

  • Businesses remain unaware of what their agents speak to their customers.
  • Businesses have no clue about their customer inquiries.
  • Agents are writing notes during phone conversations.

Do these scenarios look familiar to your business as well? If yes, then there is a dire need for a solution for your organization.

Call recording system is that solution. With call recording feature you can record your customer calls and use them later for monitoring purpose. And can also utilize the same to train your new agents’. The recorded conversation also helps in improving your call quality and customer calling experience.

P.S. There’s no need to carry a pen and paper for making notes; you can listen to your customers call recordings.

4. US virtual number + Live panel

Hundreds of calls per day, so many agents to attend, multiple other things to monitor – I understand, being the head can be challenging. That is why, a solution like live panel helps businesses to keep a constant tap on their missed calls, and get effective insights basis features like:

  1. Detailed call reports: Analyze your call-related data provided in the dashboard basis the number of calls missed/received.
  2. Live call transfer: Agents can transfer the ongoing calls to another agent with just a click on the panel.
  3. Region-wise details: Get region-wise details of your calls so that you can target and run marketing campaigns for that location accordingly.
  4. API integration: Integrate your call management system with other CRMs like salesforce, pipedrive etc.
  5. After call SMS: Send automated SMSes to the customers after your on-call conversation with them.

Needless to say, you can not enjoy all of these services with a local telecom operator.

Now if you have understood the importance of cloud-based US virtual number providers then let’s jump to which provider would that be. Well, allow me to introduce MyOperator.

MyOperator as the best US virtual number provider

  • Strong connectivity

Speaking about the virtual number provider, no one can beat the 99.9% uptime ensured by MyOperator. We not only provide the best connectivity but also store customer database on cloud without any network problems.

Our strong caching system enables our servers to run even on offline mode. We assure your calls won’t hamper even during uncontrollable situations like natural calamities and unforeseen occurrences like data centre downtime or bad internet connectivity.

  • Complete data security

Yes, data security is essential for every business, irrespective of its size. At MyOperator, we ensure 100% data security of your business. We have unbreakable security measures and use safety barriers like Amazon web service, amazon web virtual cloud, 128-bit SSL security, Site lock malware scanner.

  • 24X7 customer support

This is no brainer that customer care services are the backbone of a business. Hence no matter if it is a weekend or a working day, at what time or what day, we are there to serve you! Following are the reasons why you must be worry-free on this matter. We have:

  • Determined sales team
  • Experienced customer support team
  • Highly skilled technical team

Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to help you out in your difficulty. Be it any kind of business problem, our hardworking team is available 24X7 to decode your problem.

  • Exemplary customer reviews

It’s our customer reviews that keeps our team motivated to fulfil customer expectations and exemplifies our customer trust. Take a glimpse of a few of our happy customers:

  1. Balaji Vishvanathan, CEO, Invento Robotics preaching us for our first-class services.
  2. Dipanjan Dutta, head- Enterprise sales & Online Growth, OYO workspaces acknowledged us for our commendable efforts.
  3. Google reviews with overall rating of 4.5 out of 5

Ready to get a US virtual phone number for your business?

All you need is to signup for a free demo. Our team will contact you on the same number.

Get your hands on MyOperator call management system and relish all the top-notch products like US virtual number, IVR, US toll-free number, call tracking, etc on a live panel.

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