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A Cloud Based Sales CRM Tailored For SME’s

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This article is a part of the series: SaaS for SMEs : ‘A wave to make Businesses Smarter!’

Be it a small and medium sized company or a startup, finding good technology solutions for their venture within the restricted low budget is always a fight. However, cloud based solutions offers lucrative pay per use price models which helps customers use solutions without a tap on their pocket.

Managing the sales process is one such area where a company wants to deploy technology so the overall process can be optimized and sales team can yield maximum output. ClinchPad is one such cloud based solution provider. Delhi based startup has built a customer relationship management software for sales, useful for small sales teams.

The conventional CRMs in the present market primarily target enterprises. ClinchPad is designed for use by small businesses who want a quick and easy to use solution and do not want to spend time or resources in implementation.

According to Kartik Kakar, Co-CEO, ClinchPad, the application has been inspired by task management systems like Trello. “We tried using Trello for a previous startup and found it hard to adapt it to tracking leads as it was not built for that. This is why we created ClinchPad”, said Kakar. It is built especially for teams looking to focus on closing deals rather than task management.

Usually Spreadsheets are used to manage leads and sales tasks. But spreadsheets are limited to single users. Traditional CRM’s on the other hand are optimized for enterprise usage. ClinchPad is trying to bridge the gap.

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This article is a part of the series: SaaS for SMEs : ‘A wave to make Businesses Smarter!’


The solution is built keeping SME’s in mind.  One can get started in 1 minute, no training is required to use it, the pricing plans are affordable and it isn’t bloated up with unnecessary features.

The product can be easily used for distributed sales teams since it replaces emails and shared spreadsheets. So the distributed sales teams can communicate and share information in a more structured and simpler manner.

Easy to Use Features

A lead can be entered into any of the five stages i.e. Prospect Contact, Offer, In negotiation and closing. A to-do list can be added to leads which can have meetings, calls, emails and tasks with their date and time.

Files can be attached to the leads and documents, presentations, spreadsheets, signed contracts etc can be uploaded and associate with the leads.

User can integrate e-mail, create multiple pipelines, sync with Google calendar and contacts. Reports are available in chart patterns which give a quick analysis in a glance.



Since ClinchPad is a SaaS based application, it is absolutely free to use for managing up to a 100 leads. All features are enabled and unlimited users can be added in the free account. After the user crosses 100 leads, pricing plan exist from $9 to $99/month based on the number of users.

So SME’s who are looking for sales CRM for their team, a lead tracking and management system, do give ClinchPad a spin.


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