Benefits of a virtual receptionist

Voice greeting

Callers are greeted with a professional and custom voice message available in different languages.

Call transfer

Calls are directly transferred to their concerned department basis the caller's input in the IVR menu.

Call routing

Customers calls are connected with the right agent depending on their requirement, location or time.

Team mobility

Agents are free to receive/make calls from their mobile with no dependency on landline systems.

24*7 availability

IVR attends all calls round-the-clock providing the required information and also takes the voicemails.

Faster resolution

Callers are connected with their concerned agent within seconds without waiting on-hold for long.

Streamline and improve your customer communication

Reduce manual effort and time

Virtual receptionist is an IVR solution that manages your business calls automatically. Callers connect with their concerned department directly with their input in the IVR menu. This saves the need for your agents to manually hand over the call to another department. This eliminates your manual intervention to handle customer calls and brings automation to your business call management.

Virtual receptionist

Provide faster on-call service

The cloud-based virtual receptionist routes your customer calls to the concerned department directly basis the callers’ input in telephonic menu. It saves your callers’ time to connect with the right agent and thus, provides them faster on-call resolution. This even reduces the caller’s time to wait on-hold and thus, upgrades their calling experience.

Virtual receptionist

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a virtual receptionist?
Virtual receptionist is a cloud based IVR system that routes the calls to the concerned department directly basis the callers’ input in the keypad menu (press 1 for sales, press 2 for support).
Calls are transferred to agents’ phone numbers which are mapped behind your virtual business number. The number of simultaneous calls depends on your package. Minimum 5 calls can be handled at the same time.
Virtual receptionist brings automation to your business call management. It saves agents’ time and effort in transferring calls, making reports, etc. The voice greeting enhances your customer calling experience and the IVR menu ensures their faster on-call resolution.
For the primary menu, you can add up to 10 departments. As the sub-menu (the one after the first input) you can add unlimited department extensions in the IVR menu.
Yes. You can take a free 3-day trial here as it will help you better understand how virtual receptionist benefits your business.