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How Small Businesses are Scaling up with MyOperator – Bigin by Zoho CRM Integration

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One of the essential elements of the overall success of a business is customer relationship management (CRM). CRM Integration enables you to manage customer interactions more effectively, enhancing business ties and ensuring the long-term retention of your loyalclients. 

If you combine a CRM with other technologies like business call management, email marketing, calendaring software, whatsapp API and social media, it can be more ROI-driven than what you think!


It not only eases all the manual customer and lead management tasks but also ensures fuss-free business operations where you can focus on your core skills and business objectives. 

Did you know? According to Pace Productivity research, sales teams only spend 22% of their time actively delivering. 

Therefore, a good CRM with integration advantages is a vital resource that can resolve such a situation. Earlier, at one point of time, customer data may have been carelessly stored on Excel spreadsheets. The greatest CRMs compile and organize all client data in one location that is accessible to everyone in your company. This is essential for providing top-notch customer service since it allows each agent to instantly comprehend each contact’s demands and issues so they can assist them as quickly as possible.

How CRM with call management integration can scale your small business?

  • CRM enables you to develop customer interactions more effectively
  • You can rapidly and accurately process requests by automating business operations.
  • CRM solutions assist businesses in boosting staff productivity and revenues.
  • Collaborating with the client base on a single platform makes the launch of customized offers and segmentation much easier.
  • CRM will help you to organize all your work activities and easily display analytics for the sales funnel.
  • Call management allows quicker access to call data in real-time and consumer data
  • It provides better consumer services and better management
  • Call management improves productivity and efficiency
  • It enhances team performance and communication
  • Offers greater transparency, greater flexibility, and increased sales

Have you heard about Bigin by Zoho CRM? Bigin is a consumer flow management system that allows you to keep track of progress, organize deals, and maintain all of your contact interactions in one space. On the other hand, with the help of the integration platform Zoho Flow, you can link your apps without the help of any code. You can streamline significant business processes in a matter of a few minutes. Establish your complete workflow using an intuitive builder by setting a trigger, including activities, using delays, as well as choices.

MyOperator call management and Bigin by Zoho CRM integration advantages provide assistance in marketing, intelligent automation design based on the action of a specific lead or user, proactive contact management, and customer engagement for businesses. Most significantly, every department can now provide constant, customized interactions that are in the consumers’ best interests.

In India, MyOperator is one of the top business call management solutions that provide both inbound and outbound business calling initiatives. Here users can get a toll-free number, IVR call system, a virtual operator, and more to assist your potential customers and current clients all over. In its ten years of business, MyOperator has provided hassle-free, cloud call center telephone integration and affordable call handling to thousands of SMEs.

What is the best thing that MyOperator and Bigin by Zoho CRM integration can bring to your business? 

Well, there isn’t just one! You will get a wide range of advantages that simplifies your business in the most effective way.

A list of 7 features and advantages of integrating MyOperator with Bigin are discussed below:


7 Features and advantages of integrating MyOperator with Bigin

1. Call anyone with just one click

Without manually dialing, interact with current and potential clients with only one click. You can also schedule calls effectively from any location without leaving your CRM. By integrating the MyOperator dialer tool and call center software with your CRM, you can enable call initiation for your agent in just a click.

2. Perfect CRM for small team goals

Bigin by Zoho CRM provides you with guidelines for any professional development programs you desire to establish and make required for all team members. You can get a comprehensive perspective of all the significant tasks, such as calls, activities, or tasks, all in one place. Also, the information that your CRM system gathers can be used in employee evaluations and reward programs. 

3. Get automatic call log sync

With Auto Sync, there are zero delays since the system instantaneously validates or captures the scans on the devices. To keep track of all your call history and records in one location, Bigin can automatically track and record calls.

4. IVR to attend your callers 24×7

With the built-in IVR number in MyOperator, you get to offer client support around-the-clock. Best part? No customers are kept waiting as long or moved from one department to another. Also, employees are given the opportunity to meet with customers whose problems they can resolve, which in turn boosts work performance.

5. Personalize custom fields

Utilize customisable dashboards to gather any data on sales deals. Keep track of each prospect’s position in the sales process, their product preferences, and any planned activities. According to the requirements of your organization, you can add or remove custom fields and make it exactly as you want them.

6. Never miss a business call

Whenever you or your team is gone, you can easily monitor all missed calls using the Bigin – MyOperator interface or app. Thus, making well-informed decisions will be possible if you keep track of the consumer and provides a framework for improving customer service abilities,

7. Say ‘hello’ to a better sales process

Your sales team targets the lead that your marketing generates. The salesman determines which of your goods or services fits each lead the best. After which the process of encouraging the sale and eventual completion then starts. It must be noticed that a CRM helps the selling process by keeping customers and their intentions more visible as they go through the sales funnel. 

Gone are the days of unorganized data and sales hassles. You can now easily start using organized worksheets, easily monitor sales calls and connect your database to Bigin by Zoho CRM. 

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