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call management system KV developers

Our customer

KV developers is one of the renowned names in real estate sector. They needed an effective communication system which could keep a record of their customer data. This data would later be used to plan their marketing campaigns around the data absorbed and make necessary changes by the end of each financial year.

Their challenges

Real estate is one of the biggest sectors as India is a land of multi-regional people and with its growing population, land and plot requirements have increased. There are multiple real estate companies in India and with these active wants, it is important for such businesses to manage their customer calls better.

KV developers wanted a call management system which could:

  • Lessen the call drop
  • Connect effectively to their prospects and stakeholders.
  • Keep a check on their database for auditing purposes.
call management system KV developers challenges
call management system KV developers success

Their success

MyOperator provided KV Developers with a 1800 tollfree number. This enabled them to track their connected and missed calls thereby, minimizing their call drop rates.

KV developers wanted a call management system which could:

  • Audit effectively the database of call logs
  • Manage all calls without manual efforts.
  • Reconnect with prospects through SMS remarketing.

We are using MyOperator toll-free service to have better connectivity with our customers without any cost barriers. We really appreciate the technology used by them to serve their clients with effective reports and analysis.

KV Developers

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