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5 Must have sales tools for the sales team

Sales tools
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If you are a sales manager, you’ll agree that life was so much better before the pandemic. Working from office, streamlined processes, face-to-face meetings, easy coordination and better team management. Cut to the present. Working from home, all messed up, doing sales only via calls, dipping revenue, poor team management and worse coordination. Since the pandemic hit the world, most companies decided to work from home and are still at it but even if you are working from home, you need to be equally productive as you were in the office. So here are 5 tools that will help you and your sales team to drive sales and improve productivity.

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1. Pipedrive for CRM

A CRM is a must-have tool for any business that wants to improve its sales process. It was relevant during office-going days and more so in the remote setting. Pipedrive is a good CRM software and its features like a kanban view of the sales pipeline, mandatory activity scheduling for every deal, activity list view with custom filters, email integrations are the reasons to recommend it to others. We also recommend that you follow us on all social media platforms if you like the video.

2. Kissflow for Ticket Management Software

Dependency of team members and departments on one another exists in all companies and can be a challenge in a work-from-home setup. Ticket management softwares allows you to streamline the interdependence of your employees as people can create tickets for others when they need some work done from them. By the first-hand experience, we can recommend Kissflow for the job as it has helped us manage our service activation process, manager approvals and other dependencies with great ease.

3. MyOperator for Business Call Management

In a remote setup, sales teams are contacting clients by making calls through their mobile phones. This means no call tracing, no call recording and worst of all, personal numbers of sales agents going to the customer. A call management system such as MyOperator can alleviate these problems for you. Easy-to-use interface, cloud call center solution, customizable IVR solution, live call tracking and call recording for all the calls are standard features of MyOperator. Moreover, using our Dialer App your sales guys can even call clients without revealing their personal numbers. There is a link in the description for a 3 Days Free Demo of our services if you wanna try it out.

4. Mailtrack/ for Email Tracking Tool

Have you ever been in the dark about your client opening your email or not? Or about them opening the payment link you had sent? Well if you are a salesperson, it’s safe to assume that you have been there some time or the other. What you need to do is to get an email tracker for your mailbox. Mailtrack and are two great tools that we can recommend for this role as they allow you to see if your email has been opened or not, if opened then how many times and if the links you sent were clicked. That’s cool, isn’t it?

5. Time Doctor for Time Tracking

One of the major challenges in the WFH setup is tracking the work hours of your employees and this is true for all teams. In the sales team, this is a bigger challenge as many salespersons tend to walk away from their laptop while taking calls and can stay away for several minutes. Time Doctor is a nice tool that not only tracks time but can also tell you about the apps & websites your employees use. This time tracker tool takes a periodic screenshot of their screens and gives a reminder when the system is idle for too long.

So these were the top 5 tools that we recommend for improving the management or productivity of Sales Teams who are functioning remotely. Business tools play a significant role when it comes to enhancing productivity. You and your team can use these tools and see a notable difference in sales and the team’s productivity

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