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Step-by-Step Guide to Use WhatsApp Business Numbers for Promotions

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Do you wish to offer a fresh approach to promoting your brand and services?  Is there a creative way to promote your business using a virtual phone number for WhatsApp? Can WhatsApp business number assist you in broad marketing your product without a physical address? In short, the answer is a big YES!

With over 2 billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is without a doubt the most widely used messaging service in the world.

WhatsApp just launched WhatsApp Business number, which is more significant for your company considering that it already has more than three million daily users.

How Do Virtual Numbers For Business Whatsapp Number Work?

Incoming calls are forwarded to the user’s actual phone numbers via a virtual phone number, which is a number that the system generates.

In IP telephony, virtual numbers are frequently used for call-forwarding applications or to enable long-distance services without paying long-distance fees.

With the help of the virtual number for WhatsApp, a user can call an IP telephony user in a different area code while on a local call. What is the process for using a virtual number for WhatsApp?

When a VoIP consumer requests that a virtual phone number be assigned with a certain area code, the service provider responds according to a protocol known as VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

Therefore, if a caller dials that virtual number in that postcode, it is recorded as a local call but instead forwards it to the customer’s regular phone number.

The service provider imposes a few minor fees for each virtual number for WhatsApp in order to obtain it. You can choose what to do with incoming calls and messages on your business WhatsApp virtual number, which is a flexible number. It is also known as direct inward dialing, and because the routes are not connected to a single line, you have complete control over them.

A Virtual Phone Number For Whatsapp Business Contact Number Functions Just Like A Regular One:

Although a virtual number for WhatsApp can act like a regular phone number, you are ultimately in control of what happens afterward.

The user can choose whether to route incoming calls from other users to a landline or a mobile number when they dial the virtual number.

The following activities are possible with a virtual number for WhatsApp.

  • One can send an SMS to your mobile phone or email address using a virtual number.
  • You can connect a voicemail and have a transcript sent to you using speech recognition.
  • Conduct automated mobile surveys utilizing your preferred channels, such as SMS, Voice IVR System, or WhatsApp bulk message.
  • To put it another way, the virtual number for WhatsApp business number eliminates the need for a physical connection to a place or phone and limits the full power of the internet.

We need to have some extremely flexible or advanced approaches nowadays.

Why? Well, to enable individuals to recognise the efficient and user-friendly method of sending promotional and transactional messages in bulk using the virtual number for WhatsApp. Are you wondering, “How to get a WhatsApp Buisness Number” keep reading you will get what you are looking for.

Business Promotions: Ways To Use Virtual Number For Whatsapp

Having a virtual number for business promotions through WhatsApp allows you to contact anyone in the world at any time using almost any internet-connected device. Hence, it is understandable why online phone numbers are growing in popularity.

Since so many business people are deeply concerned about privacy, virtual numbers for business WhatsApp contact numbers offer a variety of communication options as well as an additional layer of confidentiality.

How To Begin/ How Do I Get A Whatsapp Business Number

To start using a virtual number for WhatsApp promotions, businesses first need to sign up for a virtual phone number provider.

These providers offer virtual phone numbers for a variety of countries and regions, so businesses can choose the number that best suits their target audience.

Once they have a virtual phone number, businesses can set up their WhatsApp account by connecting it to the virtual number.

5 Step Procedure to obtain a virtual number for WhatsApp to promote your business

Let’s address the most curious question, “How can I get a WhatsApp business number/virtual phone number?” Simply follow these steps to get WhatsApp business number:

1. Select The Company That Will Offer You A Virtual Whatsapp Business Number

A lot of businesses on the market offer a WhatsApp business contact number or marketing solution employing virtual mobile number. Select the strategy that better serves your requirements in both your personal and professional life. Also, check that it falls within your budget.

2. Choose The Nation Or Area Code

One of the best aspects of a virtual number for WhatsApp is the ability to have a number from any country from anywhere. Select the country that most interests your business.

3. Select A Phone Number Type

There are numerous types of phone numbers (local, mobile, toll free number, and national). The majority of the time, users need a mobile or landline phone number to activate their WhatsApp accounts. Get the WhatsApp business number or model that is ideal for your business.

4. Pick Your Plan And Subscription

Platforms offer pay-as-you-go services for using virtual phone numbers in addition to monthly or yearly subscriptions. The alternative that feels the least expensive to you should be chosen and pursued.

5. Get your WhatsApp virtual number

Use a VISA, MasterCard, PayPal account, or another payment method to pay in full for the purchase online. You can use the number after the transaction is successful.

Businesses can start messaging potential consumers on WhatsApp business number as soon as they set up the virtual phone number.

These communications may contain special offers, deals, or other promotional content. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the company WhatsApp number has some restrictions on the number of messages that may be sent each day.

Therefore enterprises should consider these limitations before developing their messaging strategies.

The legal and regulatory context must also be taken into account while using virtual numbers for WhatsApp promotions.

Before beginning a WhatsApp marketing campaign, businesses should familiarise themselves with these rules because WhatsApp is governed by many local laws and regulations.

Pros Of Utilizing A Virtual Phone Number For Your Business Promotions Through WhatsApp Business Number

MyOperator whatsapp business

a) Wider Reach

Businesses may reach a wider audience by employing virtual numbers for WhatsApp marketing, which is one of their key advantages.

With more than 2 billion active users globally, WhatsApp is a well-known messaging service that makes it easy for companies to connect with potential clients.

Businesses can send WhatsApp messages to people in other countries or areas even if they don’t have a real presence there by using a virtual phone number.

b) Better Customer Service

For clients to quickly reach the right person, you can set up automated call routing software, voicemail, and call forwarding utilizing virtual phone lines.

c) Cost Savings

The virtual number for business WhatsApp contact number can be more affordable than regular landlines or mobile numbers. They frequently include extra services like company call recording and analytics that can help you better your marketing efforts.

d) Flexibility

Businesses benefit greatly from the flexibility offered by virtual phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers can be used for both incoming and outbound communications, enabling businesses to engage with both current and potential clients. When integrated with the WhatsApp API, these virtual numbers become even more powerful tools.

As a result, it is simpler for businesses to develop relationships with clients and establish two-way communication channels with them.

e) Better Analytics And Tracking

With virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp, you can monitor statistics like call volume, call duration, and conversion rates to better understand your marketing initiatives and tailor your approach as necessary.

f) Branding

Having a local virtual phone number can make your company appear more trustworthy, credible, and local to customers.

How To Use MyOperator’s Virtual Number For WhatsApp To Combat Scammers?

Earlier, Truecaller recorded 29.7 billion spam calls and 8.5 billion spam SMS for its 150 million monthly active users in India, ranking it as one of the top ten spam-hit nations in the world.

India’s leading cloud communications provider, MyOperator, is addressing the issue’s root cause by giving customers a backup 10-digit SIM-free mobile number that can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

In order to sign up for these services, customers can utilise this app-based virtual number rather than their actual phone number. This safeguards not only their online identity but also their right to privacy.

Businesses can have a unique digital identity with the help of MyOperator’s virtual number for WhatsApp.

By giving users a layer of anonymity and safety, it can be utilized to combat spam and scams.

If a fraudster or spammer receives the virtual number, they cannot use it to obtain personal data or harm because it is not linked to a specific individual or thing.

There are several ways to use MyOperator virtual numbers for WhatsApp business number to combat such spam:

Call masking:

Users of MyOperator virtual numbers can place and receive calls using a virtual number rather than their own mobile number, a process known as call masking. By helping to conceal the user’s real phone number, spammers and scammers will have a harder time obtaining it.

Call Forwarding: 

It enables MyOperator virtual numbers to route incoming calls to another number, such as a mobile phone or virtual call center software. This helps consumers to filter calls and steer clear of any spam or fraud.

Call Blocking:

 MyOperator virtual numbers for WhatsApp provide call-blocking features that let customers stop calls from undesired numbers, such as scammers from reaching them.

Call recording: 

This feature of MyOperator virtual numbers can be used to confirm and identify the origin of spam or phishing calls.

All things considered, the MyOperator WhatsApp business number gives consumers a variety of tools and capabilities to combat spam and fraud, making it simpler to safeguard sensitive data and remain truly secure.

Integration of Truecaller and MyOperator: A Power-packed pair to address spam calls

For both individuals and enterprises, spam calls are a huge concern since they disrupt routines and take up important time. The great news is, the integration of Truecaller and MyOperator provides a thorough solution to this issue.

The well-known caller identification app, Truecaller enables users to recognise unknown callers and ban spam calls and texts.

The platform keeps a continuously updated database of spammers using data collected from the public, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, MyOperator offers a cloud-based contact centre solution that works with Truecaller to automatically prevent and filter spam calls.

By minimising the disturbance caused by spam calls, this integration enables organisations to concentrate on their core operations.

Both Truecaller and MyOperator are assisting in the development of a more secure and effective communication environment for both users and enterprises by merging the strengths of both technologies.

Some of the main advantages of this effective integration include:

Better Productivity

Businesses may protect their workforce from unwanted calls by automatically filtering and banning spam calls. This enhances the user experience overall, boosts productivity, and lowers costs.

Improved Security

Truecaller and MyOperator assist in guarding against spam’s negative effects, including the danger of fraud and identity theft. For both individuals and enterprises, this creates a more secure and effective communication system.

Comprehensive Solution

The integration of Truecaller and MyOperator offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of spam calls by combining advanced technologies and cloud call center solutions such as advanced identity protection, detailed reports and insights, determining call reason, etc. into one powerful platform.

To sum up, a virtual phone number for WhatsApp can be an effective marketing strategy for companies wishing to promote their offerings and services on WhatsApp.

They provide a significant amount of flexibility, enabling firms to reach a wider audience and establish channels of two-way engagement with customers.

A virtual phone number can be a fantastic way to connect and engage with potential customers through WhatsApp with a sound plan and by adhering to the legal framework.

Whether you’re interested in business collaborations, startup programs, or just looking to enhance your business communication, reach us at

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