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If you’ve got insights that can help entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses, you can contribute to our website. We would love to have you as contributor to our blog.

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At MyOperator, we share insights on following broad topics and technologies:

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Guest post guidelines

To maintain the quality of content and for better possibility of approval for your post, we request you to please adhere to following guidelines before submitting a blog post:

How to submit your blog post?

To get started, please drop an email to marketing.query@myoperator.com with following details:

Once we receive your email, we will let you know if your blog topic is suitable for our audience. Once your blog idea is approved, you can provide us with the blog draft and brief author bio. In the author bio, you can add up to one no-follow link. In the blog draft, you can add one link of relevant educational content from your website. Still, publishing is subject to MyOperator editorial review.

After following the editorial process, our team will publish your blog on MyOperator and will get back to you with a link to the live post.

Please be noted that all drafts are subject to MyOperator editorial review. If a draft doesn’t match our quality criteria, we will not be able to publish it.

If you have any questions left regarding guest writing for MyOperator, feel free to contact us at marketing.query@myoperator.com.