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Can’t deny the fact that WhatsApp is the new handshake of business – building connections, sealing deals, and constructing relationships, one message at a time.

With over 15 million businesses in India already using WhatsApp Business for marketing, now is the best time to understand not “How” but “Why” WhatsApp is the best marketing tool.

WhatsApp Business for marketing

The answer lies in the undeniable power of WhatsApp marketing, backed by compelling real-world statistics and future predictions. 

With over 2 billion active users globally and an average open rate of nearly 98%, WhatsApp stands out as a direct and personal channel that businesses can no longer afford to overlook.

MyOperator recently hosted a webinar featuring Rabia Nazir, a Meta-Certified WhatsApp Specialist. In this session, Rabia shared her real-world experiences and deep insights on WhatsApp Marketing. Let’s dive right in. 

Deep Dive on WhatsApp Ads – WhatsApp Wednesdays by MyOperator

Q1: What Makes WhatsApp a Superior Platform For Marketing Compared To Traditional SMS And Email?

Benefits of Whatsapp Ads

Rabia: “WhatsApp dramatically outperforms traditional SMS and email in open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates. This is because people check WhatsApp multiple times a day, ensuring higher engagement levels. With 2 billion active users globally and around 100 million messages sent daily, its vast reach and engagement capabilities make it an unbeatable platform for marketers.”

Q2: What Constitutes The WhatsApp Ecosystem And Its Components?

WhatsApp Ads Ecosystem

Rabia: “The WhatsApp ecosystem is divided into three parts: the consumer app, the small business app, and the WhatsApp Business API. While the consumer and small business apps are widely used, the WhatsApp Business API is where the real power lies for enterprises. It offers extensive features for personalized customer engagement and supports large-scale messaging, making it invaluable for businesses aiming to leverage WhatsApp at an enterprise level.”

Q3: How Do Businesses Set Up And Run Effective WhatsApp Ad Campaigns?

Set up whatsapp Ads

Rabia: “You need to connect your WhatsApp account with your Facebook page. Then in the Facebook ads manager section, as the objective, choose engagement, select the audience, ad placements… then we will put the content, title, and description.”

Explaining further, Rabia shared several best practices, including “segmenting your audience for more targeted ads, crafting clear and concise messages, and using high-quality visuals. Automating chats to provide timely responses and ensuring your whatsapp ads for business campaigns comply with WhatsApp policies are crucial for maintaining user engagement and avoiding blocks.”

Q4: What Are Some Best Practices For Businesses Using Click-To-Whatsapp Ads?

Rabia exclaimed: “Segmentation, clear and concise messaging, provide value, use of visuals, automate your chats, compliance with WhatsApp policies, AB testing, and then monitor and optimize.” 

Rabia shared, “Best practices include clear segmentation of your audience to deliver targeted ads, crafting clear and concise messages, providing value through your ads to encourage user interaction, and using high-quality visuals that align with your brand. “

Automating chats and ensuring compliance with WhatsApp’s policies are also critical to maintain high engagement levels and avoid potential blocking by users.

Master WhatsApp Ads with our Meta- Certified Specialist | MyOperator WhatsApp Wednesdays

Q5: Can You Share A Successful Case Study Of Whatsapp Marketing From Your Experience?

Rabia recounted a MyOperator success story: “One of our clients, an EdTech platform, saw tremendous success through WhatsApp marketing.”

By utilizing Click-to-WhatsApp ads for business, they generated three times the leads compared to their other marketing channels. They also implemented automated WhatsApp messages for webinar reminders, which quadrupled their attendance rates. 

This case clearly highlights the effectiveness of integrating WhatsApp into the marketing strategy for higher engagement and conversion.

WhatsApp Ads Case study


Though our blog has an end we are sure that the learnings from here are eternal and instrumental in your businesses growth. 

The possibilities of WhatsApp Business API are as vast as they are promising, with advancements in technology and evolving consumer behaviors paving the way for even more innovative and effective WhatsApp ads for business.

May it inspire you to explore new horizons in your marketing endeavors and discover the immense potential that lies in connecting with your audience through WhatsApp.

We hope this blog has succeeded in shedding light on how to effectively use WhatsApp ads for business and MyOperator’s WhatsApp for Business service. 

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