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11 Ways A Company Toll-Free Number Can Help Your Business Grow

MyOperator / Blog / 11 Ways A Company Toll-Free Number Can Help Your Business Grow

Since the inception of toll-free systems back in the 1950s, businesses, as well as governments worldwide, have used toll-free numbers to their benefit, add value to their stakeholders, and as an integral part of delivering better phone experiences to their customers.  Since you are here to explore how a toll free number for business can help your business grow and the advantages of a Tollfree number, chances are you are interested too in getting a Toll free number for business or venture.  

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    To help you decide what makes a toll-free business number in India the right fit for your business, we have curated this list of pros and cons of using a toll-free number. After going through this post, you will be able to get a clear idea about how a toll-free number can help your business grow. 

    Without further ado, let’s dive into the benefits of a toll-free number     

    toll free number for business Advantages As An Enabler For Better Customer Experience And Higher Business Growth

    toll free number for business

    1. Company Call Number That Guarantees 24*7 Customer Listening

    The concept of a toll free number for business, including an international business number, gains significant relevance in the context of ensuring 24/7 availability for your customers. 

    Even during periods when your physical location is closed, this specialised number remains a steadfast communication channel, adept at disseminating information, processing orders, and addressing basic queries. 

    The invaluable attribute of round-the-clock accessibility not only showcases your commitment to customer service but also seamlessly accommodates diverse time zones and individual schedules. Which means that regardless of where your customers are located, they can reach out and get real-time support through a built-in IVR system.

    2. No Tring-Tring: Welcome Greetings offered by the toll free number service provider

    Let’s consider three scenarios regarding the first thing you may encounter when you call a business helpline:

    • “Tring-tring. Tring-tring.”
    • “The number you are calling is currently busy. Please call again later.”
    • “Hello, and welcome to [Your Business Name]. Thanks for calling. Your call is important to us. We are connecting you to our customer care executive.” 

    Which scenario is better? Isn’t it the third one where you are greeted with a custom message? 

    With a toll-free business customer care number, you can greet each of your customers with a welcome message and let them feel respected and influential. 

    A toll-free number not only makes your brand look more professional but also enhances the confidence of customers in your business

    3. business customer care number Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

    With the support of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), calls coming on a toll-free number are routed to the right person in the appropriate department. 

    Therefore, your staff members don’t have to waste their time manually routing calls to the concerned personnel. Toll Free number’s IVR number menu we’ll take care of that task, leading to significant time saving and boost in productivity of employees

    4. Simplified Calling Experience with a list of toll free numbers

    toll free numbers

    On a toll-free number, you can connect as many departments and staff members as your business needs. Therefore, to access different services, your customers don’t need to remember different telephone numbers. Instead, they can call on your toll-free number and choose the desired extension. 

    One of the most common examples for simplified calling experience at the back of the toll-free number is phone banking, where you call on the list of toll free numbers of your bank and use different extensions for different banking services.

    Similarly, on the business customer care number, you can help customers with inquiries before purchase, after-sales support, and everything in between, depending on your unique business requirements.

    5. Better Customer Care offered by business number in India

    Utilising a toll-free business number, which is essentially a free business number, holds immense potential for elevating your customer service standards. 

    This dedicated communication channel not only facilitates swift and instant assistance but also serves as a platform to promptly address customer inquiries, thereby fostering heightened levels of customer satisfaction created by customer care number

    The outcome is a favourable experience that creates a solid foundation for fostering customer loyalty and promoting recurrent business encounters. 


    6. Caring Brand Image created by customer care number

    Please ask one question to yourself:

    “What do I feel about a business that provides me a Toll Free number to reach for a query?” 

    Well, you regard that business as more serious about its customer service, creating a caring brand image in your brain. 

    If you use a company toll free number for your business, you can create a similar model for your brand with customers. 

    Businesses with a caring brand image not only drive customer loyalty but also perform better on the bottom line. Also, a toll-free number is easy to remember and unique to your brand, increasing brand recall, which, as per research, can generate 20-60% more inbound leads.

    7. Positive Word-Of-Mouth Marketing with business customer care number

    One indirect benefit that an 1800 toll free number provides to your business is encouraging positive word-of-mouth from customers, which is the best publicity you can get for your brand. 

    At the same time, it also prevents contrary word-of-mouth, which otherwise can hamper all your business efforts. You might ask how to get toll free number in India to help with all that?”?

    Well, a toll-free number empowers your business to provide an excellent customer experience in terms of timely support and quick resolution of their concerns. 

    All of it leads to customers getting a delightful experience and your business getting positive word-of-mouth publicity.

    8. Better Customer Retention with toll free number for business

    For the long-term growth of your business, you have to focus not only on getting new customers but retaining existing customers as well and convert them into loyal fans. 

    One of the most important reasons for customers to switch brands is terrible customer experience and the non-availability of timely support of business customer care number. 

    A toll-free number can help you in ensuring well-timed customer support and hassle-free experience, ultimately helping you with customer retention.

    9. Lead Generation Potential provided by business number in India

     business number in India

    Lead Generation, which involves finding potential customers for your business, can be made easier with toll-free numbers. 

    Imagine toll-free numbers as special phone numbers that customers can call for free. In places like India, these are often called virtual business numbers. They are like dedicated phone lines just for businesses. So, what’s the big deal? 

    Well, here’s the best part: you can use these toll-free number for business to collect information from customers by playing a pre-recorded message when they call. 

    This message might ask them for their names, phone numbers, and other details. Such a way, you can get to know who’s interested in your products or services. But that’s not all! 

    These company toll free numbers can also connect customers directly to someone in your sales team who can help them. This personal touch can turn curious callers into actual customers. 

    So, having a free business number, especially a toll-free one, can really help you find new customers and grow your business.

    10. Call Audit & Insights For Monitoring & Improvements

    With the help of a live panel for toll-free calls, you can analyse call data, including the number of calls received, the number of calls missed, the location of customers, et cetera. 

    Call Analytics is a valuable feature provided by numerous toll-free number services, which you can easily obtain to establish a direct and professional channel for customers to contact your company’s customer care. 

    This feature involves the monitoring and analysis of incoming calls. The insights gained from this data provide you with a deeper understanding of how customers interact with your business. You can identify their behaviour patterns, preferences, and even pinpoint the times when call activity is at its highest. 

    Armed with this information, you gain the power to fine-tune your business strategies to better align with customer expectations and trends. This data-driven approach ensures that your efforts are optimised to provide top-notch customer service and engagement.

    11. Geographical Reach offered by company toll free number

    The introduction of a toll-free number, particularly in the context of a virtual business number or say virtual contact center solutions in a country like India, holds the potential to revolutionise your business’s geographical reach. 

    This specialised business customer care number, effectively transcends physical boundaries, allowing your business to engage with a wider spectrum of customers beyond your immediate locale. 

    The unique attribute of company toll-free number communication, indicated by the term “free business number,” eliminates any hesitations individuals might have about incurring long-distance charges, thereby fostering a seamless and barrier-free connection. 

    The strategic implementation of this toll-free mechanism paves the way for individuals hailing from diverse regions to effortlessly initiate contact, irrespective of their geographical location. Thus, your market reach can broaden as a result of this extraordinary significance.

    Bonus pros: Company Toll-free Number

     Company Toll-free Number

    1. A Base For Business Scalability when you create customer care number

    While a customer support number is a helpline for customers, it’s a lifeline for business. It’s worth reiterating that on a toll-free number, you add a staff of as many members as your business needs. It empowers your business to take care of multiple customer calls at the same time.

    While a customer support number is a helpline for customers, it’s a lifeline for business.

    Further, as your business grows, you can map more staff on a single toll-free company number call. Therefore, all your customers can connect with your business through a list of unique toll free numbers. 

    2. A Proven Marketing Tool

    There are no two opinions about a toll-free number for business as an incredible marketing tool. Be it any marketing campaign; a toll-free number can add value and help to generate more leads. 

    A study found that advertisements with a toll-free number bring about 30% more orders than ads without a toll-free number.

    Advertisements with a toll-free number bring about 30% more orders than ads without a toll-free number.

    Also, businesses with a that get toll free number service from provider are regarded as more credible, and customers associate the products and services of such organisations with better quality. In that way, a toll-free number in India automates a part of the branding and marketing aspect of your business.

    Disadvantages of a toll-free number For Business

    Until now, there’s been one noteworthy drawback concerning the use of a toll-free number, which you can easily acquire to offer customers an accessible way to reach your company’s customer care. 

    The downside we’ve identified is that, because the toll-free number is free for callers, it can attract a considerable volume of calls from individuals who may not genuinely need your products or services. 

    This situation is especially true for businesses providing toll-free company number call options, as they sometimes contend with callers who dial the toll-free number as a pastime or casual activity. 

    Although these types of calls might constitute a relatively minor portion of the total incoming calls on the toll-free business number in India, they do represent a potential challenge of using a toll-free service for your business.

    Furthermore, it’s important to address the perception that the cost associated with obtaining a company toll-free number might be viewed as a disadvantage. However, it’s crucial to recognise that any form of marketing or efforts to build your brand invariably involves some level of cost. When you approach the acquisition of a toll-free business customer care number strategically, leveraging the services of a reputable toll-free provider while considering the intricate aspects involved, the rewards and revenue generated through the list of toll-free number can swiftly outweigh the initial expenses. This calculated approach can lead to a significant addition to your business profits.

    Is a toll free number for business a good choice?

    toll free number for business

    Today, thanks to the affordability of toll-free systems as part of cloud telephony products, businesses of all size —small, medium, or large— can deploy the power of a toll-free number to take their customer calling experience and satisfaction level to a next level, ultimately leading to better customer retention, brand building, and more favourable bottom line.

    What’s next?

    Still unsure if a toll-free number is a right choice for your business, or why use a toll-free number? Feel free to contact our support team for any questions

    To get a free demo of a toll-free number for your business, signup for a 3-day free trial of a toll-free number.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Include a toll-free number on your feedback requests so that clients can easily voice their ideas and provide insightful input that will help your business flourish.
    Yes, having a toll-free number demonstrates your dedication to providing customer service, which can foster trust and promote repeat business.
    Yes, having a toll-free number lends an air of professionalism and legitimacy to your business, making it appear more established and trustworthy to potential customers.
    You can include your toll-free number in marketing campaigns, ads, and social media, making it easier for potential customers to connect with your business. This seamless communication can lead to higher conversion rates.
    Yes, a toll-free number can facilitate international communication, making it simpler for potential clients or partners from other countries to connect with your business.
     Yes, you can. toll-free numbers often come with call tracking features, enabling you to monitor the source of calls. This data helps you evaluate the success of different marketing strategies.
    Toll-free numbers are beneficial for businesses of all sizes. They provide equal opportunity for small businesses to establish a strong communication channel with customers
    By offering a convenient way for customers to inquire about products or services, a toll-free number can drive more sales inquiries, thus potentially increasing your overall revenue.
    Yes, you can often choose a customised vanity number that aligns with your brand name or industry, making it easier for customers to remember and associate with your business.
    Getting started is easy! Click here to explore MyOperator toll-free number features and take the first step toward improving customer communication and growing your business.
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