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The business of toll-free numbers

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Did the ever think of getting a toll-free number for your business?

Toll free is built on the idea that your caller can call you for free, although the onus to pay for these calls lies on you. Traditionally, toll-free numbers have been used primarily for:

Un-earthing Willing Customers

You never know where on Earth is your potential customer hiding. A toll free number is a bridge between him and you. If you and your caller reside in the same country,your caller can dial your number for free.

Building a Professional Image

Any company grows by the hype and the market sentiment associated with its brand. A toll free number helps you build a professional image and helps boosts your market value.

Cost Effective Marketing

Although it may seem as an expensive affair when looked upon superficially but a deeper look confirms that it is like winning a billion dollar lottery by investing in a lottery ticket costing no more than a couple of cents.

Customer Sentiment

If I consider myself as a customer and reflect at the moments when I was in a dilemma, whether or not to call a company, toll free numbers were the ones that compelled me to take that last foot forward. “It’s a free call after all, I have nothing to lose”, this is the general notion. This is valid primarily when a company is in B2C business.

All one has to do is register the contact details for the service with such a provider(For eg. VoiceTree) and they reach back to you with an array of toll-free numbers. The providers of toll-free numbers are providing a range of pricing options aiming to enable even the small and medium businesses to leverage the power of toll-free. Visit Toll free website to know more.

The business of toll-free numbers

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