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What the world would be like if ‘calls’ become extinct

MyOperator / Blog / What the world would be like if ‘calls’ become extinct

According to a survey conducted by Daily Mail, an average mobile phone user looks at his phone a staggering 150 times a day & makes and receives around 6 phone calls in total to the least.

Businesses all around the world make their best effort to attain 100% customer satisfaction and one of the key ingredients in that dish is communication. In such a landscape, can you imagine a world without distance voice communication? I personally can’t, given how frantic our lives are and the businesses we revolve around.

Even though it seems like a utopia-shattering occurrence, let us try and imagine what the business world would be like if phone calls didn’t exist in the form of its disastrous repercussions.

Here are some quick impacts:

  1. Loss of Instantaneous Client Reach
    You’re a business service provider and your client is experiencing troubleshooting problems or emergency failures for which he requires an instant solution. Do text messaging, e-mailing or sending letters seem fast enough to you? The answer is NO! In a nutshell, the horizon of your client domain is anything but widened as you won’t be able to cater to your clients when they need you the most.

  2. Surrender to Obsolete Mediums for Business Communication
    In a call-less world, all you have left is access to text messaging, e-mailing, letter posting, etc. All these are comparatively impersonal modes of communication which wouldn’t necessarily retain your existing clients, let alone attracting new clients per se!

  3. Customer Service would no Longer be Deemed “Service”
    The USP of almost all companies around the world is “24*7 Free Customer Service” would no longer be breathing as companies won’t be able to serve their clientele in the appropriate ways even if they want to.
    You’d be stuck in an infinite loop when it comes to connecting with your clients as spontaneity would be taken away from you.

  4. The Era of International Businesses Would Become History
    Today, if the personnel of an MNC are in touch with you, the odds of you transforming from a lead to a client are pretty good. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but you would no longer be able to enjoy such overseas services as businesses won’t come with the tag “international” anymore.What makes them international is their outreach, which will become circumstantial, once calling becomes impossible.

  5. Black Spot On Your Company’s Face-Value
    The phrase says it all! The inherent value of your organization/business would degrade significantly as clients would start moving away, which obviously is a direct implication if the process of calling is no more.

  6. Sheer Market Collapse
    After all that has been said and done, it is quite evident that this boom would ultimately lead to a worldwide market collapse. Stocks would go down, currency values will fall , industries will die, and what not!


This phenomenon, if at all it occurs, has the capability to trigger a universal business dark-age. In a nutshell, your business would be left with no one to serve even though there are 7 billion people around you. So while we still have ‘calls’ to manage our business, let’s manage them professionally!

Every business call brings its value in terms of urgency, intent, need and clarification. You can measure the weight of words by their tone. It’s easier to convey your message by tuning in your customers. That’s why a product like MyOperator is an essential ingredient to have complete control over all the calls within your business.

Here’s your one click to call management.

This article is contributed by Tushar Walia.

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