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Bring your startup and growth together with MyOperator for Startups

India is recognized as the third largest growing startup base in the world after China and US. Though, majority startups have to forego a lot of necessities viz. basic CRM solutions, startup-friendly automation tools, and universally used resources due to low paying capacity.

To help startups build a stronger foundation in their early stage, we have created MyOperator for Startups, a program that makes startups reap the benefits of cloud telephony, for free. In the program, MyOperator will cover 100% solution cost for the first six months of usage. Alongside, startups will be treated with personal training and 24*7 support to get them up and running.

MyOperator for Startups is built on the idea to help startups realize the importance of calls as a mode of communication. And, enable them to be up and ready for enquiry, prospect or customer calls real-time considering the paucity of patience in callers.

Regarding the launch, MyOperator founder and CEO Ankit Jain said, “cloud telephony is to strengthen the communication between businesses and customers, hence amplify comprehensive growth. We’ve lived the life of an early stage startup and managed without basic survival requisites. Thus, we’re passionate about helping other startups grow at a fast rate by leveraging call communication and MyOperator. And this program will enable startups to yield results for the efforts they make in order to build, grow, and survive each day.”

Get access to resources which are right for you.

MyOperator for Startups gives features, new & existing, categorized and based on the areas of expertise startups need most:

Virtual Number is a number with no physical existence through which entrepreneurs, teams, and agents handle multiple calls simultaneously; prevent abandonment of heavy call traffic; and reduce customer churns happening over calls.

The purpose is to help startups optimize each opportunity they receive in the form of a customer or prospect phone call and always give them a chance to convert before leaving.

Interactive Voice Response is a telephonic menu system that enables identification, segmentation, and escorting of callers to the right department or an individual within the team. It’s a clever communication tool for startups who are devoted to staying 24*7 up for customers and showcasing themselves as a big brand.

The purpose is to make startups forecast which call is coming in with what motive and for whom, act professionally by giving real-time resolutions to callers, and win more on-call conversions.

CRM Integration is an open window where multiple utility platforms come together to join, sync, and work in collaboration with MyOperator. Entrepreneurs and individual within the teams use integrations to ease down work operation and incur greater productivity.

The purpose is to give startups the power to go beyond their bandwidth and extract more out of less manpower.

The given solutions are better done than said when deployed and optimized for visible, measurable results.

Scale as your startup grows.

The program provides startups a dedicated account manager supporting them at every point they face an iota of doubt. Or, in case of challenges in adapting, starting, and get running with MyOperator as their cloud telephony partner during the relationship-building phase. The program also gives startups exclusive referral benefits for every referral or fellow startup who joins MyOperator for Startups.  

Startup eligibility checklist.

Few requisites for startups to cross the eligibility path and move forward towards success.

  • Registration: India registered company.
  • Team size: A team of 15 or few.
  • Early Stage: Up to $1M funded and less than 2 years old.
  • New Customers: Not a current MyOperator customer.

Get acquainted with 200+ startups like yours.

200+ startups who believe in the potential of cloud telephony have already joined and are leveraging the benefits, for free.

MyOperator startup partners.

MyOperator startup partners


Startups inspire us by doing and revolutionizing the unthinkable. And, MyOperator is excited to associate with startups and boost the growth trajectory of every entrepreneur in this country.

Applying for the startup program is easy and free. Please visit MyOperator for Startups.