What is Cloud Telephony & 12 reasons ‘Why Cloud Telephony?’

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Before diving into the nitty-gritty of cloud telephony, let me tell you why is it important for you to know about cloud telephony and implement it for your business at the earliest.

Let’s begin with a question. What do you do to overpower or beat your business competitors?

You build a strategy or a USP that your competitors can’t imitate.

Now, the next step. How do you make your strategy feasible, efficient, and cost-effective? Though I’d really like to know your answer, I’ll share an unveiled secret.

Automation is the key.

Despite I won’t go deep into automation, I’d like to share a few indispensable benefits that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

It helps keep the team on the same page, makes processes more transparent, reduces time and effort required for any task, saves the cost of manual labor, brings in more profits by minimizing lost leads, and enhances the productivity of employees.

Managing business calls is one such business operation that requires undivided human attention and a dedicated workforce.

Cloud telephony serves as a tool for the automation of business phone systems. It eliminates the need for a receptionist or manual handling of business calls.

The sooner you automate, the greater the advantage you have over your competitors and the greater the benefits you reap. The same is the case with cloud telephony.

Now, let’s go into the details of cloud telephony.

What is Cloud Telephony?


Cloud telephony, also referred to as hosted telephony, is a technology that takes your telephone system to the cloud. Unlike traditional PBX, Virtual EPABX systems can be set up at zero infrastructural cost and zero CAPEX.

There are innumerable benefits that cloud telephony offers over conventional PBX systems, which I’ll reveal further. But, before that let’s have a look at various cloud telephony products that businesses use to efficiently manage their calls.

Cloud Telephony products What is it?
Virtual number A 10 digit business phone number, at the back of which multiple phone numbers can be mapped.
Toll-free number A virtual number that lets your callers call you for free.
Interactive Voice Response IVR interacts with your callers via DTMF keypad tones and voice, and routes calls as per caller’s requirement.
Distributed Call Centre Manage all your call centres from a single centralized location, on cloud.
Bulk SMS It enables you to send large number of text messages to different recipients at once.

Why cloud telephony? 12 reasons to adopt it right away.

If you’re still not using cloud telephony or not realizing its full potential, trust me, you’re lagging behind your competitors, and losing out on a lot of business profits.

Switching to cloud telephony is much easier and more economical than maintaining your old PBX system.

Want to know how cloud telephony can take your business one notch up? Here you go.

Keep your business awake while you sleep

Business means passion; the passion to expand your business and earn profits round the clock. Cloud telephony can make your dream ‘earn while you sleep’ come true.

An IVR helps you attend all your business calls 24*7. No matter which time zone your customers are calling from, all their calls will be answered. Inquiries after office hours will be routed to the agent who has been assigned to attend calls for that particular time duration. Even if your agent is taking a nap, your voicemail will work on his behalf by recording the callers’ messages.

Now, do you really need a phone system that sleeps after you leave the office? Of course NOT.

Every missed call is a missed business opportunity.

Expand your business territory with a single 10-digit number

Do you want to confuse your customers with different contact numbers for different locations? Why not let a single business number fulfill the needs of all your callers?

A Virtual Number lets you map several other business numbers at the back of one number. And callers can easily choose the location, language, or other specific requirements when calling on your business number. This will connect them to the agent working in that particular location or holding expertise in the chosen language.

Don’t let the location or language come in the way of your business profits.

Keep your identity uniform while you expand your wings.

Give rest to your receptionist, let IVR do the job

Has it ever happened that your receptionist is on a leave and your call management goes haywire? Well, here’s a solution.

An IVR acts as a virtual receptionist and routes your business calls efficiently and instantly to the concerned department or agent as per callers’ requirements. Also, high call volume never interferes with its efficiency. So, even if it’s your peak season, your business can ensure the best customer experience.

Added perk: An IVR never gets angry at your customers. It doesn’t get mood swings, unlike your human receptionist. :p

Leave your callers smiling even at the busiest peak times.

Happy customers are your free advertisers.

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Don’t confine your agents to the four walls. Set them free!

In this wireless world of mobile phones, do you really want your agent to stick to wired landline phones, just because it’s a business call, or just because they are doing a job?

Cloud-based IVR helps you route all your business calls to the concerned agents directly on their mobile phones irrespective of their geographical location. This doesn’t mean you’re losing track of their performance or availability. Cloud telephony helps you keep everything in place.

Unchain your agents and let them do their job in comfort.

Happy employees >>> better productivity >>> more business profits.

Ensure that your next marketing budget proves its worth

Do you rely on your marketers blindly while you allocate your marketing budget? Don’t. Measuring the ROI of your marketing campaigns is equally important as other business operations.   And now you’ve got an easy way out.

You can assign unique virtual numbers to each individual ad campaign and track the ad campaign that brings you more calls, hence more leads, and more business. And to fetch this information you just need a few clicks. Next time, allocate more budget on your best-performing campaign.

Don’t beat around the bush when you’ve got data right before your eyes.

Data-based decisions give the best outcomes.

Mark your global footprint with a virtual identity

Planning to expand global but haven’t managed funds for a new office location yet? Not an issue anymore. Expand globally with a virtual number.

Your international customers can call you on your virtual number and calls will further be routed to employees assigned to that particular country. It will also help you understand the buyer persona and capacity of that foreign market before you actually invest more. It’s just a little investment with much better returns; a win-win game for businesses.

Build your brand even before you physically arrive there.

Make your virtual presence overpower your competitors’ physical availability.

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Let your customer-agent relation be confined to business. Mask their identities

Are your agents or customers worried about revealing their identities for the sake of their jobs? Don’t let someone’s privacy come in the way of your business profits.

The call masking feature masks all the incoming and outgoing business calls. This means that the agent cannot see the customer’s number in case of an incoming call, and the customer can’t see the agents’ number in case of outgoing calls. A temporary disposable number appears at the place of the actual number.

Leave your agents and customers unbothered after their job is over. Let privacy be one of your foremost business concerns.

Privacy builds trust, and trust builds business.

Don’t hang on top of your agents while they’re on call. Monitor from a distance

Your calls represent your business, your brand. And you must monitor the impression your brand leaves on your callers.

Call recording helps you do so. It records all your customer-agent conversations which you can hear anytime, anywhere. So, listen to the call recordings of your agents, monitor the way they talk to your customers, and exemplify the best recordings for training purposes.

This will let your business keep all on-call conversations uniform irrespective of the agent speaking to your customers. Not only this, in case any dispute arises between your customer and agent, call recording can work as evidence.

Isn’t call recording an amazing tool to keep your agents happy and monitored simultaneously?

Judge your agents’ performance based on their call recordings, not just the working hours.

Make your customers feel special even during your busy hours

Your representatives have got a lot of calls to handle. So, don’t leave them struggling to gather customers’ details while the caller is waiting on the call.

Whenever a customer calls you, CRM integration helps you display the customer’s detailed information in a single window, which includes the customer’s previous queries, tickets raised, chat transcripts, call logs, or any other event that took place.

This will not only help your agent give a personalized experience to your customers but also reduce callers’ waiting time significantly.

A good customer experience defines your business. It’s as important as developing a quality product.

And never forget, a satisfied customer is a customer for life.

Keep your customers informed, don’t let them forget you

Whether it’s a new product feature, a flash sale, or some special seasonal discounts, inform your customers as soon as it’s launched.

The bulk SMS feature helps you send a message to multiple recipients with a single click. And the best part is, it does not require a smartphone or an internet connection to get the message delivered. It’s one of those modes of communication that assures the highest reachability with minimum effort.

This feature is also used to facilitate transactions, such as sending OTP, order confirmation, messages, etc.

No matter how traditional or old SMS communication gets, it still has an edge over email or any other medium.

Conventional is not always inefficient, it’s just forgotten.

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Flash your product till the prospects end up being your customers

Couldn’t convince your callers in the first go? Or wasn’t that the right time when you initiated your sales pitch? Whatever be the reason, it isn’t justified to let go of your prospects forever, just after trying once.

Remarketing provides you with a platform to keep your callers engaged. With the help of an automatically generated callers database, you can advertise or promote your product to the callers through bulk SMS or Facebook advertisements.

Shoot your product ads to reach callers’ eyes and convert them into customers.

A prospect is lost only when you let them drift away.

Know your ‘business calls’ just like you know your business profits

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You don’t just have to count your profits, you have to manage and monitor many other business operations as well. And not knowing enough of ‘what brings and converts your leads’ can alienate you from your own business.

Wondering what am I talking about? Your ‘Business Calls’. Business calls provide you insights into your exact buyer persona. And it’s important to know the people for whom you’re building your product.

Analytical reports provide you a window to see and know your customers right from your office desk. It gives you information about callers’ demographics, their geographical location, peak call hours, number of missed and received calls, daily call traffic, etc.

In less than half an hour, you get to know not just your callers, but also agents’ performance and the business profits you might be missing.

Don’t just see your earned revenues, also know what you’re missing on.




Summing up:

Now, there are numerous cloud telephony features that you know of. And you also realize the need to implement these before opportunity cost exceeds your profits.

So, I’m giving below a comprehensive list of all the features that you might have forgotten to pen down.

Cloud Telephony features How it helps you business
Call Tracking Track ROI of your marketing campaigns, and agents’ performance
Call Recording Monitor your calls. Train new agents.
Call Masking Ensure customers’ and agents’ privacy.
Analytical reports Analyze every single aspect of your business calls
Automated database Get database of all your callers automatically in a single window.
24*7 availability Answer customers’ call round the clock.
Virtual receptionist Interact with your callers and routes all business calls automatically.
Remarketing Remarket your product to the prospects through facebook advertisements and SMS marketing.

Now, the decision is yours, if you want to spend on manualation and redundancy, or invest in automation and efficiency.

Cloud Telephony is just a step away.


Get started with cloud telephony




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