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Make your employees more productive with Cloud Telephony

Make your employees more productive
MyOperator / Blog / Make your employees more productive with Cloud Telephony

MyOperator is helping businesses manage their employees better. You know how employees interact with the customers. You understand their problems in communication and  the expectations of the customers are clearly recorded for cross reference. With a basic ground set with all the entrepreneurial skills required to run a business, it is essential to take small steps to impact the performance of your employees favorably to keep your business thriving.

Case studies has revealed when employees are loyal and engaged in the company, profits are higher. Conversely, when people feel unmotivated or undervalued, the company suffers adversely.

Here are 7 simple humanistic pointers that will dramatically improve your employee’s productivity:-

Interact and understand your employees

We do realize that you are crushed with time and bogged down with work. But still, I would suggest you to spend at least a definite portion of your month to communicate. Interacting accomplishes two goals: you get to know your staff, which is good, and you get to know their skills which is even better!

Your employees will appreciate the gesture and if you get lucky and hit the right chord, you could even bridge the gap.It may mean a simple smile, asking how their family is, or asking about their interests or problems. If a problem looks genuine, you could as well help that person get the necessary resources.

Develop employee skills: 

India has been contending with the challenge of maintaining a workforce that can keep pace with constantly evolving technology and business paradigms. If you are seeking a smarter workforce, you should ensure that management at all levels is getting adequate training to meet up to the needs of the hour.

Inspire your employees:

Ultimately, most employees would much rather be part of a team they’re committed to, not just a member of an organization.  Developing and maintaining a consistent management approach that engenders esprit de corps is a key link in the productivity process. In short, set a “SMART” vision i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely. SMART goals are critical to delivering quality and successful results.

Reward good performance:

Ensure that from rank to file you are not only recognizing performance but rewarding it too, including recognition awards for employees. Nothing can be more demoralizing than not recognizing efforts at all! It also stunts growth of further initiatives to perform. Sometimes encouragement could come in form of out-of-the way promotion, hike in salary or as a pat on the back.

Create incentives for employees:

Build incentives based on what makes the most impact. Have an employee lead a presentation to upper management, place an employee in charge of an important project, or give an employee the opportunity to train in another department. Employees work even harder when they feel good about themselves. Every job has some latitude, make sure you fully exploit that tangent so your employees can feel better about themselves, both as an employee and as a person. They’ll naturally be more productive and happier. The two always go hand in hand.

Also, giving perks to employees like health facilities, travel packages for a break, or as simple as free healthy food, etc can be very motivating. For example, you can give a health-conscious incentive for all your employees using dedicated subscriptions to services like Factor. This meal delivery service can offer employees fresh, dietitian-designed meals, encouraging a healthier lifestyle and further increasing their job satisfaction and morale. 

Streamline expectations:

Deciding what to do is important, but often deciding what not to do is even more important. Every position, every project, every initiative has a primary goal, and 90% of the effort of those involved should go to accomplishing that primary goal. Remember achievement is certainly based on effort and focus. They’ll not only do a better job, they’ll have more time to devote to the next endeavour.

Create a work-friendly environment in office:

The office is a major part of their daily life. A conducive environment entails cleanliness, tea and snacks at their beck and call and most importantly empowered with better technological equipments.

Aforementioned management balancing appropriate levels of results-orientation with understanding of employee needs; is neither hard nut to crack nor unattainable. Luckily, bolstering employee happiness doesn’t  need to cost a lot. Remember that we are all humans working together to get through ups and downs life.

We need to care about each other as a team to get the best results and sail through the troubled waters. It’s like we are the individual thread from which together we need to weave as a cloth, which in turn gets lucrative, productive and gains both monetarily and humanistically.

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Vishnu Goyal
Just one of the 8 billion people here living on planet Earth, spending most of my time creating and growing and helping others create and grow in pursuit of an imperfect life, raising livinity, and building one carefree world.

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