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10-Point Checklist To Select The Best Toll-Free Number Provider

MyOperator / Blog / 10-Point Checklist To Select The Best Toll-Free Number Provider

With a toll-free number, you can encourage your existing customers and prospects to start a conversation with your business, get to know your products and services, and ultimately make a purchase. 

Besides boosting sales, millions of businesses worldwide use toll-free numbers as a contact channel to provide better customer experience and improve business growth.

If you want to use a toll-free number for your business or startup, you must be looking for the right toll-free service provider. With hundreds of toll-free providers in the market, it can be quite tough to find the best choice. 

10-Point Checklist To Select The Best Toll-Free Number Provider.

In this checklist guide to selecting a toll-free number provider for your cloud call center, we will walk you through the list of essential factors that you must look for before closing the deal with a cloud telephony service company. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Factors to keep in mind while selecting a toll-free service provider

Uptime & Quality of Service

In the context of a toll-free number, uptime means that your toll-free number is operating smoothly, and customers can connect with your business calling it. When a toll-free number is not working due to default on the part of the service provider (like server issues, etc.), that’s called downtime. During downtime, your toll-free number will not be working, and customers will not be able to connect on toll-free.

While selecting a toll-free service provider, you must make sure of a higher uptime. Higher the uptime, the better. 

At MyOperator, we provide an uptime of 99.9%, which is close to 100%! That means toll-free number provided by MyOperator stays working 24*7. 

IVR Integration

A good toll-free number provider must provide integration with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and other features offered by cloud telephony technology, including call tracking, call recording, live call transfer and call center software.

Once integrated with IVR, a toll-free number can act as a virtual receptionist for your business. It can respond to your customer calls 24*7 and provide them solutions based on their inputs.

MyOperator toll-free number service is integrated with IVR and all other cloud telephony solutions. As a MyOperator customer, you can avail all those features at no extra cost; for free.

Customer support

A toll-free number solution is not once and for all thing. While using a toll-free number, you will need regular support from your cloud telephony service provider. 

Sometimes you may need support to add a new support agent. Other times, you may have a technical query or some other thing you need help with. 

For peace of mind and to keep your business support system up and running smoothly, your toll-free number service provider must provide support on a 24*7 basis, through channels you are familiar with. If you love to get support on call, your service provider must provide help on call. If you prefer chat options, make sure the chat option is available too. 

At MyOperator, we provide customer support 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Want to get help from our support team now, mail us at or contact us online.

User Reviews

Do yourself a favor. Buy your toll-free number from a company that has earned a good reputation and trust from customers like you.

Thanks to trusted review sites like Trustpilot, Capterra, and Software Suggest, you can easily have a look at the experience of present customers with a brand. If current customers find a service good, most likely chances are you will find it good too. 

For example, as of July 2020, MyOperator has the following ratings on different customer review portals:

Review Portal Average ratings for MyOperator Total number of reviews
Trustpilot 4.2/5 91
Capterra 4.2/5 25
Software Suggest 4.5/5 34
MyOperator ratings on different customer review portals (July 2020).

Based on the above ratings, you can get a broad overview of MyOperator’s customer experience, satisfaction rate, and the quality of its services.


While implementing any new strategy or tool in business, its cost and ROI play a vital role in the final decision. Besides considering ROI, it makes sense to compare different service providers, compare the cost of each one of them, and finally select the one that offers the best combination of features and price. 

At MyOperator, we believe that every business, big or small, must be able to use the modern cloud telephony to its advantage at an affordable cost. MyOperator toll-free number plan starts at just INR 2,300 per month, which is viable for every business. 


We are living in a post-COVID era where an increasing number of businesses are working remotely, and the majority of the people are finding it better to work from home

While implementing new business systems, it’s a good idea to see and ensure if those systems can support remote working

For example, earlier businesses used to rely on traditional phone systems and landlines for their business communication. However, now companies are making the jump to cloud telephony solutions to move their calls on cloud and empower their support teams to work from the location of their choice.

For your business, you must choose a toll-free number based on the cloud instead of traditional phone lines. Cloud-based toll-free numbers will enable you and your support agents to work from an office, home, or any other location. 

Toll-free numbers provided by MyOperator are based on cloud telephony technology on which you can map support agents from any location. Incoming calls on MyOperator toll-free numbers can be routed to the mobile phones of your agents, empowering them to work from any place of their choice. 

Ease of use

Ease of use of any tool is one of the crucial aspects of ensuring its effectiveness. Excellent business software or solution doesn’t only solve the target problem but is simple to use and provide a superior user experience.    

While selecting a toll-free number provider, make sure that their solution provides an interface that your team can use seamlessly with no or minimal training. It should work like an application.

MyOperator toll-free number panel provides an app-like interface for easy call management. With MyOperator web app, you can manage your calls through PC or tablet while MyOperator mobile app allows call management on-the-go.


As your business grows, you must be able to map more agents to your toll-free number. With cloud telephony solutions, adding new agents on a toll-free number should be as easy as adding a new contact in your phonebook. 

Using the MyOperator panel, you can add new agents with a few clicks. No technical knowledge required. That makes it a perfect solution for a team of any size and scale.   

Team management

For better team management, it is imperative to stay in the know about what each team member is working on, how they are managing calls. It is also essential to track their performance regularly and provide required training wherever required.

Your toll-free service provider must provide you with the facility to manage and track the performance of your support and sales agents through features like call recording, real-time reporting, call logs, etc.

Using MyOperator live dashboard, you can track and monitor the performance of each agent, find quality gaps, provide adequate training, and improve.


Today, businesses use a different set of applications and software to get their tasks done on an efficient basis. Therefore, integration between different apps and tools is not an add-on facility but a necessity. 

For example, if you want to manage your customer calls on a toll-free number efficiently, it must be integrated with CRM software and other sets of applications you might be using. Such integrations make sure that your support agents can get the necessary information as and when required, all in one place. 

You can integrate MyOperator toll-free numbers with different CRM applications like ZOHO, Freshdesk, Salezshark, Leadsquared, Pipedrive, Kreato, etc. You can also combine it with custom applications using MyOperator API.

Let’s conclude

Getting a toll-free number for your business is indeed a smart move, thanks to different ways it can help your business grow. Keeping the above factors in mind while selecting a toll-free number provider can help you get the best service for your business and avoid the complexities that otherwise arise after implementing a solution. 

Get a toll-free number from MyOperator

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