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1800 Toll Free Number: why Jio or any free calling just can’t replace it

MyOperator / Blog / 1800 Toll Free Number: why Jio or any free calling just can’t replace it

When customers reach out to a business, they chat, email, or tweet. But, when wanting a serious talk or quick closure, they prefer to call (best when it’s a toll free number). And, with rapidly dropping telecom tariffs, customers are calling for free.

Meaning, the ‘call us for free’ bait may be fading for businesses.

That said, the arrival of Jio and similar players is now good three years old. Without an effort, masses have the leverage of free calling in their mobile phones.

Consequently, telecom operators can’t help but register a major portion of their potential market being swayed away.

In February 2018, ET Telecom reported an addition of 8.74 Million users in Jio’s subscriber base.

With an enormous size of addressable audience of the telecom industry shifting to free calling medium, the industry seems to experience FOMO on business opportunities.

However, moving all Jio or free calling arguments aside, why is it that a lot of businesses, surprisingly SMBs, are still picking 1800 Toll Free Numbers for customer communication?

Despite these businesses know their prospects/customers aren’t really enticed with the ‘Call us for free’ advantage anymore, they’re still being loyal to serve customer experience.

Is this why Jio itself uses 1800 Toll Free Number as a customer support companion? *smirks*

By itself using a Toll free number, Jio proves its importance

Now notice here, the above search says ‘Jio / Customer service’ right above the displayed number. And, beneath the number and the logo in the first organic search, they say ‘Interested in Jio? Talk to us.’

Here, ‘Jio / Customer service’ denotes a place where existing customers can get help.

And, ‘Interested in Jio? Talk to us’ denotes where new prospects can become customers.

So let’s believe such businesses empathize with their buyers’ behaviour very deeply. Maybe they care more about delivering a superior service and appearing credible, than just saving costs.

Toll Free Numbers and tons of other assets are pure revenue-generating remedies.

Though, with a vision to survive in an aggressive market, businesses become customer-centric i.e. they think from a customer’s POV which is pure purchase satisfaction.

This is where a Toll Free Number eases the journey of a business and a customer at different stages of purchase; right from starting to end conversion point.

With this blog I’m really hoping to convey some practical (and psychological) reasons on afterall why it’s a good decision to have 1800 Toll Free Number (even though you know the masses have free calling leverage).

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1. Pre-purchase stage with toll free number: help potential customers find (and choose) you

I believe you have a great product/service. There’ll come a time when you or your team will plan marketing and promotional activities.

Of course it’s needed as you can’t just have your idea hidden. It has got to be out in the open.

You may hire a professional agency/consultant or an in-house team for marketing. And in your research, you’ll find a pool of ways to market your business.

By any chance, has anyone ever recommended you use a 1800 Toll Free Number? I’ll be glad if I’m not the first.

Using a Toll Free Number on a display platform alone is equivalent to N number of triggers you may insert in your ad; of course with the right targeting.

Imagine this ー you’re on the web in search of a 3D gift card designer & printer. You spot two results on the first page with their contact numbers displayed in bold.

Unknown to both and to give them a try, will you consider calling company A with a contact point, 98990 xxxxx or company B displaying 1800-YOUR-BRAND first?

A toll free number at advertising or marketing display gets you more eyes than an ordinary mobile number.

At first sight, isn’t the choice clear?

Your choosing to call company B first may not necessarily be to avoid call cost. It’s likely that subconsciously, company B imprinted on you a sign of carrying more brand value and better serviceability towards customers like you.

Will it make a difference to you if customers feel the same way for your company?

Moral: A Tollfree Number automagically adds to the presence and credibility.

2. Purchase stage with toll free number: draw more customers no matter where you are

Your marketing worked!

In your lead management CRM, you can see leads populated who belong from different cities, regions, and even small districts you never knew your brand reached.

Do you understand? At this point, you’d need a point of contact which brings you a national (and local) presence and lets customers from around the country contact you without any barriers.

A toll free number at advertising or marketing display gets you more eyes than an ordinary mobile number.

That’s not it. Valuing the fact your potential customers chose to call you (over others), can you afford to lose their calls in broad daylight when you and your team is working so hard for them?

This is where a Toll Free Number reduces chaos.

You may or may not know, a Tollfree Number comes with call tracking feature. This practically means you can track and see every call you or your team attended or missed.

Having a Toll Free Number in house, you can ensure your customers connect with you effortlessly and by choice; not just because you have a free calling medium for them.

Moral: A Tollfree Number can prevent missed business calls from becoming your nemesis.

3. Post purchase stage with toll free number: remember not to forget customers after you win them

It’s not just about free calling…

As consumers of any product or service, customers don’t just seek phone numbers where they’d call (for free), meet an agent, narrate their problems, get a solution, and just say goodbye.

On the run of receiving solutions the business initially promised, customers, in a state of subconsciousness, develop expectations from businesses.

The expectation of customers is ‘we will be heard, answered, and treated’ at any point they feel now is the moment for businesses to hear them out. (hope you’d second me here)

This is what a Toll-Free Number empowers you to do.

A toll free number acts as your 24*7 up customer service companion, which an ordinary mobile number cannot.

Whether you’re a budding business or growing, you can only survive on the backbone of trust you’ve embedded in your customers’ hearts right from the beginning.

An average contact number, say your mobile or old-school landline number, may not be capable of yielding you the trust.

It’s just a usual phone number present in your personal mobile. Of course you can have your customers to call you there whenever they might need you. But in reality, it can cater to your customer needs only to an extent.

What after that?

There are times when you’re out dining with family, watching a movie, or down with fever :(. Or simply, your businesses hours are off for the night.

Will you leave your prospects unheard?

Are you thinking about it now?

Moral: Toll Free Number is more about trust and goodwill, than just a plain free calling medium.

Whether you’re an established one or just starting out, business is a long-term plan and customers are future investments. There are innumerable ways to attract, convert, and delight them.

However, at this time, businesses are intensely impacted with a market that changes overnight.

Fortunately, in this maze of ever-changing policies & market trends, there are at least a few clear paths to have ease of customer acquisition, 1800 TollFree Number being one of them.

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