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What is Voice Broadcast?

MyOperator Voice Broadcast, also known as Call Blasts or Outbound Dialing (OBD) Campaigns, gives you an effortless way to schedule and run automated call campaigns. You can schedule campaigns for offers, new products or simply deliver payment reminders or transaction updates. All this through APIs or a simple no-code UI.

Features and Benefits

Customized IVR

Customize your automated outbound call messaging with any IVR menu

Database Integration

Place calls on any database with API integrations - From Spreadsheets or data stored in CRM.

Call Scheduling

Schedule multiple OBD campaigns through a no-code interface

Personalised Voice Message

Boost engagement with personalised updates, greetings or offers to customers

Text to Speech

Easily set up your voice message and IVR prompts through our multi-lingual text to speech options.

Follow-up SMS

Send personalized follow-up messages to your customers or leads immediately after the call.

Features and Benefits
CRM/Truecaller Integration

Integrate with Truecaller for Business and major CRMs to give your customers a trusted, integrated calling experience.

API Integration

Automate voice broadcasts from your app/ platform with MyOperator APIs.

Features and Benefits
Detailed Analytics

Get complete & downloadable reports of calls attended or missed with deep insights.

Call Recording

All outgoing call conversations with the agents are recorded and stored on the cloud.

Stored Responses

Responses to the IVR menu are automatically updated and stored in real time on your database.

Features and Benefits

Ready To Increase Conversions And Reduce Costs With Powerful Call Blast Campaigns?

Ready To Increase Conversions And Reduce Costs With Powerful Call Blast Campaigns

Trust the MyOperator Experience. Endorsed by Customers and Experts.

Customer Speaks


MyOperator not only efficiently catered to our given requirements but also simplified it further with their advanced features. Our call volume remains significantly high and we really appreciate how the MyOperator solution has been steady all this while.

Anuraag Tapkir

Manager, Amazon

We are using Myoprator to manage inbound and outbound calls. We really like the Myoprator reporting and easy to use dashboard. We have been using Myoprator for a long time and got fabulous service. Thanks to Abhijeet and Praveen for consistent support.

Amit Dubey

Sr Manager - Business Intelligence, TyresNMore, A CEAT Subsidiary

Plans and Pricing

Voice Broadcasting
Call Credit

*GST as applicable

All our plans come with

Lifetime Validity

Zero Set-up Cost

Dedicated Account Management

You Can Use MyOperator Voice Broadcast For

Feedback Collection

Send interactive voice messages to run surveys or collect feedback by triggering automated IVR using multi-level IVR.

Feedback Collection

Brand Promotions

Announce new product/feature launches to bulk leads to update your recipients about your brand initiatives.

Call Management

Lead Quality Control

Qualify leads based on IVR responses and directly connect your sales agents with qualified leads only.

Call Reporting

Important Reminders

Remind customers about membership renewals, important offers, product updates — Anything.

Important Reminders

Scheduled Follow-ups

Boost sales follow-ups and conversions with automatic outbound dial (OBD) campaigns.

Advanced Features

Success Story

Prime IVF- MyOperator success story

How Prime IVF Centre Builds Customer Trust Through MyOperator - Outbound Dialing Solution

The MyOperator-Lenskart success story

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions regarding call blasting and how it can help your business. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

Who can use call baster?
Any enterprise or business of any size can use a call blaster. As voice blasting helps in delivering messages to all the customers at once, it acts as a perfect tool for marketing for every business.
Call blasting has several benefits for your business. It is time-saving, affordable, and builds a professional and rich brand image for your business. Moreover, it comes in handy every time you need to send any update to all your customers.
MyOperator is one of the top companies that provides you with an advanced and effective call blasting service. Sign up online or call us at +91 92129 92129 to buy call blasting solution for your business.
Yes, you can get a demo of the call blaster from MyOperator. You can avail of your free 3-day trial from the best toll-free number provider by signing up online or calling MyOperator at +91 92129 92129.
To know about call blasting extensively for your business please visit our support center or call our team at +91 92129 92129.
What is IVR blaster?
IVR blaster is a cloud telephony service that allows you to call all your customers and prospects at once to broadcast a message, collect feedback, or notify them of important announcements and offers. It is also known as call blaster, robocalling, or voice broadcasting.
With IVR blaster service you can connect with thousands and millions of customers through bulk yet personalized calls and voice messages, use it in your marketing campaigns, collect feedback, send reminders, and improve your customer relationship.
You need to have an active subscription for outgoing facility in MyOperator cloud call center or outbound call center to use IVR blaster service.
Sure, to get a demo of IVR blaster service provided by MyOperator, you can contact us and our team will call you back to schedule a demo.
For any queries regarding the IVR blaster solution for your business, please call MyOperator support team at +91 92129 92129.

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