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Omni-channel Customer Service

Omni-channel Customer Service

Toll-free + Multi-level IVR

Enable a unified toll-free number and VoIP-enabled IVR with automated bots to scale query resolution.

VoIP Enabled Dialing

Scale agent efficiency and customer pick-up rates with VoIP. Activate auto-dialing.


Allow remote support to function with mobile-first call managemen

Whatsapp Helpdesks

Provide an additional layer of customer support with custom WhatsApp chatbots.

Integration & Analytics

Integration & Analytics

Ticket Management

Integrate IVR with your help-desk/ ticketing system to automate ticket creation. Integrates with Freshdesk, Zoho, Salesforce and more

Monitor Productivity

Monitor productivity for every agent with detailed, customizable admin reports.

AI-enabled Speech Analysis

Monitor calls/ generate summaries with generative AI/ sentiment analysis. Get customized reports and understand your customers better.

Remote Sales Productivity

Remote Sales Productivity

MyOperator Corporate Line

Equip your mobile sales force with MyOperator app-based smart numbers. Track and record every call for remote sales performance.

Truecaller Integration

Ensure customer trust with a verified business profile and improve call pick-up rates with Truecaller integration.

Manage Follow-ups

Run post-sales follow-ups on Whatsapp, SMS, or through outbound calls.

CRM Connect

API-based integration with all CRMs such as Zoho, Leadsquared, Salesforce to give sales a 360-degree customer view.

Multi-tenanted BPO

Multi-tenanted BPO

Roll-out Client BPO Centers

Set-up BPOs for your major clients with multi-tenanted, private cloud.

1-day Setup

Set-up in a day with MyOperator out-of-the-box call management software.


Ensure high security and data privacy for each client. MyOperator is compliant with ISO/EIC 27001:2013.

Business Continuity

Ensure 99.9% up-time for your clients with multi-geography redundancy.

Customer Speaks


Our journey and experience with MyOperator has been great for the last almost 3.5 years. MyOperator helped us to launch COVID helpline for our employees within 1 day.Their support team and dedicated account manager facilities helped us a lot.

- Anirban Mukherjee, Assistant Manager - Finance, PwC


Managing inbound calls has become easier with the implementation of Myoperator. This has further led to an increase in inbound customer conversion. It also helps in retaining customers better.

- Ricoh


This is an amazing integrated solution that helped us keep track of all our customer communication activities through one platform. Customer data management has never been simpler. We look forward to a successful partnership in days to come.

- Apratim Banerjee - CTO, Cleanomatics

Success Stories

How MyOperator helps IT/BPO Leaders Boost their Revenue and Customer Engagement

How MyOperator streamlined the helpdesk for PwC

PwC, the Big 4 consulting firm, required multiple call management solutions to connect internal employees and power helpdesk for their customers. PwC found a strong ally in MyOperator. MyOperator provided PwC with an enterprise cloud communication platform to activate employee and customer engagement.

How MyOperator streamlined the helpdesk for PwC

Key Results

MyOperator’s cloud communication platform helped PwC to:

Track all the call logs and recordings of their customers

Connect employees through an internal call management process

Launch the COVID helpline within a day

How Cleanomatics Increased Sales & Customer Service
                                with MyOperator X Bigin by Zoho CRM

How Cleanomatics Increased Sales & Customer Service with MyOperator X Bigin by Zoho CRM

The one-stop on-demand cleaning service provider, Cleanomatics faced multifold issues like inconsistent salespeople management, no end-to-end KPI tracking system, and more. MyOperator provided them with an integrated CRM and call management solution.

Key Results

With this integrated solution, Cleanomatics was able to achieve:

23% increase in customer calls

45% boost in sales and customer service agent productivity

Streamlined customer communication pipeline

Boost Efficiency & Enhance Security With Cloud Contact Center for IT/BPO

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The Complete Voice + WhatsApp Management Features For Fast Growing IT and BPO Companies

Single business number

Get a single branded virtual or toll-free number for your call center.

VoIP Enabled Autodial

Enhance business efficiency by automating outbound calls, optimizing agent productivity, and enabling personalized customer interactions.

Multilingual IVR

Welcome your clients/customers in the language they speak. Localize your IVR greetings and prompts with our muti-lingual language support.

Call Recording

All conversations routed on MyOperator are automatically recorded and saved in your user panel. Access recordings any time for quality or training purposes.


Deliver omni-channel communication. Automatically send SMS after every call to deepen customer engagement.

CRM Integration

MyOperator IVR platform integrates with all major CRMs helping you seamlessly manage leads and customer engagement.

Truecaller Integration

MyOperator integrates with Truecaller to provide you numbers with verified calling and higher pick-up rates.

Help-desk Integration

Automate ticket creation by connecting to any helpdesk with our powerful APIs.

24x7 Support

Get dedicated support whenever you hit a snag or have any query using our IVR software.

Live Analytics and Reports

Track call performance of your sales/ support team. Get daily reports on the number of calls placed, received, and missed.

WhatsApp API

From team collaboration to lead generation, streamline project management and client communications with WhatsApp API

Enterprise Mobility

Enable remote sales and support teams with MyOperator Corporate Line mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for using the MyOperator platform for IT/BPO business?
MyOperator offers flexible agent-based pricing starting as low as Rs 1250 per month to manage unlimited calls. If you are a tech start-up(pre-series A), you can also apply for our start-up credits of upto Rs 50000.
Call center software and contact center software are both used to manage customer interactions, but they have different scopes and capabilities. Here are the key differences between the two:
  • Scope of Interactions: Call center software excels in voice interactions, while contact center software offers a wider range of channels for customer engagement.
  • Channels Supported: Call center software primarily supports voice calls, whereas contact center software offers a comprehensive suite of communication channels.
  • Customer Engagement: Contact center software enhances customer engagement by catering to diverse communication preferences, while call center software excels in voice communication.
  • Multi-Channel Capabilities: Contact center software provides a unified platform for managing interactions across various channels, offering a seamless experience for customers.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration: Both call center and contact center software can integrate with CRM systems, but contact center software often offers more extensive CRM capabilities.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Contact center software is highly scalable and adaptable to evolving communication strategies, while call center software may be more static in nature.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Contact center software typically offers advanced analytics and reporting for various channels, while call center software focuses on voice call metrics.
Yes, MyOperator provides both the solutions custom to your business needs.
Certainly, here are the key advantages of MyOperator VoIP for BPOs, KPOs, and Call Centers.:
  • Cost-Efficiency: With MyOperator VoIP, you can significantly reduce your operational costs by leveraging internet-based calling, eliminating the need for traditional phone lines and long-distance charges.
  • Scalability: MyOperator VoIP is highly scalable, allowing your business to effortlessly adapt to changing call volumes. Whether you're a small BPO or a large call center, you can easily expand or downsize your communication capabilities as needed.
  • Advanced Call Routing: The system offers advanced call routing features, ensuring that incoming calls are directed to the right agents or departments, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Productivity: MyOperator VoIP equips agents with tools like call monitoring, call recording, and real-time analytics, enabling supervisors to monitor and coach agents for improved performance.
  • Remote Work Capabilities: With the flexibility of VoIP, your agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for remote work options and business continuity even during challenging times.
  • Multi-Channel Support: In addition to voice calls, MyOperator VoIP supports multiple communication channels, including email, chat, and SMS, providing an omnichannel experience for your customers.
  • CRM Integration: Integrate MyOperator VoIP with your CRM system to access valuable customer data during calls, improving the quality of interactions and personalizing customer service.
  • Reliability: MyOperator VoIP offers high call quality and reliability, ensuring that your call center operations run smoothly without interruptions.
  • Data Security: The platform prioritizes data security and compliance, helping BPOs, KPOs, and call centers meet regulatory requirements and protect sensitive customer information.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: MyOperator provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring that you have assistance whenever you need it, helping you maintain uninterrupted service.
Incorporating MyOperator VoIP into your BPO, KPO, or call center operations can lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, and a more seamless customer experience. This comprehensive solution, integrated with cloud call center software, empowers your business to thrive in today's competitive customer service landscape.
MyOperator stands out as the best call center software for high-growth BPOs for several reasons:
  • Scalability: High-growth BPOs need a call center solution that can keep up with their expanding operations. MyOperator offers unmatched scalability, allowing businesses to effortlessly add new agents, lines, and features as their needs evolve. This ensures that your call center infrastructure can grow seamlessly alongside your business.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Efficient call routing is crucial for high-growth BPOs dealing with increased call volumes. MyOperator's advanced call routing capabilities ensure that calls are directed to the most appropriate agents or departments, reducing hold times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Today's customers expect communication through various channels. MyOperator goes beyond voice calls, offering support for Voice, WhatsApp, SMS, and other interactions. This enables BPOs to provide an omnichannel experience, catering to customer preferences and needs.
  • Real-time Analytics: To make informed decisions and continually improve performance, high-growth BPOs require real-time insights into call center operations. MyOperator provides comprehensive real-time analytics and reporting, allowing managers to monitor agent performance, track key metrics, and identify areas for optimization.
  • Cost-Efficiency: As BPOs expand, cost management becomes crucial. MyOperator's VoIP solution eliminates the need for traditional phone lines, reducing communication costs significantly. This cost-efficiency allows BPOs to allocate resources to other critical areas of growth.
  • CRM Integration: MyOperator seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, providing agents with access to valuable customer data during interactions. This integration enhances the quality of customer service by enabling personalized and data-driven interactions.
  • Reliability: High-growth BPOs cannot afford downtime or call disruptions. MyOperator is renowned for its reliability, ensuring high call quality and uninterrupted service, even during periods of rapid growth.
  • Remote Work Capabilities: MyOperator empowers BPOs to tap into a global talent pool by enabling remote work. Agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for flexibility and business continuity, a crucial factor for growing operations.
  • Compliance and Security: BPOs often deal with sensitive customer data and must adhere to regulatory standards. MyOperator prioritizes data security and compliance, helping businesses maintain data integrity and meet legal requirements.
  • Customer Support: MyOperator provides 24/7 customer support to assist BPOs at all times. This ensures that any issues or questions are promptly addressed, minimizing disruptions to your operations.
In summary, MyOperator is the best call center software for high-growth BPOs due to its unmatched scalability, advanced features, multi-channel support, real-time analytics, cost-efficiency, and commitment to reliability and security. By choosing MyOperator, high-growth BPOs can optimize their call center operations, enhance customer service, and pave the way for sustained success in a competitive market.
MyOperator corporate line is an app-based mobility plan that your company can use to activate, track and record remote sales teams or on-site support teams.
An IVR number is simply a virtual or toll-free number with the addition of IVR. When you dial an IVR number, the voice message and IVR menu will be played, and you will be able to speak with the desired branch/department/executive directly.
  • It greets your callers with a professional voice greeting and allows them to connect directly with their concerned department/agent based on their selection in the IVR menu.Overall, it improves the caller experience and speeds up on-call resolution.
  • You can integrate whatsapp with your existing CRMs and work as an omnichannel platform.
  • You can connect a call between the client and executive using a click-to-call widget directly from a website or an app.
  • You can also track your organization’s call center activities in real-time with our real-time reports and dashboards.
  • You can send and receive multimedia messages through whatsapp API integration.
  • With IVR you can Integrate your service with CRM and get a unified and holistic view of the customer data.
  • The Call Back feature is also available.
  • Get immediate customer feedback without spending any money.
Established in 2013, myOperator is India’s most trusted cloud telephony platform trusted by thousands of businesses including Lenskart, Apollo, Myntra, Wow! Momo, NCERT and more. A key enabler of Digital India mission, MyOperator has been used to connect Pradhan Mantri’s Mann Ki Baat to billions plus Indians and run help lines during major events such as the Kerala flood. MyOperator is recognised as a champion in India’s cloud telephony leadership matrix.
The WhatsApp integration empowers customer support and service teams to:
  • Offer real-time support to clients through WhatsApp messaging, providing quick query resolution and support outside regular business hours.
  • Automate responses with chatbots for common queries, ensuring instant replies and reducing response time.
  • Use WhatsApp for proactive customer engagement, sending updates, notifications, and appointment reminders, enhancing customer communication.
Yes, MyOperator Call Management + WhatsApp Solution is highly customizable to fit your unique IT/BPO use cases and requirements. Our team will work closely with you to understand your business needs and tailor the solution accordingly, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
Absolutely! Data security is a top priority. Both our cloud contact center and WhatsApp integration adhere to data privacy and encryption standards, ensuring end-to-end encryption for all communication. Your clients' data and conversations are kept safe and secure at all times.
The solution centralizes communication, automates repetitive tasks, and optimizes call management, leading to improved team productivity and overall business efficiency. Streamlined call handling and customer engagement result in quicker query resolutions, reduced call waiting times, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Yes, the Complete Call Management + WhatsApp Solution is designed for seamless integration with various CRMs and business systems commonly used in the IT/BPO industry. Our team will work to ensure a smooth integration process, allowing you to access a comprehensive view of customer interactions and improve data-driven decision-making.
The cost of IVR/ call management software is determined by the volume of calls received, the number of agents mapped behind, and a few other factors. Our detailed pricing can be found here.
The entire set up of the call center solution is done online and takes only a few minutes to complete. To set up a call center solution for your business, you can sign up online or call the MyOperator sales team at +91 92129 92129.
Sure. You can sign up for a free trial of call center solutions provided by MyOperator. With your demo account, you can set up a cloud call center solution for your business and see how it works.

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