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Integrated Mobile Communication For Your Logistics/Manufacturing Business

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MyOperator Corporate Line

Equip your remote sales or logistics force with MyOperator app-based virtual numbers. Track and record every call for compliance/ performance.

Truecaller Integration

Boost your corporate branding and call pick-up rates with Truecaller integration on every agent number.

CRM Connect

Use our pre-built integrations to integrate remote calls with major CRMs such as Zoho or your proprietary CRM to accelerate sales cycles.

Number Masking Solutions

Protect customer privacy with number-masking solutions deployed.

VoIP-Led Contact Centers To Scale User Engagement

VoIP-Led Contact Centers To Scale User Engagement

Cloud Contact Center

Set up VOIP-enabled cloud call centers to handle all customer queries. A customer/agent can accept or make a call from anywhere, anytime.

Auto-dialing and Multi-level IVR

Scale both incoming and outgoing calls with multi-level IVR, toll-free number, progressive dialing.

WhatsApp Chatbots

Scale customer support with automated WhatsApp bots configurable for your business. Integrate with voice for omni-channel experience.

AI-powered Analytics

Generate customized reports with speech recognition, sentiment analysis and detailed performance reports

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

WhatsApp marketing

Get your WhatsApp account verified with a green tick. Schedule and run high conversion campaigns with real-time reports.

Missed Call Solutions

Track all missed calls when you’re away. Get instant queries from dealers or customers or deliver updates, without charging them a penny.

SMS/ Outbound Campaigns

Convert leads into sales with SMS and call-blast campaigns tailored for logistics/manufacturing businesses.

Virtual Numbers

Run multiple marketing campaigns by assigning different numbers and tracking individual ROI.

Customer Speaks


MyOperator has helped us understand the call volume and track maximum callers enhancing our customer support services. The call log and recording systems are helping us in monitoring the quality and efficiency.

- V-Trans

Atomberg technologies

With MyOperator’s dashboard, we are able to monitor and track calls’ ratio and agent performance on single click. With a report feature, we are able to plan manpower as per call flow timings. Really I wish to recommend this setup to all those who are still running a calling profile with a traditional setup.

- Atomberg technologies

Berger Paints

Incorporating MyOperator’s comprehensive, cohesive technology has definitely eased our daily operations. We intend to make this into a long term association and keep upgrading our backend processes.

- Berger Paints

Success Stories

How V-Trans scaled customer retention by 65%

How V-Trans scaled customer retention by 65%

Before MyOperator, V-Trans used a traditional Toll-Free number with an EPABX attached to run their business. MyOperator helped them have a complete communication management system that included a virtual phone number along with an IVR which empowered them to overcome their challenges.

This integration helped V trans achieve:

A 65% higher retention in saving missed calls from customers.

Lower customer churn rate due to an upgraded mode of customer communication.

A 3X increase in on-call deal closures

How Manufacturing Leader, Atomberg technologies Scaled Customer Orders with MyOperator Multi-level IVR Platform

How Manufacturing Leader, Atomberg technologies Scaled Customer Orders with MyOperator Multi-level IVR Platform

Before switching to MyOperator, Atomberg technologies were using a traditional PBX system as their mode of customer communication. MyOperator provided Atomberg technologies with a full-fledged setup comprising: A centralized virtual number for their multiple departments/branches which included an IVR to route their calls to the agents’ phone numbers.

This integration helped Atomberg to:

Manage high volumes of incoming orders by routing to right department

Getting real-time updated reports of their customer calls helped the agents to monitor and follow-up on missed calls.

Eliminate the dependency on unavailable landline systems.

Witness a 67% increase in their customer orders on call.

How Berger Paints Streamlined their On Call Voting Process with MyOperator Intelligent IVR

How Berger Paints Streamlined their On-Call Voting Process

Berger Paints is one of the leading paint manufacturers in India. Besides offering high-quality products, they are also well-known for the "Berger Priyo Pujo," which is held every Durga Puja since 2013. Each citizen is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Pujo or Pandal in this unique competition that spotlights the "Para Pujos" of Kolkata.

MyOperator provided them with a virtual phone number that was used for both registration and voting. An IVR was deployed for automatic interaction with the callers.

This integration helped Berger paints to:

All the call-related activities including caller details, call timings, and votes automatically sync with the google sheet.

Seamless on-call voting process, eliminating the manual intervention to manage the high volume of calls and votes.

Ready to Boost Your Customer Interactions with MyOperator?

The Complete IVR and Call Management Features For Fast Growing Logistics and Manufacturing Businesses

Single business number

Get a single branded virtual or toll-free number for yourLogistics/manufacturing business.

Multilingual IVR

Welcome callers in the language they speak. Localize your IVR prompts with our muti-language support.

Call Recording

All conversations are automatically recorded in your user panel. Access any time for quality or training purposes.

IVR + SMS + WhatsApp

Deliver omni channel communication. Automatically send SMS/ WhatsApp notification after every call to deepen customer engagement. Deliver support over voice + WhatsApp.

CRM Integration

Easily integrates with all major CRMs for seamless order management and customer engagement.

Truecaller Integration

Sync with Truecaller to provide you with verified calling and higher pick-up rates.

Smart Automation

Automate and enhance customer service, status checks, and more to increase efficiency.

24x7 Support

Get dedicated support whenever you hit a snag or have any queries using our IVR software.

Live Analytics and Reports

Get real-time call performance report to manage your sales and customer support teams better.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer ongoing calls to the respective department/dealer without disconnecting to enhance your callers’ experience.

VoIP Enabled

Upgrade to VOIP-enabled cloud call center for seamless customer interactions from any location, at any time, providing enhanced flexibility for both customers and agents.

Smart Mobility

Ensure uninterrupted customer service, increased agent productivity, and faster query resolutions. Ideal for any office setup - Remotely or in-office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud contact center, and how does it benefit the manufacturing and logistics industry?
A cloud contact center is a digital solution that enables businesses in the manufacturing and logistics industry to handle customer interactions efficiently through one integrated platform. It benefits the industry by providing flexibility, scalability, cost savings, and streamlined operations.
A cloud contact center improves customer service by enabling seamless communication, efficient call routing, automated workflows, and access to real-time information. It enhances customer satisfaction through personalized interactions and faster query resolution.
Key features include omnichannel communication, intelligent call routing, real-time visibility into order and inventory status, integration with CRM and ERP systems, workforce management tools, analytics and reporting capabilities, and support for multilingual interactions.
Yes, a cloud contact center can integrate with existing CRM systems. This integration allows agents to access customer information, order history, and interaction data, providing a comprehensive view of the customer and enabling personalized interactions.
A cloud contact center offers features like automatic call distribution, intelligent IVR systems, virtual queuing, and outbound dialing. These features ensure efficient call handling, reduced wait times, and optimal resource utilization during peak seasons.
Absolutely. Data protection and security is our utmost priority. MyOperator is in compliance with the requirements of Information Security Management System ISO/EIC 27001:2013.
  • It greets your callers with a professional voice greeting and allows them to connect directly with their concerned branch/agent based on their selection in the IVR menu. Overall, it improves the caller experience and speeds up on-call resolution.
  • You can connect a call between the customers and the dealers using a click-to-call widget directly from a website or an app.
  • You can also track your Logistics/Manufacturing business call center activities in real-time with our real-time reports and dashboards.
  • With IVR you can Integrate your service with CRM and get a unified and holistic view of the customer data.
  • The Call Back feature is also available.
  • Get immediate customer feedback without spending any money.
MyOperator offers flexible pricing starting as low as rs 799 per month to manage your calls. If you are a Logistics/Manufacturing start-up, you can also apply for our start-up credits of up to Rs 50000.
MyOperator gives a number of campaign management options including SMS, Call-blasts, Missed call dialing and Whatsapp to run campaigns on your opt-in base.
Basic set-up costs are included. Chatbot set-up costs can be extra based on complexity.
You can reach us at 9212992129 or by email at You can also sign up for a free trial here and we'll call you back.
MyOperator cloud call center solution services start at INR 1249 per month. For more information on cloud call center solution prices, please check the call center pricing page.
The entire set up of the Cloud Contact Center is done online and takes only a few minutes to complete. To set up a Cloud Contact Center for your business, you can sign up online or call the MyOperator support team at +91 92129 92129.

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