Hyperconnect Your Remote Sales and Support Teams

Make outbound sales & support calls with MyOperator Corporate Line App - The one and only app to enable, manage and track your remote teams

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The MyOperator Corporate Line App Advantage For Your Enterprise

Transform your Mobile phone into an outgoing call center solution

Enable, track and record all of your remote team calls on one app

Connect with your customers or potential leads anytime, anywhere

Build a database of the entire communication with the customers

Simplify customer communication with call-Whatsapp integration

Get a new number on your own phone - no SIM or handset required

Keep track of all outbound call recordings and performance reports

Why integrate MyOperator with Bigin

How MyOperator Corporate Line App works

Find out how to use MyOperator Corporate Line App in this video.
It’s as simple as using your phone to dial.
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The Corporate Line App Features

The Corporate Line App Features

All-in-one communication app for your remote sales and support teams

Go Simless

Get rid of corporate sim cards. Simply start dialing from the corporate line application

Seamless dashboard

Track and manage all of your sales and support calls on one dashboard

Whatsapp Integration

Integrate business calls and Whatsapp on one smart number

Call recordings

All outgoing calls are recorded in real-time to help you keep track of call performance

CRM Integration

Easily integrate your CRM to save time and boost productivity of your remote teams

Easy Dialing

The corporate line app gives you a virtual business number. No sims and handsets needed

Happy customer

The MyOperator corporate line app solved a key business problem for CaratLane - of tracking and auditing customer calls made by our on-store executives. We improved customer satisfaction and net promoter score by 40% after using this solution. Easy to use app and great support from MyOperator.

Aditya Nambyar,

Product Manager, CaratLane

Experience the MyOperator difference

24x7 Premier customer support

As a MyOperator customer, you will be entitled to our premier customer care, 24*7. Whenever you need technical help, need to add a new feature, or any other help, you can always call us on +91 92129 92129.

                        <h4>24x7 Premier customer support

Exclusive Features Like No Other

Corporate Line App is the first and only app equipped with exclusive features that no other app provides. Besides 99.99% uptime, click-to-call, and autodialer facility, this feature saves you 50% in all outgoing tariffs for each outbound call.

Exclusive Features Like No Other

The CaratLane - MyOperator Success Story

How CaratLane Achieved Exponential Customer Satisfaction Score with MyOperator Corporate Line App

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Exclusive Features Like No Other

Frequently Asked Questions

MyOperator is the most simple and affordable way to make, record, and track outbound sales and customer support calls to your customers and prospects.
Corporate Line App helps you make outbound sales and support calls compared to traditional call center setup. Besides, you can also manage your team from home, office, or anywhere.
Any-sized business can use Corporate Line App according to their business and budgetary needs.
Any remote or WFH sales or team communication setup can benefit most from the Corporate Line App.
You can download this app from Playstore or App store after subscribing to MyOperator call management. For more details, please check out this video.
You need to subscribe to MyOperator call management service to get started with this app. For more details or a free demo, please raise your request here.
You will save upto 50% cost on overall sales and customer service calling operations.
Any type of business can use MyOperator Corporate Line App to streamline their outbound calling process. Some of the key industries include Hospitality, IT or SAAS industry, Education, Travel Industry, Agriculture Industry, etc.

Step 1:
Sign up on https://myoperator.com/ with an outgoing plan. Skip this step if you already have an active MyOperator outgoing subscription.

Step 2:
Download the MyOperator Corporate Line App from Google Play or App Store.

Step 3:
Enter your MyOperator registered mobile number on the app login screen and sign in with OTP.

Step 4:
Start making outbound calls on a user-friendly interface.

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