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us tollfree number
US tollfree number

All about MyOperator US tollfree number

US tollfree number facilitates your customers to connect with your business at zero calling cost. Their calling charges are paid by your business (tollfree number subscriber) while they connect with you cost-free. Such free calling facility adds to your business professionalism and credibility. Unlike conventional tollfree numbers, MyOperator provided US tollfree number comes with a complete business phone system. This virtual business phone system encompasses proper tracking, recording and reporting of your business calls.

Not just an 800 number, but a complete virtual phone system

Complete suite of all the advanced call related features for your business communication

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Benefits of a US tollfree number for business

Facilitate free calling for your customers

The primary reason for buying a USA toll-free number for your business is that it enables your customers to connect with you at zero calling cost. This makes your business more accessible to your target audience in the USA and increases the chances of your customer calls. The 800 number in the USA adds to your business professionalism and helps you gain the confidence of your potential customers.

Enhance your customer experience

A tollfree number for the US empowers your business to take its customer communication one notch up. The provided USA tollfree number comes along with an IVR that greets your callers with a professional voice message. The IVR also enables your caller to connect with their preferred department directly basis their selection in the IVR menu. This ensures faster on-call resolution for your callers and improves their on-call experience.

Strengthen your brand reputation

A professional US tollfree number empowers your business to create a native presence for your customers in the US market. An 800 tollfree number when displayed as business contact number assists your company to gain trust and credibility of your prospects. It acts as a reliable mode of communication for your customers and creates a professional reputation for your business.

Increase your brand recognition

Increase your business recall value by displaying an easy-to-remember vanity tollfree number in front of your customers. A fancy tollfree number has significantly higher chances of capturing the attention of your prospects and making them call on your business number. With a vanity tollfree number, customers are more likely to call you, and it can generate more sales and act as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Features of US toll free number for business

Call recording

Record your calls & gain insights into your team performance & customer requirements.

CRM integrations

Connect your CRM with our phone system & get an overview of your client details in a single panel.

IVR solution

Greet your callers with a professional voice message & upgrade their calling experience.

Call routing

Set up advanced & smart call routing of all your business calls coming on your US tollfree number.

Call reports

Get detailed reports of your customer calls basis the number of missed, outgoing & incoming calls.

Call tracking

Assign separate tollfree numbers to different marketing platforms & check your marketing RoI.

MyOperator as the best US 800 number provider

Exclusive and advanced call-related features

MyOperator provided US tollfree number comes with a complete business phone system which is outfitted with several features you need to upgrade your customer communication and grow your business. Features like live call transfer, sticky agent, live call widget, detailed reporting, recording of calls, are provided exclusively by MyOperator. The features are designed to streamline your business calls and bring automation to your call management.

US tollfree number

Call recording with no additional charges

MyOperator provides complete recordings of your customer calls landing on your US tollfree number. The recordings are automatically stored on the cloud and can be accessed by you anytime in future through the online panel. The recordings will be stored on the cloud for unlimited time duration. This call recording feature along with your MyOperator 800 number comes at no additional cost and with no hidden conditions.

US tollfree number

12,000+ Customers Trust Us

Businesses across the globe are using MyOperator for efficient and smooth call management.

bharat petroleum

Collaboration with MyOperator has been an amazing experience for our entire business as it has automated one of the most tedious processes of our system. This leading cloud telephony product has delivered added benefits to our business in terms of strengthening vendor experience and employee convenience.


This distinctive solution provided by MyOperator has majorly bought productivity improvement of the HR team and allowed them to effectively manage their routine tasks. The result has surpassed our expectations and the system has significantly assisted us in bringing the required ease for our employees.


12,000+ Businesses Activated
200 Million Calls Enabled
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a US toll free number?
USA toll-free number is a contact number for your business on which the US, Canada, and the Caribbean customers can call you free of cost. American toll-free number starts with 1800, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833 dial-codes followed by 7 digits. Due to their format, they are called USA 800 numbers. MyOperator provides a cloud-based business phone system along with your US 800 tollfree number
Sign up for your 3-day MyOperator demo. Get access to MyOperator “Live” dashboard. Pick your virtual business number, toll free or non-toll free. Put in all required details or call us at 866 696 7462, we’ll help you onboard.
Yes, we provide free 3-day demo of US tollfree number and our cloud based solution that we provide. You may simply sign up here and your demo will be created.
There are multiple toll free number providers in the market. What’s essential is which provider gives you add on benefits and easy customer support. MyOperator assures multiple benefits for your business along with the tollfree number and 24*7 support.
You can check the detailed pricing for US 800 tollfree number here.