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Success Story: How Lenskart Achieved 10x More Efficiency in Customer Support

Success Story How Lenskart Achieved 10x More Efficiency in Customer Support
MyOperator / Blog / Success Story: How Lenskart Achieved 10x More Efficiency in Customer Support

You must have come across different eyewear brands and choosing the right one might often be a baffling task. That’s because, in recent years, the eyewear industry in India has evolved tremendously. Every brand has something unique to offer giving customers a wide range of options to choose from. 

According to research (, the eyewear industry in India is estimated at INR 11,000 crore. This majority expansion has come from new entrants who have entered at the national and regional levels and have swiftly opened new stores in the previous years and these brands have taken the eyewear market by storm.

Here we’ll be talking about Lenskart – one of the leading brands that have created a massive impact in the eyewear industry and how it made a name for itself in the market. 

Let’s dive deeper into the success story of Lenskart and what went behind to achieve it:

Lenskart is one of the prominent brands in the Indian eyewear industry with its wide range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. It’s transformed the perspective towards the eyewear industry in the country through its Omni-channel approach. Lenskart is an amazing blend of a strong online business presence and creatively designed retail shops, with a fast-growing business reaching out to over 100,000 customers a month. With the headquarter located in New Delhi, the brand has an extensive network of 580 stores located across 70 cities in India.

High Incoming Call Volume – Boon or Bane for the Eyewear Biggie? 

The Lenskart staff receives a significant amount of calls from consumers around the country. Monitoring the operations of more than 500 retail stores with a substantial online presence is a demanding job and that too with a basic landline phone number. Isn’t it?

Any traditional phone system would be inadequate to manage high call volume especially when a company invests in such a large scale marketing across different channels, and generates a high volume of leads from the same. Talking about Lenskart, their sales team must have direct conversations with their potential customers. 

With multifarious marketing efforts barrelling into different platforms, customers often contact them through several channels to simplify the entire process and ensure their specialists interact with each and every one of them. And of course, a simple landline system wouldn’t suffice.

Lenskart was looking for a high-level automation set-up to manage their call handling process and relieve manual call handling by their frontline professionals.

This is where MyOperator came into play. Let’s dive deeper into how Lenskart was able to overcome these challenges with three major solutions:

The Solution 

Multistore Solution

MyOperator has provided them with different virtual numbers for all 580 stores; the company required a method for its clients to immediately connect with their nearest store. With the help of this solution, all incoming calls to these store’s virtual numbers are routed to the appropriate store specialists. If the phone is not answered at the store, then it is routed to the Lenskart centralized staff to reduce the possibility of any call being unanswered.

Lenskart supervisors have a complete recording, reporting, and tracking of all 580 virtual numbers supplied on a single dashboard.

Pincode Solution

Lenskart has also been assigned an 1800 toll-free number as its centralized phone number for its clients around the country. When a client calls on their toll-free number, the IVR system plays a personalised audio greeting and prompts the caller to enter their pin code on the keypad. The call is routed to the caller’s nearest Lenskart location based on the pin code.

Missed Call Solution

Coming to the third solution i.e, missed call solution, Lenskart is given ten different missed call numbers and they promote these numbers on various marketing campaigns/platforms. Lenskart schedules a callback from the available executive whenever one of their prospects leaves a missed call on the designated number. 

And what are the results? 

As you can see: 

  • 30% increase in their marketing RoI due to detailed reporting & recording of calls generated from different marketing channels.
  •  40% increment in customer calls received which otherwise were getting missed due to traditional phone numbers
  • 10X increase in efficiency and productivity of customer-facing professionals due to less manual call handling/transferring
  • 10X increase in their on-call connect time between customer and their concerned professional owing to automatic call routing
  • 20% rise in their on-call business closures after executing the MyOperator call center software solution
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