About TravelTriangle

TravelTriangle is an online travel agency with a hub in Gurugram. They operate two regional offices in India that serve more than 65 overseas locations. The internet travel startup currently employs more than 650 travel agents. They are best known for creating unique tour packages with the help of their numerous local agents.

Problem Statement

TravelTriangle customers' inquiries are not restricted to weekdays, business hours, or locations since they belong to the tourism niche. However, they had a landline phone as their primary means of contact, which was not enough to deal with the huge influx of enquiries.

And so TravelTriangle faced a few problems here.

  • They were unable to tackle an unpredictable, fluctuating call volume.
  • They were also witnessing a high volume of missed calls and unattended leads after office hours and on non-working days, leading to data and business loss.

The Solution

TravelTriangle reached out to MyOperator to help them overcome their challenges. MyOperator setup to TravelTriangle comprised a Toll Free number and an IVR to resolve all their difficulties owing to a fixed landline system

MyOperator’s Call Management solution helped them to:

  • Track, record, and distribute calls to right agents
  • Stay 365*24*7 available.
  • An easy access to automated and real-time database of callers.

The Results

With MyOperator’s Call Management Solution, TravelTriangle was able to achieve

  1. 62% increase in incoming calls with a Toll free number.
  2. 59% increase in deal closures due to all time availability and minimized unattended leads.

Interestingly, TravelTriangle figured out an additional benefit of the MyOperator Call Management System at the time of Bali Volcano. In an effort to help the customers stuck there during the crisis, they added an exclusive section in their IVR i.e. press 9 if you seek assistance in Bali.

Customer speaks

MyOperator saved us from amateur customer handling and losses we used to experience due to a traditional landline system for business communication. Their solutions really helped us as we witnessed benefits above and beyond our expectations. We can now handle customers and calls as they expect from TravelTriangle.

- TravelTriange

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