About Aakash International

Aakash International Business Management (AIBM) is a premium management institute based in Bangalore. As a leading group catering to thousands of students, AIBM needed a central platform for collating all their call data across all branches, while optimizing their calls and improving the general efficiency of the organization by analyzing the data.

Problem Statement:

Education has been one of the strongest growing sectors in India, supporting millions of student enrolments every year. With students demanding more personalized attention, keeping a track of every detail provided by each student is important.

As the sector deals with a large volume of students, creating a personalized database manually is a daunting task. Using a call management system is an effective way of understanding each student’s requirements and creating a database accordingly.

Akash International, one of the leaders in education industry, faced the following challenges:

  • Not able to track student calls to avoid loss of data.
  • Difficult to categorize student databases as per their requirements.
  • Not available after-working hours.
  • Couldn’t record calls to understand the student’s query.
  • Difficulty in providing personalized guidance to each student.

The Solution:

To address the aforementioned problems, MyOperator provided Akash Group with a comprehensive toll-free/ virtual number solution. Each number was provided with an IVR to route student calls to the right departments and record their queries.

Key Results

The solution enabled AIBM to optimize student engagement. They were able to:

  1. Cater to thousands of student enquiries
  2. Respond to student queries even after office-hours
  3. Provide personalized feedback

Customer Speaks:

We have received tremendous call traffic due to the MyOperator toll free number solution. It is very easy for students to reach us. Every call is being handled properly, thanks to immediate call forwarding.

- Akash International Business Management (AIBM)

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