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How to maximize festive season sales with voice and digital campaigns

How to maximize festive season sales with voice and digital campaigns
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“Can you hear it?! The festive season sales are here!”

We already know  how the months of September through December 2022 are really crucial for brands to make the best of deal-cracking offers and campaigns for their potential customers. With Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas coming up, all businesses will be motivated to make up for previous setbacks and ideally end the year on a good note. It’s important to keep in mind right away that your ultimate goal should be to provide a fantastic buying experience. Your entire marketing strategy must be aimed toward achieving the primary goal of spreading a sense of joy and satisfaction.

The focus of a digital marketer during the festive season in India should be on developing ground-breaking social media campaigns with excellent content and eye-catching visuals, but it’s also crucial for them to concentrate on capturing the most of the occasion and putting the brand in the limelight of sales.

The festive season sales are crucial for marketing in general, but it is especially noteworthy for digital marketers since they put a lot of effort into organizing and carrying out deals and campaigns in the most spectacular and viral ways imaginable.

A digital marketer must concentrate on utilizing the medium to the fullest extent while developing a digital strategy for their company during festivals because there are countless opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

Wondering “How?”, you will know soon, just keep reading.

How is the 2022 festive season different from the rest?

2022 festive sale

Since the pandemic made indoor confinement necessary in the past couple of years, online shopping became the sole way to purchase necessities and other items.

It must be noted that the entire online shopping experience was a first-timer for a lot of people. It doesn’t end here; people were pleased with their purchases as well. 

Due to this, the shopping community has grown more trustworthy across all categories. As a result, more consumers than ever before will be making purchases online throughout the festive seasons. Also, the fact that you get the luxury to buy any product of your choice with just a few clicks can be quite comfortable and blissful.

All of this suggests that a significant portion of festive shopping will still be done online (even though restrictions have eased). To increase your sales, you should therefore be prepared to target customers online.

Let’s now talk about some of the top digital marketing strategies (which include voice and digital campaigns) that can significantly increase your festive season sales.

Ways to maximize festive season sales with voice and digital campaigns

1. Video Marketing

Video marketing has become the most popular method of web marketing over the past few years. The fact that viewers prefer video over all other forms of media has revolutionized video marketing.

Video marketing
Video marketing

Create a free video that expresses your interests and brand by recording or editing it with the appropriate plot, tone, and aesthetic using a free video editing software or app. A well-made video advertisement is likely to receive three times as many views as any other type of media. Videos have a key role in increasing a brand’s visibility and brand recognition, as is now widely accepted. Did you know? 87% of businesses claim that using video has increased their traffic. 

Videos have been shown to increase:

  • Positive return on investment.
  • generate more leads.
  • Conversion rates.
  • SEO outcomes.

2. Social media campaign

Greetings and deals are often shared on social media over the festive seasons. Using social media, people may connect with their loved ones as well as exchange wishes and exclusive deals.

The potential to advertise your seasonal specials and offers on social media is terrific. Here, it’s important to target the appropriate audience, distribute at the appropriate moment, and maximize social media with relevant details and imagery.

Some platforms, such as Facebook, provide marketers more power to target a particular population based on different characteristics. This will ensure that your content is seen by the people who are most likely to be fascinated and buy your products or services.

Social media campaign
Social media campaign

You can explore the following in your social media marketing campaigns:

  • Respond or share content that your followers tag you in to promote user-generated content. By engaging with their posts, you promote a sense of community and encourage others to participate, ultimately leading to attracting more followers.
  • To increase brand recognition and create excitement for the event, team up with a public figure or influential person in the field.
  • To reach a wider audience of users who don’t already follow your account, use relevant hashtags.
  • Make sure to highlight the ones who will be present at your event and request them to share it within his/her social networks.

3. Arrange a virtual or actual event

Festive events may turn out well or poorly, but they are certainly not a bad concept to go with. Either organize and host a virtual event with appealing and big giveaways, or have an offline activity that you can market heavily online. 

An event’s success is always based on how engaging it is, how effectively it is prepared, and how well it is carried out. Find a captivating approach to incorporate your brand or your product into the interests of your customers by connecting with them. To attract more people, design activities that are both demanding and enjoyable in certain ways. Organizing events is a terrific approach to creating a lively community for your company.

4. Email Marketing

Even during the festive seasons, email marketing remains a promising digital marketing strategy. According to research, emails are more likely to be read and responded to during the festive season. Additionally, it is one of the most economical methods for informing people about your offerings and products. They are good online resources like Udemy and The Affiliate Lab that can help you in this area.

Email marketing
Email marketing

You can incorporate festive elements into your email designs and inform clients of your finest deals. The most frequent and well-liked emails include festive season offers; so, if you include the correct content, you will definitely hit the right notes.

Tips to kick-start the festive with a bang!

a. Introduce easy business communication with call blasting

Call blasting is a cloud-based technique that enables you to call and send messages to many individuals at once. It is a quick and efficient approach to reach a big audience with an audio message. What better method to communicate around the holidays, don’t you think?

You do not need to repeat your message to specific recipients while using call blasting. By swiftly reaching a big number of individuals at once, you can save time and resources during the rush of the festive season sales. The best part is that all of these require no upkeep or physical setup, and you can give your consumers a personalized touch. Using this technology, the most recent information can be distributed within minutes. Isn’t that great? So why wait, let’s begin!

b. Give the landing page a festive season update

Create a positive vibe for your brand. By artistically decorating your landing page, present the festive videos. Do not forget to display originality. By making your site interesting, you can attract customers. Additionally, you should make it simple for users to navigate your website and complete the checkout process. You may carry out the following:

  • Use visuals and concepts that highlight the current or festive season.
  • On your website’s homepage and other pages, you can also use festival graphics.
  • To give your website a festive season sale appearance, you can update the fonts as well.
Bring on the bling!

With so many opportunities to increase brand awareness through digital marketing over the festive seasons, digital marketers must be creative in anticipating these opportunities and developing a strategy that is both inspiringly innovative and delivers to customers what they want. Marketers must have good vision and dedicate time to properly conceptualizing and organizing a campaign. Bring in this festival season sales with fun and that extra bit of focus.

Happy selling on Happy holidays!

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