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7 Steps to Remarketing that will get you more Business!

MyOperator / Blog / 7 Steps to Remarketing that will get you more Business!

When marketing ends, that is when remarketing starts. You must have read several articles which state that “Remarketing is a means to retarget those potential leads who showed interest in your service sometime back in the past”. Is it just that?

If I have to redefine the remarketing process it can be defined as “the modifications done in your product or marketing strategies; followed by other means to keep a track of all the customers who come and go”.

The process of remarketing can bring a lot of business to an organization and it is this process with which you can retain your existing customers. In fact, it is something which provides you with an opportunity to develop your product or resell it to the target audience thereby increasing the profit margin of your organization. Additionally, remarketing has the power to engage your customers, hence creating brand awareness.

Just before you pick the best methods for remarketing, you need to know the basic steps to start your remarketing process. This article is an attempt to explain the initial steps by which you should start the procedure.

Here you go with the 7 steps to reconnect…

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#1. Record and track the customer conversations

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do if you want to retarget your customers. All the conversations which you have with your customers, in the form of emails or calls, should have a record and the customer calls you get, must be recorded. This is an important step in the sense, when you talk to customers, these feedbacks aren’t assumptions but are real time “talking” which may make a difference in the decisions you take.

Customer conversations are full of insights and help you to understand the market and the requirements. Therefore, listen to them so as to come up with the modifications required and retarget. You will be able to give them what they require!

#2. Track your team performance

By tracking team performance what I mean is that you should keep a record of the customer interactions your employees have with your clients. It is another aspect to start with remarketing. How?

Sometimes, the people working within your organization are unaware of the fact that the way they are pitching the product to the customers, is wrong. Therefore, you need to track your team and their interactions. This will help you know what kind of conversations are working well for your customers, so that you can apply the same techniques while reaching back to them and ask your employees to develop on the same to increase conversions.

#3. Increase the Customer Database

Make your customer database as wide as possible. This increases the possible ways in which you can connect to your customers, again and again. Make your marketing strategies so strong and choose the channels so effectively, that whomsoever you target shows interest in your product for once, no matter if they fail to convert. The bigger idea is that you need their contact point (remember you want to re-target).

When you have enough of the database, you can now reach back to them executing the necessary changes in your Ad campaigns. This is because the more you have on the database, there will be more customers to re-target, thereby minimizing the cost of your remarketing campaigns.

#4. Reduce the waiting time

This part is important if you are planning to bring back your old customers. Make sure that the time gap between your marketing and remarketing campaigns is less.

For example, if you start your marketing campaign today, make sure you start with your remarketing process exactly a month later. This will engage your customers with your products and the chances of getting them back would be higher.

Customers have a lot of options in the market and you don’t want them to forget you. Do you? Start your remarketing campaigns at the earliest so that they can remember you, even if they don’t choose your service. Brand recalling is as important as conversions and remarketing improves the Brand recall. If they don’t know you, they won’t trust you and this can be achieved when you increase the frequency of your remarketing campaigns.  

#5. Construct real-time reports

Whatever activities you perform to promote your business, it is important to create a report about the conversions and the ones who showed some interest but failed to convert. This list will serve as your remarketing database.

A continuous process of creating such reports will help you succeed in expanding your conversion rates and at the same time maintain the marketing reports. Such reports help you to set new monthly targets and polish your marketing skills. Also, the growth hacking process will become much easier with these reports. Create monthly reports for comparison so that you come up with better strategies to re-target your customers.

#6. Identify the correct channels

Just as you choose the correct marketing channels for your promotional activities, remarketing also needs a proper investigation as to what channels are to be selected in order to reach out to the customers.

If you have tried social media for your marketing campaigns, try some other method for your remarketing campaigns. Bring in more variations to increase the reach and expand the possibilities of growing the conversions.

#7. Use SMS as Remarketing

After you have done the above 6 steps, now is the time to re-target your audience. Don’t start with a promotional call but in fact, send your customers weekly promotional SMS’s informing them about the new changes in your product, discount offers or about the new products you have launched.

SMS Remarketing is a new way to target the old audience and also this creates engagement. It is also useful in identifying the wrong audience, thereby making your remarketing activities effective.

Remarketing is a serious business and therefore, it is necessary for you to know how you should start with it and hence, start from the basics. Reconnect and keep targeting!

This article was first published on tweakyourbiz.

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