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As Ramadan approaches, businesses are presented with a unique opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level. 

Before diving into whatsapp business campaign ideas, it’s crucial to understand the Ramadan shopper. 

This period is marked by a significant surge in shopping, as consumers seek gifts for loved ones and items to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. 

The Ramadan shopper is looking for convenience, value, and, most importantly, a connection with the brands that respect the essence of the holy month.

With billions of users worldwide, WhatsApp Business API stands out as a powerful channel for businesses to maximize customer engagement and customer retention. 

Here’s how you can harness WhatsApp Business API to deliver impactful campaigns during Ramadan.

Some Unique Ramadan Strategies Examples Around The Market

Here are some interesting statistics and insights specifically related to Ramadan marketing campaigns, with a focus on WhatsApp and social media platforms:

  • User Engagement Peaks: During Ramadan, social media usage typically increases by 30-50%. This surge creates an optimal environment for WhatsApp marketing campaigns as people are more active and open to communication.
  • Shift in Peak Hours: The peak usage times shift during Ramadan, with a significant spike in online activity post-Iftar and late at night. This indicates that WhatsApp marketing campaigns can benefit from scheduling messages during these times for higher engagement.
  • Content Consumption Increases: Video content consumption rises during Ramadan, with a 40% increase in viewership on video-sharing platforms. WhatsApp marketing campaigns can leverage this by sharing short, engaging videos that capture the essence of Ramadan and are likely to be forwarded within user communities.
  • Shopping Behavior Shifts: Consumer spending during Ramadan can increase by up to 53%, with shopping activity peaking in the week leading up to Eid. WhatsApp can be used to send out timely offers, discounts, and gift ideas to take advantage of the shopping momentum.
  • Community and Charity Focus: The spirit of giving during Ramadan leads to a 30% increase in charitable giving. Marketing campaigns on WhatsApp can resonate with this sentiment by aligning with charitable causes or promoting products and services that have a charitable contribution with each purchase.
  • E-Commerce Boost: E-commerce activities see a boost during Ramadan, with a 100% increase in online sales for some retailers. WhatsApp marketing can aid this by providing a convenient shopping experience through catalogs and direct customer service.
  • Increase in Food and Beverage Sales: There’s a reported increase of up to 58% in food and beverage sales during Ramadan, making it an ideal time for WhatsApp business accounts in the F&B industry to promote special Ramadan menus or meal kits.
  • High Open Rate for Messages: WhatsApp boasts an average message open rate of over 98%. This high engagement rate provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to share personalized Ramadan greetings, offers, and product updates directly with customers.
  • Customer Service Expectations: Customer queries can rise by up to 50% during Ramadan. Utilizing WhatsApp Business for customer service can help companies manage the increased volume and maintain high customer satisfaction.
  • Interactive Campaign Success: Interactive campaigns, such as quizzes or polls related to Ramadan, see high participation rates. Businesses can use WhatsApp to launch such campaigns, encouraging users to interact with their brand and share content.

Top 10 Ramadan WhatsApp Template Examples for Your Business

1. Warm Ramadan Welcome

🌙✨ Welcome to Ramadan 2024! ✨🌙

Dear [Customer Name],

As we welcome this blessed month, we wish you and your loved ones peace, prosperity, and happiness. Look forward to exclusive offers and special content tailored for this holy month.

Warm regards,

[Your Company Name]

Brand Example: 

 Ramadan Welcome WhatsApp Template

2. Special Ramadan Sale Announcement

🎉 Ramadan Special Sale! 🎉

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with up to 30% off on selected items. Dive into our curated Ramadan collection perfect for your needs.

Shop now: [Website Link]


[Your Company Name]

Brand Example:

Special Ramadan Sale WhatsApp template

3. Exclusive Ramadan Bundle Offer

🌟 Exclusive Offer for Our Valued Customers 🌟

This Ramadan, enjoy our special bundle offer crafted just for you. Get more and save more!

For more details: [Website Link]

Best wishes,

[Your Company Name]

Brand Example: 

Ramadan Bundle Offer

4. Ramadan Daily Inspirational Quote

🌅 Ramadan Day [X]: Reflection 🌅

Do good to others, and goodness will come back to you.” – Prophet Muhammad

May this quote inspire you today. Share your thoughts with us!

Kind regards,

[Your Company Name]

5. Countdown to Eid Special Offer

🎁 Countdown to Eid: Special Offer Each Day! 🎁

Only [X] days left until Eid! Celebrate with a new offer every day. Don’t miss out on today’s special deal!

Discover today’s offer: [Website Link]

Eid Mubarak in advance,

[Your Company Name]

6. Invitation to a Ramadan Themed Webinar

📚 Join Our Exclusive Ramadan Webinar! 📚

Topic: “Embracing Ramadan: A Journey of Spiritual Growth”

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]

Reserve your spot: [Registration Link]

Together, let’s learn and grow this Ramadan.


[Your Company Name]

7. Ramadan Weekly Round-up Newsletter

🌟 Ramadan Weekly Highlights 🌟

Catch up on this week’s Ramadan-themed articles, tips for healthy fasting, and our best offers.

Read more: [Newsletter Link]

Stay informed,

[Your Company Name]

8. Customer Appreciation Post-Ramadan

🌙✨ Thank You for Celebrating Ramadan With Us ✨🌙

Dear [Customer Name],

As Ramadan comes to a close, we’re grateful for your continued support. We hope our journey together this month has been meaningful.

Warm wishes,

[Your Company Name]

9. Special Eid Greeting 

✨🌙 Eid Mubarak! 🌙✨

May this Eid bring joy, health, and prosperity to you and your family. Celebrate with us and enjoy our Eid special offers!

Check them out: [Website Link]

With joy,

[Your Company Name]

10. Post-Ramadan Feedback Request

🌟 We Value Your Feedback 🌟

Dear [Customer Name],

As we reflect on Ramadan 2024, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our initiatives and how we can improve for next year.

Share your feedback: [Feedback Link]

Thank you,

[Your Company Name]

Best Practices for WhatsApp Campaigns During Ramadan

 Enhancing Customer Retention and Recognizing the Significance of Ramadan for Businesses

  • Respecting the Spirit of Ramadan: It’s vital to ensure that your campaigns resonate with the cultural and religious significance of Ramadan to  strengthen your customer retention management approach.
  • Segmenting Your Audience: Acknowledge that not all of your customers observe Ramadan. Implement segmentation strategies to tailor your messaging effectively. This personalized approach is fundamental to customer retention strategies during Ramadan.
  • Optimizing Timing: Be mindful of the timing of your messages. Avoid spamming your customers with promotional content during prayer times or late at night. This thoughtful consideration contributes to maintaining positive customer retention metrics.
  • Focusing on Value and Relevance: Your campaigns should offer genuine value and relevance to your customers’ needs and interests during Ramadan. By prioritizing these aspects, you emphasize the importance of customer retention in your marketing strategy, fostering lasting relationships.
  • Measuring and Optimizing: Utilize WhatsApp’s analytics tools to monitor the performance of your campaigns. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions and adjustments to  align with your customer retention goals.

The Conclusion

In the context of customer retention management, it’s crucial to remember that Ramadan holds profound significance for Muslims worldwide. 

Research highlights an increase of up to 30% in repeat purchases and brand loyalty among consumers, underscoring the significance of Ramadan for businesses. 

Moreover, the dynamic shift towards online platforms during Ramadan, with a staggering 86% of the population open to exploring new brands, presents a great opportunity for businesses to reassess and solidify their customer retention management. 

As we extend our warmest wishes for Ramadan, let’s anchor our customer engagement efforts in integrity, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

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